Singh Is Kinng (2008) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie

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'Only those who do great things...
...make a name for themselves.'
There are sharp-shooters, goons and gangsters...
...but the King is above all.
Happy birthday, King! - Thank you.
This contains my show reel as well as my film directory.
This will keep you entertained at night... well as give me a break in Bollywood.
Call any of the producers or directors... cast me as their heroine.
I'll give the top actresses a run for their money!
What's wrong, Udaas? (Udaas means 'sad' in Hindi)
Call me Pankaj, Raftaar!
Okay Pankaj, why are you sad?
You should be happy as it's King's birthday today!
I'd once celebrated my birthday at the Niagara falls.
My three friends got drunk and fell in the Niagara.
I remember the day of their mourning...
...each time there's someone's birthday.
I can never forget that day... - Is there any tragedy... this world that's still not inflicted on you?
Drink up! - Okay! Cheers!
Lucky! We'll have to take care of Mika.
He's mistaking the lamp for a woman!
Raftaar, look what he's up to!
Mika! You must be crazy to dance with a lamp...
...when there are so many live women present!
All's well?
Oh no!
Dilbaug, all the women present here have a loose character.
My lamp-woman is much better than them!
What happened? - Mika!
For how long shall I hide the fact from the world...
...that my brother's blind? - What?
And also deaf in his left ear.
He puts the eye-drops in his eyes and vice-versa.
Why don't you wear glasses?
Ever seen a don wearing glasses?
People may say what they want...
...but King loves Mika.
Mika loves him no less.
He took six bullets on his chest...
...meant for King.
Guru, why does Mika always stare at me?
I wonder what script plays in his head when he's staring.
Get up! - Guru! Who's it this time?
Come with me.
Where's he gone?
There he is!
Raftaar, hurry!
That fool shouldn't escape today!
How can he escape? Raftaar is behind him...
...while above him, is the King of the crime world!
Today, we'll chop him into pieces!
Stuff him in this bag. I'll bury it in the ground.
No one will know where he disappeared!
Didn't you find a smaller bag?
We have to stuff a man inside, not chicken lollipops!
Fool, of what use is a big bag?
All we have to do is hide a corpse.
Raftaar, look to your left! Did you see him?
Mika's eyes are as sharp as a hawk's!
Of course, I see him!
Hey! What are you doing?
Where exactly are you aiming?
You could've shot me!
Oh my God!
Today, I realize why King's name is Lucky.
It's because death fears him... much as the film industry fears piracy!
Good bye!
Today, I won't spare you!
You lousy woman! How long...
...will you be able to preserve your voluptuous youth?
You've turned the entire village against me!
Today, Happy Singh will not show any mercy... set a woman like you straight!
Are you coming up or should I come down?
I see, you want me to come down!
Happy, talk less and catch the hen...
...or else my son Tinku will remain a bachelor!
The girl's family is coming to see me today.
And my mother will impress them... feeding them butter chicken!
I'll make sure you get butter chicken today!
Where did she go?
Sister-in-law, of all the people in this village... found this idiot to catch the hen?!
You useless chap!
You can't catch a hen...
...and you're all set to get married?!
I thought I should take Happy's help for menial chores like these.
Yes, but you'll soon regret it.
Watch how Happy makes the entire village unhappy!
Go ahead, attend nature's call.
Happy! Are you planning to break our skulls open?
You're glued to the news all day!
Please let me watch some soaps.
Sure, anything for you!
What the hell, Happy!
What rescue mission are you on this time?
Get aside!
What's going on?
Happy, stop!
It is on your back. - He'll never improve! - He's gone mad!
Move. - Happy! Come down!
Have mercy, sir!
I can't afford to pay the damages.
Why not? Happy is solely responsible for them.
How selfish can you get?
Blame me for everything!
I'm not saying anything to him.
I was only trying to help!
What kind of help, son?
You've rendered half the village homeless!
At least the other half is still intact!
So what if half the village is unsettled... least Tinku is about to settle down.
Son, you speak so well!
That's because I speak the truth.
Hence, people endear to it.
But who'll pay the damages?
The one who's always paid.
The headman and my grandfather, Sir Gurucharan.
Grandpa, throw the money in their faces!
One day, I'll be thrown out of the village! - Grandpa!
What's the damage?
We haven't decided the punishment for the offender yet.
This fool broke into our house...
...and destroyed our T. V... etc.
He broke our bones too! - Yes!
Some thieves broke into their house last night.
Scared, they hid themselves under the bed.
How would I know that they're
...not thieves?
I trampled all over them!
'I trampled all over them! '
Are you a cop that you'd gone to nab the thieves?
In the process of helping others... destroy them!
Rangeela, he's your best friend.
What harm has he done to you?
That girl in the yellow suit deeply interests me.
Look, she just nudged me.
Is she not younger to you?
So what? At least, she'll be under control.
Do something, my friend!
Send three wrestlers in the guise of goons.
Fight them and win the girl's heart over.
You idiots! Aren't you ashamed of eve-teasing?
C'mon scoot!
This is the height of shamelessness!
Prito, Rangeela had hired goons to trouble you.
That idiot!
Sir, he's not my friend! He's my worst enemy!
You've insulted me! I can't bear it anymore!
Stop the court proceedings!
Goodness is no longer appreciated!
Happy has broken my T.V. Too.
The one that I'd bought on loan.
Just looking at the remote brings tears to my eyes.
But Happy is good at heart...
...isn't he? - Yes, he is...
Doesn't he help everyone in the village? - Yes.
Say yes!
Aunt, your son is getting married after 4 days.
If Happy doesn't come, who will entertain the guests?
Mother, that idiot has come!
Today's a day of celebration!
The time is auspicious, too.
He who was in rags until yesterday... - Oh great!
He who was in rags until yesterday... now a groom wearing a suit!
Don't talk about the family. - Oh great!
Don't talk about the family, it'll scare the kids away!
They'll moan in dismay.
They'll slap their chests in agony.
They'll slap their chests in agony.
They'll slap their chests in agony.
They'll slap their chests in agony.
They'll slap their chests in agony.
C'mon, start the music!
Your brother... - What the hell! - Oh great!
Is so notorious! - What the hell! - Oh great!
While your sister- Oh great! squint-eyed. - Oh great!
Your dad is a drunkard. - Oh great!
While your mother's penniless! - Oh great!
Your uncle's a limp. - Oh great!
But he dances to Bhangra! - Oh great!
They call you... - Oh great!
...a shameless fellow! - Oh great!
You dance to get attention...
...wearing perfume, donning a groom's turban.
You dance to get attention...
...wearing perfume, donning a groom's turban.
You wear rented suit, hire your boots!
Whoever got you married, you idiot!
Whoever made you a groom, you idiot!
You idiot...
Whoever got you married, you idiot!
Whoever made you a groom, you idiot!
Oh great!
I was everyone's favourite.
I've been a bachelor for eons!
I'm still single...
...while you've readily mingled!
You've betrayed your friend.
Consider our friendship broken.
May you feel ashamed...
...each time you look at me.
Jeet! Harjeet!
Are you listening, Manjeet?
I'm left high and dry while he becomes a groom!
Whoever got you married, you idiot!
Whoever made you a groom, you idiot!
You idiot...
Whoever got you married, you idiot!
Whoever made you a groom, you idiot!
Oh great!
Oh great!
Why repent now?
Let bygones be bygones.
Thank your stars... have me as your friend.
You're a selfish fellow.
But your wife's beautiful. - Oh great!
I'll stare at her for hours together.
Teeti! Tony!
Who can alter destiny?
What's the point in harassing him now?
Whoever got you married, you idiot!
Whoever made you a groom, you idiot!
You idiot...
Whoever got you married, you idiot!
Whoever made you a groom, you idiot!
Whoever got you married, you idiot!
Whoever made you a groom, you idiot!
Whoever got you married, you idiot!
Whoever got you married, you idiot!
'Life threatening attack on Punjabi Singh from Australia.'
This fool has disgraced our village and Punjab at large!
Poor fellow had gone to Australia to earn a few bucks.
But someone slipped drugs in his bag at the airport.
He got jailed.
Hot blooded that he was, he had to take revenge.
Killed everybody on being released and earned the name 'King.'
He gifted a mansion to his family.
Uncle's health has worsened!
Someone fetch a trolley!
Come on, hurry up!
Carefully. - Hurry up!
Looks like uncle just got the news of the attack on his son.
He must've had a heart stroke.
He had an asthma attack!
He'll be fine after getting a shot at the hospital.
Let's call the asthma attack, a heart attack!
There can't be a better way to drive Happy out of the village!
He's tormented the entire village! - That's a good idea.
Why don't you just admit that as long as Happy's in the village...
