IUV아이유브이_Korea's Got Talent 2011 Audition EP1

Uploaded by KoreasGotTalent on 02.06.2011

Haha it's pretty amazing!!
Unveiled girls
I'm very curious now!
Please introduce your team
We are musicians who sing with facial expression!
We are IUV!
They are your type, Hongchul!!
They are GREAT!!!!!
So the team name is IUV??
Is that a combination of IU and UV?
Or does it mean "I'm UV"??
It's combination of IU and UV
Actually, judges tend not to clap after performances
Yeah, we usually don't give a hand for contestants,
but it was good to see judges clapping
Thanks for the performance and I really enjoyed it
So you are high schoolers?
(High school Senior year is the hardest year in Korea)
"We are here even though we are seniors!"
(Yelling: don't cry, don't cry!!)
Your school is in Chung-nam, Cheon-an?
Book-il Woman's High School, right?
Then why did you apply to Seoul?
It was test period during the audition week (when Daejeon Audition was held)
Ahh! I see!
You did well on you tests, right?
(Yelling: it's okay, it's alright!!!)
Okay, now let's make a decision!!
It was great!
I believe you have many repertoires
It's uncountable!!
I'm gonna say YES!
Yoon AH?
YES for me!!!
It was awesome stage!
You are through to the next round!!
Your final goal is becoming a comedian?
You are gonna work hard to be a comedian, right?
See you in the next round!