...he won't let you marry Prito?
My marriage's already fixed, my friend!
I'm more concerned about the villagers.
Lets' send Happy to Australia to fetch Lucky.
Lucky will never come back.
Happy will have no choice but to stay put.
But how will we send him?
He's an emotional fellow. Let's get him emotional.
When we grow up...
Did you read the papers?
It landed Lakhan's dad straight into the hospital!
Yes! Although it was the son who was shot...
...the father landed up in the hospital! He got a heart attack!
That's sad!
What's sad is that Punjab is earning a bad name.
All the newspapers read, 'Lakhan of Punjab.'
True. The entire state gets the blame for his bad deeds.
Yes. Chhotu, let's go to the tube well.
It's very sad, friend. - What is?
Uncle's in the hospital, counting his last breaths.
He remembers just two people in that state.
Lucky and Happy.
Happy and Lucky.
Where are these blokes going after closing down their shops?
To the hospital, to see Lucky's father.
He's such a good human being.
Only a fool wouldn't visit uncle.
Happy. - Yes, uncle. - The entire village has gone to the hospital.
Why aren't you going?
I am going, have patience!
Hopefully, I won't have to take you along.
Hold the cow-dung for me. I'm going to the hospital.
Don't eat it thinking its chocolate cake.
Brother, if the old man doesn't howl on seeing him...
...our plan will flop! - Don't worry.
I've taken care of everything.
I've shown him his son's photo in the newspaper.
Just watch how he wails now!
He's come! - Happy!
How's uncle? - He's in a bad shape.
He won't give up until he sees his son.
That fool has turned the entire world against him!
The more we try to forget him, the more we miss him.
We threw him out of our lives long ago.
Yet, we miss him.
It's a matter of the heart after all.
He's got a heart attack. His heart is bound to ache.
Happy, there's no one educated in our village...
...who can make these old folks meet their sons...
...and restore the village's honour.
Shame on us!
What did you say? You'll go to Australia to fetch Lucky?!
It's not easy to be the most sought after gangster.
Somebody will kill him in that foreign land.
His old parents won't even find his corpse.
Forget it! You're talking like a saint today.
Tomorrow, you'll go back to your old ways.
Mind your tongue, Rangeela!
I, Happy Singh, promise you...
...that until I don't bring Lucky back home...
...I won't step into this village again.
The fish is hooked on to the bait!
Cheer him!
Happy! - Long live!
Happy! - Long live!
Happy! - Long live!
Happy! Happy! Enough! - Long live!
Stop shouting slogans! Long live!
Happy, how will you go abroad?
You don't even have a passport.
Sir, I take that responsibility.
I have many contacts in the passport department.
But one needs a lot of money to go abroad.
I've already sold all my property.
Whenever the village has faced any problem...
...the villagers collect donations from the people. - Right.
And then, he's the biggest problem of the village! - Hey!
I mean, he's about to solve the village's biggest problem! Yes.
The villagers will arrange for the money.
But he's never set foot outside the village!
How will he go abroad?
Sir, why not send another villager along with him?
Yes, that'll be fine. - Yes.
Who's the most idle person in the village?
Most idle...
He knows English too!
I... I know... no English! I won't go!
What about your wedding now?
C'mon! Go, Rangeela.
What are you talking about? - I'm not going!
Don't be so melodramatic. You're not going forever!
They are gone! Why worry now?
Sing and dance along!
Dance to the beat of Bhangra!
Celebrate the end of nuisance!
'Welcome to Delhi airport.'
Stop fooling around!
Ma'am, where's gate number 2?
We're not strolling in the fields.
We're going abroad.
Walk straight.
Don't look at the ceiling and walk.
Sir, watch out!
Where's my passport?
You stupid!
You're stupid, your father's stupid...
...and moreover, your sister's stupid!
I just want to go to my beloved's house.
I just want to go to my beloved's house.
Sir, you're boarding the wrong flight.
You're supposed to go through gate number 7.
Your staff directed us to gate number 2.
And now you say gate number 7!
Sir, leave or you'll miss the flight.
Yes, we're going. - Hurry up!
Gate number 7 is over there.
Number 7...
Where are you going? - Here's the boarding card. - Sorry!
C'mon! Hurry up! - Thank you.
'Welcome to Egypt.'
Please, enjoy yourselves.
Why do they keep saying 'Egypt? '
Nothing to worry.
It's fashionable to change the names of places.
Bombay has become Mumbai, Madras is Chennai.
Lakhanpal has become Lucky!
Exactly! Similarly, Australia has become Egypt!
We're surrounded by cops and you're laughing?!
I'm laughing thinking what just happened.
The one who had to go to Egypt, has reached Australia!
What must he be going through? Just imagine!
Now stop joking and get away! - Alright! Okay!
It's such a lovely city, such wonderful people!
They're not only arranging for our tickets to Australia...
...but also arranging for our one day visa.
C'mon, let's go sight-seeing.
You must be out of your mind.
For the past 10 hours, our knees were stuffed into our mouths.
If we don't stretch them now, we'll be paralyzed for life!
You too lie down. - You never listen to me!
Stretch your legs. Spread them nicely.
Oh God!
I can't sleep. I'm going sight-seeing.
He's never set foot outside a village...
...and wants to go sight-seeing in Egypt!
Go to sleep quietly.
Oh wonderful!
Just look at the idiot stretching himself!
Where's he gone?
If this idiot gets lost...
...I'll belong neither to Australia nor Punjab!
What a beautiful mosque! Hey!
Hey! Stop! Somebody stop him!
Thief! - Somebody stop!
Thief?! - Thief! - Catch him!
Get out of the way!
Move! Get out!
Get away! Move!
Stop there!
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
God has given you two hands and legs to work...
...and not to steal.
Give me the purse.
Here, take this.
By God!
Here's your thief.
She'll kill him!
Stop him! His nose is bleeding.
What are you doing? Have mercy. - Have mercy on a criminal?!
What are you doing? - I'll call the police.
Wait, my bag!
Sir, please save me! She's going to kill me!
Run for your life!
Hey! Where are you going?
Where are you doing? Let him go. - Come back here!
I'll kill you!
O mighty hulk!
I'm not ready to run another 10 kilometers! Calm down.
Thanks for your help. - Yes.
You're really nice.
You had to go through so much trouble because of me.
No problem.
It's a Sikh's duty to help people.
Well, I must say, you're a fabulous runner.
And you, a fabulous hitter! - Really?
Anyway, nice to meet you.
Deep inside. - Okay, miss you.
Now that's like my lady-Iove!
Innocent looks, aggressive nature...
By Lord! She's set my heart on fire.
Oh no, he messed the place. - Oh no!
He should be around here.
Sir! English!
Turban man? - No!
Green... Tall... - No!
My friend, turban! - Your friend?
Catch him! - Get out of here! - What happened?
Catch him! - Run for your life! - Don't let him escape.
God has made you so beautiful!
God has made you so beautiful!
All I want is to stare at you...
Oh Careful! - Don't push! - What's the matter?
Oh! It's you. - It's nothing.
The earth shook, I became giddy and fell down.
The earth shook?! - Yes.
Nothing of that sort happened.
No, it did. You must've not realized...
Anyway, forget it. What are you doing here?
You too want to get a tattoo done? - Tattoo?!
Photo. I mean, a picture. See?
Yes, I too want a tattoo.
Get a nice tattoo done.
Okay? - Okay.
Did you say something? - There he is! Get him! - Nab him.
I was asking in Arabic, if there was a boutique nearby.
Oh I see. - I want to buy a dress.
It's my friend's party today.
Anyway, nice to meet you again!
Good bye. - Good bye.
O shopkeeper, tattoo her beautiful face all over me!
Taxi! Taxi!
Strange country!
The taxis here don't seem to halt!
In my country...
...people would've fought tooth and nail to give you a lift.
You're interesting.
That's because I speak the truth.
Hence, people endear to it.
I'm running late.
I'm hungry too, but these lousy taxis!
Will you sit in that red Impala?
Whose car is it?
How does that matter to you? Come with me.
Okay. - Careful.
What are you doing? - Quiet! Hey!
This will spoil the car's engine. - How's that?
Go and tell them that I'm a very good mechanic from India.
If he fixes the car, they'll have to give you a lift.
Go, hurry up! - Isn't it working?
Excuse me? Do you have a problem with the car?
This mechanic is from India.
Should he see? Check?
Yes, yes. - Okay.
Greetings! - Greetings!
I'm a mechanic from 'Guru Nanak' garage in India.
It's not the bonnet, the problem lies inside.
Searching for the problem.
Ask him to start the car. - Try and start the car.
Just try. - Wow! - That's it.
It's all God's grace!
India is great! - Yes!
Can we go? - Yes, sure!
This idiot will never improve!
Do you want to drink?
Now, that's like it!
Have some?
Yes, thanks. I see, you like to drink like us men.
Give me some as well.
Do check your bag, to see if anything's missing.
Not needed. The bag is empty.
The bag is empty?!
You harassed the poor fellow for nothing!
Poor fellow?!
He is a criminal! And for your kind information...
...I'm studying law!
I see, you're becoming a liar!
Not liar, a lawyer!
I'm doing research on criminology. - I see! I'm writing a book on... to wipe out the criminals from the society.
Must I say something?
Don't hate the criminals.
One can reform them. Hello!
One can never reform them!
The criminals are a disgrace to the society...
...and any punishment meted out to them is less.
These criminals should be...
I'm a kind of girl who likes a little fun.
And loves the game I want to play.
I think naughty is nice and sugar is spice.
Are you listening to what I say?
We have nothing to fear or worry about.
So c'mon baby, get down!
C'mon everybody, say it loud.
I'll tell you what it's all about.
Hey man! C'mon!
Let's get down, get to it.
Hey man! Have a little fun.
There's really nothing to it.
Life's a party, why are you so stuck up?
Get a move on boy and you'll see. - Hey man!
On your mark, be steady. Are you ready to play with me?
All the ladies...
...are going crazy with the rhythm.
The music is speeding.
Yes, it's heating up the night.
Life's a party.
Live it to the fullest.
Who cares about what will happen tomorrow?
It's my wish... make you sit beside me.
It's my wish... make you sit beside me.
It's my wish... make you sit beside me.
It's my wish... make you sit beside me.
Just one time...
Just one time...
Just one time...
Embrace me...
Embrace me, my lady.
Embrace me, my lady.
Embrace me, my lady.
I'm a holler to my ladies, to my divas, to my girls.
We're just looking for some fun...
...not diamonds or pearls.
Say you want to come along, we're going to have a lot of fun.
We're going to party all night till the sun comes up.
In the morning, a new day is dawning, so say...
In the morning...
You're ready for some fun, step into my car.
We're going to take you for a ride.
Let me hear you say.
All the ladies are going crazy with the rhythm.
The music is speeding.
Yes, it's heating up the night.
Life's a party!
Live it to the fullest.
Who cares about what will happen tomorrow?
Just one time, take my name with love.
Just one time, ask for my love and you shall receive.
I don't want anything else...
...except this, if it's God's will.
God, you're so kind.
God, you're so kind.
Answer my prayers for once.
All I want... to run away with you.
All I want... to run away with you.
Run away with you...
I don't care about that.
Then I won't care if anyone comes in my way.
Hey lady, hold my hand.
Then I won't care who comes in my way.
Hey lady, hold my hand.
Then I won't care who comes in my way.
Hey lady, hold my hand.
Life's a party!
Live it to the fullest.
Who cares about what will happen tomorrow?
Life's a party!
Live it to the fullest.
Who cares about what will happen tomorrow?
Dear fellow, what are you punishing me for?
I've toured entire Egypt just trying to get hold of you.
Where the hell were you?
Where I was, and where I am now!
Am I dreaming? Or is this reality?
Where has my lady-Iove disappeared?
Forget about your lady-Iove! Listen to me carefully!
If we didn't have to bring Lucky back from Australia...
...I swear by God, I wouldn't have budged from here.
Do you know why we landed up here?
It was our bad luck!
No! It's because I was destined to meet my lady-Iove!
Do you know why I'm still unmarried?
You're a fool, that's why!
No, I'm not a fool!
It's because my lady-Iove was in Egypt...
...and I was looking for her in Punjab!
I'll have to come here again.
First, I have to make grandpa meet her.
Then I have to marry her, produce kids. After that...
Listen to me, you fool! First find a way to produce money.
After that, you may produce kids.
C'mon, we have to go to Australia!
The luggage should've been here a day ago.
How did it get misplaced?
You fool! You should've let the wallet and Lakhan's address...
...remain in my bag! What are we going to do now?
All day, all night, all you do is complain! - 'AII I do is complain! '
The luggage will be traced. They've asked us to come in the evening.
We have to find Lakhan. Follow me!
I am Happy! - Good for you.
My name is Happy Singh, a friend of King.
King! He is not happy!
Rangeela, see how I managed to hitch a ride!
Of what use are the cops...
...if they don't know the whereabouts of the criminals?
Don't mess with the white cops!
They'll throw you into the sea!
Am I their father's property?
What a big house!
It's not a house, but a mansion!
That's Raftaar! - Raftaar!
Look, he's bowing to welcome us!
Bless you, dear!
I'm not asking for charity.
Just tell me the price of your casino.
It's my bread and butter, King.
Yes, everyone needs bread and butter.
But only when they're alive.
King, Happy has come from the village.
He's accompanied by Rangeela.
Where are you, my friend?
Who's that hiding his face?
He's Sheru's brother, Pankaj Singh!
Hey, Happy!
Look, how he's bowing with respect.
'It's commonplace to hear on every street...
...that brother Lakhan is a thief! '
'It's commonplace to hear on every street...
...that brother Lakhan is a thief! '
Have you forgotten how you stole pencils as a kid?
Today, you're a big gangster!
Hello, sister-in-law!
Should I salute you or hug you?
Happy, what are you up to?
Happy, come here. Have you come alone?
No, brother Rangeela has come along.
Touch his feet. - Never mind.
Greetings, brother Lucky!
Greetings, sister-in-law!
He's also addressing me as sister-in-law?!
How did a romantic track begin in an action film?
Happy and Rangeela!
What are they doing here?
Remember how your parents...
...raised you...
The time has come for you to become their strength.
You've started to speak well.
That's because I speak the truth.
Hence, people endear to it.
Now c'mon, come back to the village.
I can't.
How can you do such criminal deeds being a Sikh?
People swear by our community's trust and honesty!
C'mon, don't create a fuss!
Have you forgotten what our guru taught us?
He'd named our community 'Khalsa.'
'Khalsa' means pure.
You should become true 'Khalsa.' - Happy!
Shun dishonesty and quietly return to the village with me.
Strive to become a true 'Sikh.'
Happy! - Hey!
Well done! Only this was left to see now.
Now you're a threatening a fellow villager!
Mika, they're standing to your right.
Happy! What's wrong with your brother?
Who are you aiming the gun at?
I removed the gun out of respect towards my brother.
But these two belong to our village.
How can I possibly pull the gun at them?
He's a saint, despite being a sinner!
Rangeela! - Yes, brother.
Go back to your country with your friend in the next flight.
Make sure I don't have to tell you again.
I understood the first time.
What did you understand?
I used to carry you around on my shoulders!
And now, you're throwing me out?
Thank your stars I'm only pushing you...
...or I would've shot you by now!
You'll regret it! You will rot in hell.
Don't you have any manners?
Is this how you behave with guests?
It took us 3 days to get to Lucky...
...but he threw us out in less than 3 minutes!
He won't come back.
So, let's return.
With defeat written all over my face?
I'd promised in front of everyone...
...that I'll return only with Lucky.
I'm not going anywhere.
Look, we had lied to you about the asthma attack...
...being a heart attack to get rid of you.
What about Lucky's parents?
Were their tears false as well?
They must've reached the airport even before our flight took off...
...awaiting their son to come back home.
I won't return without him!
Anyway, you're about to get married.
Go ahead, become a groom!
But I want you to be there, you fool!
If Prito has to become mine...
...she'll have to wait.
I can't leave you alone.
C'mon, let's go to the airport and fetch the luggage.
Forget the airport! I can't walk anymore.
Let's fetch the luggage.
Our underwear's are three days' old.
Never mind. Old is gold.
I'm fine.
You're stinking, you fool! Listen.
My dear fellow, stay put.
Because even if you don't get lost in this foreign land...
...I surely will.
Hey you Englishman!
Your people said in the morning to come in the evening.
Now its evening, but my luggage is still missing.
Why trouble a poor man?
Sir, this is a counter for ticket booking.
Go there if your luggage is missing.
Oh no! I'll have to speak in English once again!
What's wrong with him?
Hey! Who's it?
Hello! What are you doing here?
I've been observing you from my shop all day.
What are your intentions?
My shop has a security siren... well as a camera installed.
Try anything, and the cops will catch you immediately!
Hey cop woman! What cops are you talking about?
Who do you think I am?
You look like a thief to me.
I... I'm not a thief!
Why are you laughing?
When a poor man is hungry, he looks like a thief.
I've lost my baggage at the airport.
I was kicked out of the house I was supposed to visit.
I'm hungry and have caught a cold since morning.
I'm not a thief. I only look like one.
Sorry. It's just that I'm all alone.
My shop neither has a security siren nor a camera.
So, you lied to me.
Hence, I panicked.
These forsaken agents put you on the flight.
And you readily come here to starve yourselves!
Lousy losers!
Shut up!
Rose! - Hi!
I'll have another one of your special roses!
It's the only place in the world I pay 100 dollars for a rose!
Thank you. It's lucky for you.
Yes, it is.
Stop eating grass!
Come here, I'll give you food.
No, my friend's going to meet me here.
My house is right here.
If your friend comes back, you'll be able to see him.
If you remain hungry, you'll look like a thief cum gangster!
Oh... no!
Careful, you nut!
His hair is like a dog's! How on earth will he see?
Who did that to me? - I'm feeling very odd... eat at a complete strangers house!
You were distressed, while I was panicking!
There, we know each other now.
You are poor, so am I.
Now, we have something in common as well!
Which village are you from?
I'm from the actor Dharmendra's village.
From Sanewaal? Yes.
- Then we're neighbours!
I heard father had a heart attack.
When did you hear? - What?
From whom did you hear?
Guru told me.
Lucky, you were father's favourite.
You must return to the village.
I'll look after the affairs of this place. Don't worry.
Mika, who doesn't want to return to the village?
I still remember how father used to hold my finger...
...and take me for a walk into the fields.
But with the number of bad deeds to my name...
...even if I do double the number of good deeds...
...I can never return to the village.
Seeing Happy over here, has brought back memories...
...of my village and family.
I've heard that the cops of 11 nations are out to get King.
Not King, they're out to get Don!
But there are 11 such dons who are out to get King!
And you've come to take these notorious people back?!
It's not the people who're notorious...'s their deeds.
If we separate these two...
...the same people can become good like us.
You're very interesting.
That's because I speak the truth.
Hence, people endear to it.
Want to hear another truth?
I've never seen my mother.
But after meeting you...
...I feel that she must've been just like you.
He's disappeared again!
Where have you disappeared, you fool?
Happy! - Hey you, shouting there!
Do you want me to call the police?
No! No police please!
Get off from here! Get off!
The old man's asked me not to scream!
How do I find him now?
Dear! What happened?
What happened? - You come here.
You idiot! - Why are you chasing me?
What happened? - I had to sleep all night on this wooden bench.
My bottom's become sore!
But, I didn't tell you to sleep on this.
Where were you all night?
I was in that house waiting for you.
Couldn't you see me waiting for you?
How am I...
Here comes a customer! Here comes a customer! One minute.
Ma'am, this bouquet costs 10 dollars. - Yes, there you go.
Thank you.
Whose shop did you take over overnight?
That... - Happy! - One minute!
Son! - Yes? - I wanted to know...
Who is this idiot?
Hey! - She's the owner.
This is my friend, Rangeela!
Friend, friend.
Friend?! Looks more like your friend's father!
Old lady, watch your tongue!
Whom did you call an old lady?!
Where were you all night? Poor fellow was so worried!
Did you settle base at the airport?
This is a classic case of thief accusing the cop!
Back there, the 'missing luggage' counter itself was missing!
On top of that, I'd have to explain it to them in English!
I... manage. - Manage.
To hell with your manage.
Had you really gone to the airport or someplace else?
No, he... - She's very suspicious.
No, she's not. She's very good at heart.
She just makes a mountain that's all.
Happy! - You take rest. - Yes?
Dear, this is a yacht. You have to decorate it with flowers. - Ok.
I've written the address behind. Okay? - Okay.
Come, Mr. Rangeela. - Get lost!
I didn't sleep last night, didn't eat...
...and now you ask me to come along with you!
We've to go to the airport again in 2 hours.
Our trains are better than their flights!
At least, it's mentioned that...
...the passengers solely are responsible for their luggage.
Right? - Right. But Rangeela is too grumpy for your age.
Your blood pressure may rise.
I've prepared lunch at home.
Go, eat and rest for a while.
See that house with the window? That's mine.
Yes, I can see it. - Take the keys. Yes.
Go. Don't go to a wrong house.
We won't. Thank you.
Happy! - Yes? - Yes?
People say that whosoever I pray for...
...God showers His blessings upon him. Yes.
Take this. Today, you'll succeed at everything you do.
Go, dear. May God be with you.
I'm bound to succeed... that I look like Pandit Nehru.
Good luck.
Everything looks fine on the outside...
...but what do I do about the mess I created inside?
Oh Lord Waheguru, help me.
Hurry up, Udaas! - Okay, just relax.
Mika! Mika!
Actually, I've bought a yacht for the first time.
Whether it's your first love or your first boat...'s the same feeling. Oh!
I love you! I love you!
I'd once bought a boat in the village.
I went fishing with my uncle in it.
A crocodile got hooked on to the bait and swallowed my uncle.
Ever since, mother has not cooked fish in the house.
In the entire village... - Enough Udaas! Enough
Why didn't the crocodile swallow you instead?
Who's it? Hands up!
It's me, Happy!
Not again!
This idiot's come back!
What do we do with him?
You've still not gone back?!
He won't go so easily.
King, you don't know him. He sticks like a chewing gum!
What do you mean? Enough! Happy, this is not Punjab.
Over here, people do as I say.
That's what I'm telling you, this is not Punjab!
Let's all return to the village.
I'm begging you! I've met your parents.
I've seen the tears in their eyes.
They have expectations from you, ever thought about that?
It's their wish to see you married... see you become a groom, you idiot!
Friends and relatives dancing at your wedding...
The entire village rejoicing, fireworks in the sky...
Hey! Why are you bursting them now?
Who's that? Who's it? Where's it? Why is this happening?
Lucky! - Uncle, c'mon!
Don't panic! It's me!
Oh no!
Who is this man?
I've been swimming for so long!
Why am I not reaching the shore?
Am I swimming in the wrong direction?
What's wrong with King?
What happened to Lucky?
They've extracted the bullet...
...but he has a serious head injury.
Thank God for his turban, or he wouldn't have been alive.
But he's contracted a strange disease due to his injuries.
What's it called, Hema... - Haemoplasia.
Yes, Hema. Yes, Hema. - What?
The one from Parel.
From Parel? What's that?
In this disease, one can see everything, hear everything...
...but can't speak or move.
In the movie 'Anjaam', Shahrukh Khan had this disease.
I've watched all of Shahrukh Khan's films.
But which one was 'Anjaam'?
Wasn't it the one with Chandrachur and Sanjay Dutt in it?
How the hell did Chandrachur come into the picture?
All you movie buffs...
Shahrukh never acted in 'movie buff! '
Have you gone mad?
Shut up, you idiots!
This is not a cinema hall!
I can't figure out how he got a head injury...
...despite me being so cautious in carrying him.
'You buffoon! '
'You were bashing the goons with me strung around your neck...
...and you're surprised at my head injuries? '
Look! King's blood is boiling!
The point is...
...who'll shoulder the responsibility...
...of such a huge business vampire?
Who'll ascend the King's throne?
Tell me... - 'Who's King's elder brother?
Happy?! As King?! - 'No! Kill that idiot! '
'Kill Happy! '
How can I become King? - I can never become King.
Happy? - Happy?
Of course, I'm happy!
But King's pointing towards Happy.
Don't point at me!
It's bad manners to point at someone.
He's pointing at the right person. Happy has saved King's life!
'No, he's not! '
He's right. If it wasn't for Happy...
...King wouldn't have been alive today.
'Shut up, you sad sack! '
I... can't become King.
King's blood is boiling even more! Look!
Guru! - Of course, his blood will boil!
After all, our blood is same to same!
Nonsense person! His elder brother should be King.
Guru. - Don't make his blood boil.
Lucky, we've understood what you want.
'Bravo, Guru! '
You want Happy to take, right?
'Have you gone senile? ' - No, I can't become King.
Until Lucky recovers, happy will be our king.
Okay? - Yes, that's okay.
How can I become King, Lucky?
'You fool! '
Even America must've not progressed as fast! - Hear me...
Had you gone to fetch King or become King yourself?
Listen to me! - What do I listen to? - Listen to me.
Lakhan is lying in the hospital.
If I take him home in this condition...
...his father will get a heart-attack. - Get lost.
I'm a follower of Guru Govind Singh. He's my King.
Oh shut up! - God helps those who do good deeds.
Are you saying that all Kings are bad people?
Until he recovers...
...what's the harm in taking a glimpse into his world?
Fine, do what you want.
I'm not interested in seeing his world.
You're on your own now.
Guards! Catch! - Go, catch!
He's inviting nothing but trouble!
You better put your fist up, right now!
One for the treble, two for the base.
King is in the place, you better watch this space.
One for the treble, two for the base.
King is in the place, you better watch this space.
13 cards of the same colour, they contain but one King.
We're the ace, as well as the base...
We are also daring! Right now!
13 cards of the same colour, they contain but one King.
We're the ace, as well as the base...
We're also daring!
We do as we please.
We're not scared to cross boundaries.
If your intentions are true, God does the setting.
Singh is King. Singh is King. Singh is King.
Singh is King. Singh is King. Singh is King.
Singh is King. Singh is King. Singh is King.
You know we bring the rockers in the place.
Don't be messing with me, punk, because I hit you in the face.
You know, you better salute to the King.
You know, you better bow down to the Singh!
Go for it, because we are the greatest.
We're fearless, we are the bravest!
Sing and dance, bad as hell!
Punjabis in the house, you better watch yourself.
Not once, not twice...
...take over the world 10 times!
And if you can still win someone's heart...
...there's nothing like it!
If after listening to the machine gun rattle... can still appreciate a cuckoo's chirp...
...there's nothing like it!
Come on, sing a song that touches the heart.
Sing and dance, from morning to evening!
Singh is King. Singh is King. Singh is King.
Singh is King. Singh is King. Singh is King.
Singh is King. Singh is King. Singh is King.
Yes, you better pump it up!
Singh is in the house. You better turn it up!
When I say Singh, you say King!
Singh is King. Singh is King.
When I say Singh, you say King!
Singh is King. Singh is King.
We neither had pride nor plume.
We were living like paupers.
When suddenly, our fortunes changed overnight.
I neither owned anything yesterday...
...nor do I own anything today.
I only had my heart as mine. Now, I've lost that as well.
What's life without love? What's life without high thinking?
Singh is King! Singh is King. Singh is King.
Singh is King. Singh is King. Singh is King.
13 cards of the same colour. They contain but one King.
We're the ace, as well as the base...
We do as we please.
We're not scared to cross boundaries.
If your intentions are true, God does the setting.
Singh is King! Singh is King. Singh is King.
Singh is King. Singh is King. Singh is King.
Singh is King. Singh is King. Singh is King.
Singh is King. Singh is King. Singh is King.
Yes! - What happened?
Did you find anything? Her house is locked even today.
They say she's not opened her shop in 2-3 days now.
And her neighbour said that she's sick.
She cries all day and roams like a vagabond.
I don't know what's wrong. We'll have to find her.
What happened?
Happy, what's wrong with you?
Why have you become Aladdin?
Not Aladdin, I've become King!
King?! You're not even a Singh!
Singh's don't chop their hair, they'd rather chop their heads off. And you.
I admit I've made a grave mistake.
I'll adopt a Sikh's appearance, soon as I return to my village.
I'm doing all this because...
I'll tell you my story later.
First tell me, what's wrong with you?
Why are you so sad?
Nothing's wrong.
Sit down.
If anybody cries, I too feel like crying.
You'd fed a complete stranger in a foreign land.
I can never forget that.
I can lay down my life for you.
I can do anything for you! Please tell me, tell me.
I won't rest until,, you tell me.
Oh! Shut up!
Hey! She's my mother, don't shoot her! Put your guns back in.
My daughter's coming back tomorrow after three years.
So That's good news, isn't it?
No way! She thinks that we're still rich.
We were once amongst the richest families here...
...when suddenly, my husband passed away.
Fool! Left me in knee deep debt.
I lost everything Happy.
But I always hid this fact from my daughter.
If she came to know, she'd leave her studies and come here.
But do you know something? I never deprived her of anything.
Fulfilled all her needs in the past three years. Yes.
Just that I didn't let her come home.
But now she's coming tomorrow with the man she loves.
I've heard he's from a very rich family.
How will I ever face them?
I'll be exposed when she discovers...
...that her mom sells flowers by the roadside?
How will I accommodate them in such a small house?
I'm really tense!
He'll never accept her!
Her life will be ruined, Happy!
That florist will become this mansion's owner...
Yes, bring it. - Are we her servants?!
Careful! Come upstairs... - I'd become a servant once.
Served the guests with phenyl in place of buttermilk.
All the 25 guests died of diarrhea.
My master was hanged, while I lost my job.
That day... - Enough! Stop it! Please...
You seem to have verbal diarrhea!
Come on. Brothers, the old King crowned me the new King.
Now, it's my job to appoint a King amongst you all.
What do you say? What do we have to do? - What?
Should I tell him about the scheme, or you too want to hear?
No, tell us!
Yes, let's hear. What's the harm in hearing it once?
Yes... Come closer. It's very simple.
You all have to do as you've been doing.
Just like Guru clears the crime scene of the evidences...
...he'll have to clear the garden. - What?!
Will Guru become a gardener?
And you'll become a driver!
Am I supposed to chop vegetables with this?
That's a good idea! He's very smart.
Let him be the cook.
And you better stay far from the house! - Why? - We can't trust you.
You may kill us by mixing phenyl with buttermilk!
Place him outside as a security guard. - Perfect!
Hey! - Don't fuss!
What role am I playing?
What do we do about this wannabe actress?
Since I used to be King's personal secretary...
...should I become ma'am Rose's now?
Yes, that'll be fine.
What do we do about Mika?
He's blind and deaf, cleaning the gun's barrel.
I bet he's listening to our conversation from there.
I've never seen him work.
What role do we assign him? Whoever said he doesn't work.
Look. He stares at me all the time!
He's risked his life several times to save our King.
Great! Make him the bodyguard.
Just tell me. What role will you play?
Since I'm managing everyone, let me be the manager. - Here.
Fine, then I'll be your assistant.
Good clothes go a long way in making man presentable.
Also, a woman!
Servants, you're about to do a great deed today.
You're supposed to serve. Okay?
Hide all your weapons.
They shouldn't be seen. Get it.
There, the plane has arrived!
Shut up, you fool! Everybody can see that!
My daughter's here.
Mom! - Sonia!
I missed you so much!
Let me look at you.
Mom, this is Puneet. - Hello aunt!
Hello! - This is for you.
Thank you. - My pleasure. - Thank you.
Oh my God! Happy!
What are you doing here?
Just like that. - What a surprise!
You look different and nice!
This is Happy. I'd told you remember?
Yes, of course! Hello Happy! - Greeting.
This is Puneet, my boy friend!
Hi! - Hi.
I'm really scared, Julie!
There's no such scene.
Had I gotten your, Sonia's and my roles...
...I would've done them in a single take.
Watch out! - You're a good actress.
But the criminals of which this house is full of...
...are hardly actors!
I'm scared, we'll be unmasked.
Look in front! Start acting!
Hey, behave yourself! - Sorry!
You're supposed to look respectable, not like a goon.
Close your buttons. - Sorry!
Julie, please don't leave me and go. - Let's go ma'am!
She's a knock-out!
You're the epitome of sacrifice.
Don't try to hide your feelings by plastering a smile on your face.
Go and propose to Sonia...
Sonia is not the sorts to cheat on her partner.
If I propose to her...
...I'll ruin my chances of friendship as well!
And then, I have to fulfill the promise I made to ma'am.
I'll shoot you!
You'll shoot me?! You fool!
What's going on at my party?
Please concentrate on your character.
What's happening at my party?
Oh no! They're fighting again!
I see such weapons everyday, you idiot!
Have you gone mad?
There's a party going on over here.
I'll give you one tight slap!
Am I your dad's servant?
Then am I your dad's servant?
You're all servants over here!
Who all are carrying guns in an elite party such as this?
Who else but these fools carry guns in a party like this!
That's true.
Don't shoot!
Brother Mika! - Yes?
Wrong number.
You idiots! Have you come to a party or to deal in weapons?
Lay down your guns.
Not there in your safe deposit. Over here! Not there!
Mika, what's that in your sleeve?
The other sleeve as well. - You give your gun.
From the waistband as well. Remove everything!
Give here.
He has a good collection of guns!
Better safe than sorry.
Go to hell! They've ruined my party Happy!
Happy! - What happened?
Happy! Sonia! Puneet! Puneet! Sonia!
Hey! Cover the artillery!
Hurry up!
Fast! Fast!
That's it. You've decked up the table.
That's it. Please, come.
You're welcome in a 'no entry' zone. - Hi, how are you?
Aunt, you've thrown such a big party to welcome us. - Thank you!
Thank you so much.
The pleasure is mine, dear.
Really! So many people...
I mean, I was really surprised.
There's something here... - Flowers!
You forgot to mention thorns!
Wow! The diamond studded in your turban looks magnificent!
You look more like a king than a manager!
Mr. Happy, Sonia was telling how much you spoilt her... just one day!
It's because you weren't there.
Well, actually I would've been there.
But my boarding pass got exchanged with an idiot... the Delhi airport.
'Can't you see and walk? ' - 'Stupid villagers! '
People are such fools, I tell you!
There's something... - Flowers!
It's an arrangement of wild flowers, dear.
Ma'am, may I take Sir Puneet to meet the other guests? - Sure!
Hey! So do you.
Use your guns as much as you want after 2-4 days.
Just wait till my daughter gets married.
Please try and be calm until then.
You lech at her so much so...
...that even the mirror has developed cracks!
Hi! - That's Rachel. - Hi!
Nice to meet you. - So, you're having fun? - Yes.
Great party, isn't it? - Enjoy yourselves!
Enough now.
Ladies and gentlemen! Everybody... Guys.
Sonia, can you come and join me?
What is it, Puneet?
Guys, I'd come here essentially to meet Sonia's mother.
But now I'm thinking of leaving...
...only after getting married to Sonia.
Sonia, will you marry me?
I don't believe that you'II...
Will you marry me?
When? - Yes!
I can't see my friend so upset.
Get me a whisky! - Get you Lucky?!
Now, is he planning to put him on display?
What are you muttering?
I'll get you one. - What?!
So, you're sitting here comfortably!
That idiot has become King...
...and is treating us like servants!
Sorry! Where are you?
Who put this table in the centre?
Not me, . - This... - Who is this, mom?
He's our real King! - The real king?!
Yes, he's the king amongst kings!
Everything belongs to him, dear.
What?! - She means...
...that it's all because of his blessings.
He's a saint.
He's Saint Divine Finger! - Everybody seek his blessings.
Hail Saint Divine Finger!
Bless me, priest.
But who's he pointing at?
His finger... Watch carefully.
Watch carefully. He's pointing upwards.
It indicates that God is above all.
He's observing a vow of silence since many years.
Ma'am doesn't do a thing without his permission.
Aunty, then why don't we ask the divine saint... fix the wedding date?
Will he tell us?
And he's already told us!
Look, it is third.
The third of next month! It's confirmed!
Oh God! Only 13 days left!
There are so many preparations to be done.
Manager! - We'll manage.
We need to talk to you.
I'll be back! - Come on, move! - Ask him.
What nonsense is this! - Yes.
We'd spoken about 3 days!
You don't expect us to be servants for 13 days!
Are you mad? - Shut up! Ramlal!
Stage actors!
How was I supposed to know that the villain...
...had come to marry the heroine?
Why don't you ask him about the future as well?
All you know, he'll tell us the dates of their baby's delivery!
And we'll be reduced to baby-sitters! - You idiot.
Sonia, do you know I jog every morning at 7?
Swim at 8, do yoga by 9 and have breakfast at 10.
Keep it here. - These idiots are late by 2 hours!
Madam. - Look, the breakfast's ready.
What are you looking at? Lay the table!
Sir Puneet is very jovial in the mornings.
Good morning! - Thank you! - Good morning!
He looks so much like my dad!
Say that you love me... - Amazing!
Say that you love me... - Of course!
What's this? Bread stuffed with potatoes?
Also, bread stuffed with radish and egg-plant?!
Son, there's plain bread as well.
Hey you! Just because your face looks stuffed...
...doesn't mean you'll prepare only stuffed bread?
Happy! Knife! - Knife?!
Relax, its okay.
Knife! - Happy! - Here it is.
Happy, knife... - Knife. - Here, take his knife.
Dear, I need to spread the butter on the bread.
Such a big knife to spread butter?
Big people live life king-size!
Here's your cold-drink. - Give it to me.
Hey Devdas! - Udaas! My name is Pankaj Udaas.
I don't care what your name is.
What are you doing here leaving a guard's duty?
Have you asked Chunnilal to take over?
Please sit. Sit down!
It was only a glass.
Of course! Practice!
Aunty, sack this senior citizen right away! - Madam!
Had he been working in a government's office...
...he would've retired thrice by now.
He's doomed!
Aren't you the gardener?
We got late today. So, we're helping each other out.
Manage with stuffed bread. It's Punjab's national breakfast.
From tomorrow, we'll serve you an English breakfast.
Milk with wafers! - Corn flakes! - Yes, that's what.
You can make scrambled eggs as well, right?
You don't bother about it.
Wow! It's beautiful! - Wow! I'm impressed!
This is absolutely amazing!
I can't believe mom owns this five star hotel!
God knows what all she's keeping from me!
There's a casino as well!
Sonia, let's go! - I don't know how to gamble.
Neither do I! Come!
Mika, can't you see?
I'd won a gold medal last week in rifle shooting.
The target was 500 kilometers away.
I don't carry the medal around or I would've showed you.
The Olympics wasn't last week.
Go to the casino and tell the owner...
...that our two guests who've gone inside should win... all the games, understood?
The casino is this way.
Puneet, you'd told me that you don't know how to play.
Actually, I'm an expert.
But I don't like to praise myself.
All the casino owners of Las Vegas were begging me...
...not to come and play in their casinos.
Puneet, you're simply great!
Sonia, let's go party!
Doesn't your mom own a disco?
She does! How do you know?
He's drunk, he's drunk...
Look, my friend's drunk!
He's falling here, he's falling there.
Look, he's falling everywhere!
He's drunk, he's drunk...
Look, my friend's drunk!
He's falling here, he's falling there.
Look, he's falling everywhere!
Pal, open the bottle and give me a sip.
Pal, mix some soda and make me a 'Patiala peg.
We're full of life and zest.
So get me all the rum you can, for the sake of friendship.
C'mon, let's all drink to friendship!
He's drunk, he's drunk...
Look, my friend's drunk!
He's falling here, he's falling there.
Look, he's falling everywhere!
Hell will break loose...
...if my friend gets drunk.
Hell will break loose...
...if my friend gets drunk.
Life is so short.
So why drink sparingly?
Drink to your heart's content.
Sorry, sorry, very sorry!
I'm intoxicated with alcohol.
On top of that, there are beauties galore.
We walk with a confident gait.
Sorry, sorry, very sorry!
Sorry, I'm intoxicated and I'm having a lot of fun.
Please forgive me and give me a hug.
C'mon, let's all drink to friendship!
He's drunk, he's drunk...
Look, my friend's drunk!
He's falling here, he's falling there.
Look, he's falling everywhere!
Pal, open the bottle and give me a sip.
Pal, mix some soda and make me a 'Patiala peg.
We're full of life and zest.
So get me all the rum you can, for the sake of friendship.
C'mon, let's all drink to friendship!
Look my friend's drunk!
Look my friend's drunk!
He's falling here, he's falling there.
He's falling here, he's falling there.
Ever since, your photo's been printed in the newspaper...
...he's been staring at it.
That's how his health has improved.
Even the doctor has said...
...that his health will improve drastically...
...if you're around him.
King, come forward.
I too am not getting a break as a heroine.
Come on, hurry up. Fill it up.
You love me so much, friend?
Now, I'll constantly be around you.
Just wait till you get off this wheel chair.
'The day I get off the chair, I'll make sure you occupy it.'
Today's a big day.
I'm going to distribute money amongst the poor Australians.
I'm proud of you, Rangeela!
From now on, distribute money amongst the poor...
...each time there's an improvement in Lucky's health.
Absolutely! I can't be miserly today.
'Fools! Throwing away my hard-earned money! '
Lucky, what's wrong? Tell me!
Doctor has said that Lucky's tense about his work.
What tension? You tell me, I'll solve it for you.
There's a hot dog seller's truck parked at Coolangatta.
He wanted to get rid of it.
Such a measly job!
Ever heard of a King towing trucks?
Brother, there are two big restaurants in front of the truck.
Their business is suffering a lot.
The restaurant owners are King's good friends.
King had promised them.
Then fulfill his promise!
Go and get rid of the truck!
'For once, he spoke like a King! '
Do one thing.
Don't leave the truck anywhere.
Leave it at his place and give him some money as well.
'Fool finally showed his true colours! '
What happened?
King needs your blessings.
Why are you doing this to me?
Where are you taking me? Stop it! Please let me go.
Tell your son not to go there ever again to do business.
If he puts his van there, we'll kill him.
Is there a circus happening here? Go!
We are a family of 7 people.
One more is to come.
What's wrong?
Isn't he agreeing?
Aren't we? The fool...
Udaas, this truck is their source of livelihood.
He's asking us what price we can pay...
...for seven people going hungry for the rest of their lives.
If you can calculate the exact amount, we'll accept it...
...without even counting it.
If we can estimate the cost...
...he'll accept it without counting.
Any fool says anything then come to us. Okay?
If any problem, call me.
You are like God to me.
God to me!
Gardener, what flower is this?
Don't you know this much?
Whoever made you a gardener!
Now a servant will glare at me?!
Listen to me, you... - Dear!
Forgive him. He's your father's age.
No, he's my grandfather's age.
The candles on his birthday cake...
...must cost more than the cake.
Lousy senior citizens!
Hey Devdas! Who are you day dreaming about?
Watchman, I'm talking to you!
I've been watching you day dream about women all day!
Why don't you do your duty?
Go, do your job.
Go! Please?
One has to pamper old servants.
Why is your mood spoilt?
Leave the poor servants alone.
The gardener knows nothing about flowers...
...the watchman's day dreaming about girls...
...the front page of the newspaper is always missing...
...including the news channel on T.V.
What's going on this house?
I can't take it!
Listen idiots! Finish all of Lucky's chores.
He's not improved a tad since yesterday.
'Lf I move a finger, you all will give me a loss worth millions! '
King had an unfinished job. - What's that?
'May you rot in hell, Julie! '
An officer from Indian navy has seized King's booty.
He's a nobody! An honest Indian chap.
He had threatened King... we had made plans to kidnap his blind daughter.
Kidnap her? Why aren't you kidnapping her?
Go! Go!
'He'll surely change his mind now.'
One minute.
Did you just say that she's blind? - Yes. Blind child.
In that case, kidnap her, take her to the hospital...
...and get her treated.
There he goes again!
What do you mean?
Who's our enemy? - Her father.
Exactly. Not the girl.
We'll get blessings.
Look! His finger is moving! - Improvement!
He moved his finger.
Slowly, he will start moving everything.
What a mess I am in.
It's a critical case of cortical blindness.
But I'm sure, I can make her eyes fine.
Fantastic! - Excuse me?
He's a good doctor.
Foreign education makes a difference.
You deposit the fee and I'll take care of the rest.
Excuse me, doctor!
I know you, but I'm a little confused.
Before my mother died, I'd asked her...
...when I'll be able to see again.
She said that she's going to meet God.
There she'll request Him to come down to earth to fix my eyes.
I asked her if God will have any time for me.
She said, why not?
And if he's very busy, he'll send his friend instead.
Hence, I'm confused whether you are God or his friend.
Uncle, tell me, are you God or his friend?
This is the Indian market of this country. - Really?
It's the best place for wedding shopping. - Happy.
Yes, mom! - Sorry! - What happened?
No, the wedding date can't be changed as...
...Saint Divine Finger has fixed it.
What could I do? It was very slippery.
Yes, that's right.
Even now I'm with your future daughter-in-law.
Hold on for a minute.
You all carry on, I'll join you.
Come soon.
Yes, mom.
Dear, your dad's refused to come for the wedding.
Tell him that aunt Rose can help him in his business.
Tell him to think about that.
Really? - Bye.
Oh no! - What happened?
You're too funny!
C'mon Anjali, hurry up!
Tanya! - Raftaar!
I'm seeing you after 6 years!
How've you been? - I'm fine. And you?
I'm fine.
Driver, where's ma'am Sonia?
She must be around, sir.
These servants are such brats!
All seem to be hanging around girls.
I'm glad to see you like this.
So, you've finally changed your ways.
You left without informing... - What could I say?
Mom, let's go!
Is she your daughter? - Yes.
How old is she?
She's 5 years old.
I'll get going. Let's go, Anjali.
Why did you lie to uncle?
I'm 6 years old.
Oh Lord.
Mom! - Let's go. Father is waiting.
Happy! - Yes?
How's this? - Your kids will be born after 1 year.
Why shop for them now?
These are for me!
Look, even the mannequins are blushing. Have some shame!
Let's try another store.
Come, I'll buy you good Indian clothes.
If you wear Indian clothes in the wedding...
I'll kill you, you criminal!
Let's get out of here, Sonia! Come.
Happy! What's going on? Who are these people?
Happy, be careful!
Hey! - Sonia!
Leave me, criminals! Happy!
Mom! - Hey!
Anjali! - Come, my dear. - Dear. - Mummy.
A person like you can never change! - Tanya, listen to me!
Let go off my daughter! - Tanya, listen to me!
What happened? - Happy!
That's my daughter...
Who are you talking about?
Ever thought of how many kids you've orphaned?
Oh Lord.
Leave me, I'll kill you!
You better watch yourselves.
Singh is king.
Singh is king.
Singh is king.
Sonia! - Happy!
They want to kill you!
Stop you!
Why do they want to kill you? Happy!
I'd sent a criminal to jail last week.
They're probably here to take revenge.
What do we do now?
Ever flown a helicopter?
No Happy!
Do you know how to fly? - Shut up!
But I'm sure you know how to swim!
C'mon Sonia! - Oh my God!
Jump! - Hail Guru Nanak Singh!
Are we still alive? - Yes, we are.
Are you sure? - Come, Ms Sonia.
Slow. Thank you. - Careful.
Thank you. We're almost there. - Thank you.
Any improvement?
Tremendous improvement!
Great! Distribute money amongst the poor.
They'll bless us.
But we have a problem. - What's that?
From where do we find poor people?
India is full of them.
Suitcases filled with money are being dispatched every day.
Mom, they're robbing you!
Why would anyone rob me?
What would they find except flowers?
I mean, flowers should be watered. Or they wither.
C'mon, water them!
You seem to know a lot about flowers!
Of course!
She's Phoolan Devi! ('Phool' means flower)
C'mon, scoot! Go!
It's almost evening.
I've been asking you since morning...
...but nobody seems to know anything!
Sonia! - Where've you been all morning?
Where were you? - I was...
Why weren't you taking my calls?
Oh! 13 missed calls.
It was on silent, that's why...
But where were you?
You didn't even inform anyone!
I'd gone to purchase your wedding cards.
Come here. - Careful! I'm wearing new shoes.
Why did you have to take Julie along?
Because she knew where exactly one would get wedding cards!
What's the problem?
I think it's a shoe problem.
Happy, you're different.
She's different.
She's not your type.
Since I'm a manager, only a typist would qualify as my type.
All right, my job was to warn you and so I did.
Now, it's up to you and your typist.
Why are you smiling? What happened?
No, it's not a shoe problem! - You've fallen in love!
I'd once fallen in love.
I was leaving my girlfriend's house...
...when my wife caught me red-handed.
I lost both the women on the same day!
Udaas, drink up!
Julie, how come we didn't realize...
...that Sonia is in love with Happy?
Black. - What?
It's because you all are blind and deaf!
I've seen the love she feels for Happy in her eyes.
Hello Ms. Roppad! - I'm from Patiala!
Yes, that's what.
You've seen the love in her eyes, now look at her wedding invitation.
Why's she marrying that idiot, when she's in love with Happy?
She herself doesn't know she loves him.
How's that possible?
It happens at times, Guru.
She gets restless if Happy leaves her for a little while.
She feels jealous if he's talking to another girl.
If this is not love, then what is it?
Mika, empty glass?!
But my heart's filled with grief!
I won't drink a single peg until Happy and Sonia are united.
But first let's find out whether Happy loves Sonia or not.
He's crazy about her! He misses her all day.
He had planned his marital and family life...
...the minute he saw her in Egypt!
It's because of ma'am Rose, he's getting her married to that idiot.
I think my best friend Happy will remain a bachelor for life.
Idiots, do something about Happy!
Hats off to you, sir!
You sleep at 3 a.m. And wake up early to go jogging! Strange!
How do you manage it.
3 a. M? You fool! I sleep at 10 every night.
What are you saying? Weren't you talking to ma'am Sonia till 3...
That wasn't you?
Oh! It must be Sir Happy.
He doesn't sleep all night and wakes up late in the morning.
I guess they were discussing your wedding details.
Udaas! - Yes. - Hurry up!
Coming! - You may go.
Thank you. - Sir, juice for you.
Sir, Sonia ma'am is not to be seen.
Have you gone crazy? - Why?
Why would she be here?
Go to Sir Happy, if you want to find her.
They are always together.
Drink your juice, sir?
The names of these flowers are very complicated.
I can never remember them.
Hence, I've named them myself.
Good, let's hear their names.
These two flowers with their heads together...
...are Sonia ma'am and Happy sir. Forever blossoming!
The withered flower over there is Puneet sir.
Remains withered, no matter how much you water it!
Mr. Pooh, listen to me. I'll tell you a secret.
Please Mika, I can't take it.
I don't want to hear a word.
Then listen, all the servants are fooling you.
They are making dumb-bells of you!
They are trying to break you and Sonia up.
Don't be fooled by them. Bewares!
Have you lost it? Why are you talking to yourself?
Talking to myself?!
Well, one prays to God when alone.
God! Save my brother Lucky.
That depends on his luck. You look after yourself first.
He'll be fine soon, you'll see!
See? She just added insult to my injury.
I got it!
Are you hurt?
Show me.
It's your fault! - No, it's your fault.
Wow! Just another of mom's varied businesses!
This show is so amazing, don't you think?
You enjoy, if you're liking it.
I've been noticing since two days that you aren't happy.
That's right, Sonia. I'm not Happy. I'm Puneet.
But now I think I too should be Happy. Know why?
Because Happy is really happy, but Puneet isn't.
What are you talking about?
You're marrying me but talk to Happy all night!
You are always with him.
What is this, Sonia?
You think there's something going on between Happy and me?
Yes, I do.
I'm not as rich as you but that doesn't mean I'll tolerate all this.
I can't take it!
You're so shallow and cheap!
You're doubting me?!
Listen, if you're having second thoughts about the wedding...
...let me know beforehand.
Enough Puneet!
Another word and I'll forget all about my book...
...and commit a crime right here!
Puneet, did you manage to catch any fish?
Why are you upset?
You are a manager, stay in your limits.
Don't try to get friendly with me.
It's wrong.
Not what you did right now, but what you're doing to her.
You love her, don't you? Then why can't you see her happy?
You can't stand her laughter! What kind of a love is this?
I said, shut up!
Why are you asking me to shut up?
Is it because she laughs with me?
Don't people laugh looking at a joker in a circus?
I'm a joker in ma'am Sonia's life.
Do I seem so intelligent to you, that I can impress a writer?
Sonia is one in a million, and she loves you!
And that makes you one in a billion!
I'm just an illiterate fool! A 'villager' like you say in English.
I am everything.
I can only make people laugh, not win their hearts.
Come with me for a minute.
What's wrong with the two of you?
You are getting married in two days...
...and are doubting your love for each other?!
Come on, shake hands. Come on. Sonia, get your hand.
Very good. Now hug each other. Come on. Very good.
Very good. Now that's how it should be! Very good.
I've lost my heart to someone.
I've found my happiness.
I'm dreaming about someone.
I've found my happiness.
A bond that has touched my heart.
It's drawing me towards you.
Closer towards you...
Closer towards you, God.
Closer towards you...
Closer towards you, God.
Closer towards you...
Closer towards you, God.
Closer towards you...
Closer towards you...
The intoxicating ambience...
The dark clouds giving way... a whole new world above me.
Nature is rejoicing.
It's calling out my name.
Why is the universe being so kind?
God, all I know is that...
...there's no denying... feelings for you.
I'm being drawn towards you.
Closer towards you...
Closer towards you, God.
Closer towards you...
Closer towards you...
Closer towards you, God.
Closer towards you...
I'm a black belt champion!
I'll break your bones if you come near me!
Let's dump him in the car and chop him into pieces!
No gang has harassed us as much as he has!
I'm neither connected to any of the gang groups...
...nor do I mess with the underworld.
You're definitely misunderstood.
No, we've got the right person.
You're definitely mistaken. I'm just a tourist!
You aren't a tourist, but a terrorist!
You've terrorized the servants!
You bit me so hard, you dog!
Your voices sound very familiar.
Our faces too are very familiar!
Look! - You fools!
You called me Devdas. - All of you...
You idiot!
The wedding should take place smoothly.
I'll call the priest. Okay.
King! - Stop panting!
King. - Tell me.
Yes, go ahead. - King, the heroes masks from my room are missing.
I think Puneet's life is in danger.
What?! - Yes, come along. - I'll explain everything.
Bring him out!
C'mon step out! Come on, move! - Move!
How dare you, you fools!
Get home, I'll fire each one of you!
Fire us later, let me chop your insides first.
You idiots! Is this the time to cut vegetables?
This is the first time we've used the knife to cut vegetables.
Show him what all we've cut before.
Look here.
This is the front page of the newspaper.
This gardener used to hide it every morning.
My face looks stuffed to you, doesn't it?
And I'm the driver who blocked the news telecast in your room.
I'm in trouble. I can't take it!
Where are you off to?
Today, I'll stuff your insides!
Please listen to me, what's your good name?
Is it Potato Singh or Stuffed Knife? Please don't mind... - Shut up!
Hey! - No!
What are you doing? - Happy!
No matter how hard one tries, you people won't change.
He's getting married to ma'am Sonia tomorrow.
If you kill him, who will marry her?
You will. You too are in love with her, aren't you?
Wonder from where this guy came in between!
He didn't come in between, I did.
If you want to kill someone, kill me!
Rangeela got drunk and spoke nonsense.
And you all believed him?!
How could you?
Guru, you are sensible. You should've stopped them.
Hey! - He escaped, that fool!
He'll tell everything to Sonia. What now, King?
You've helped my mother a lot. Thank you, Happy.
I mean, thank you King.
I'm just telling the truth.
But it sounds bitter this time, doesn't it King?
You addressed him correctly this time.
He indeed is our King.
But do you know why he became King?
So that he can keep us criminals from committing more crimes!
Yes, so that we come to our senses...
...and think why we're doing what we're doing.
Sonia, you believe that the death of criminals...
...would mark the end of crime.
But our King believes that only love can conquer hatred.
Without firing a single bullet, he's put an end to the evil in us.
He didn't become King to enjoy the perks of it.
He did it in order to take our real King back to his village.
To make him realize his mistakes... show him the correct path...
...and to reunite him with his parents.
Sonia, I've spent my entire life In the world of crime.
But I've never seen such a King In the entire history of crime.
Ma'am, my friend is no King. He's just a Singh, Happy Singh...
...who wants to see everyone happy.
And especially me, who he considers his mother.
I once happened to give him food when he was hungry.
Ever since, he considers all my troubles as his.
You fool, no one returns such a huge favour for a slice of bread.
He did all this so you could get married.
But will I get married now?
Will Puneet marry me after knowing the truth?
Of course, I will!
I would've accepted you even if they had killed me...
...instead of kidnapping me.
You being rich or poor makes no difference to me.
I love you not for your money.
We'll get married tomorrow.
Towards you. - Let's go.
Towards you.
Towards you.
Puneet, one minute.
All of you please come to my wedding tomorrow.
Happy, you too.
Sonia, let's go.
This boy needs a psychiatrist!
He's marrying the girl King is in love with!
He'll put our lives in danger too!
Mom, dad, you're worried about your lives... my wedding is in danger! - Don't worry, dad.
This man standing behind me is taking me to a person...
...who'll get rid of this danger for good.
For the past 30 years, this boy has been giving me headaches!
30? But he's only 29.
You were carrying him for a year, remember?
I can see everything.
Everything in this world has a price.
Nobody stays here forever.
I'm the winning horse. Don't take me to be a loser.
I'll be the King, my name is Mika.
Alright, stop!
Now, give me your attention.
I'm the best, so do as I say.
Money is the name of the game.
North, south, east or west...
The language of money is the same.
It's an old story, you better know.
If you give one hand, take two in return.
Listen up, this is the greatest lesson in the world.
All the great people have learnt this lesson.
That's me, Mika.
I'd never imagined I'd see you here.
I like to surprise people, keep them in the dark.
That's Mika for you.
I thought that you couldn't see or hear properly.
It's not just you. I've convinced many people including... brother and Guru, into believing I'm blind and deaf.
What will you gain out of this? - Sympathy.
Mind game! - Mika.
My only concern is whether you'll be able to kill Happy or not.
Happy is my enemy first and then he's yours.
I've tried to kill him many times in the past.
You love Sonia while I love the King's throne! - Mika.
Then see you at the wedding!
Mika. - Brother Mika!
What a performance! I bet he never suspected...
...that you can't see!
You fool! This is my den.
I've personally measured every inch of this place.
I won't be fit to be called King had I let anyone suspect me here.
I can't understand one thing.
How were you able to listen to him so clearly?
Idiot, I didn't wear this hearing aid to show off!
If I don't wear it in my den, then where will I?
Now, I'm just waiting for the latest hearing aid and shades...
...that I've ordered from Japan.
Once I get them, I'll be able to see and hear everything clearly.
Rangeela, don't make my grief an excuse for your drinking.
You should've been here with me today.
Instead, you're at home getting drunk.
It's you and not that idiot who deserves to be the groom!
I'm really depressed!
If Sonia gets married to that idiot, Happy will be heartbroken.
Sardar! - Yes.
You've bought everything, but have forgotten the vermillion.
He's been given so much responsibility...
...that he's completely caught up.
We should help him get the girl in such a way...
...that nobody suspects a thing.
Enjoy! - Dilbaug! The groom seems to be very brave.
Why do you say that?
Only a brave father's son...
...would marry the girl King is in love with.
His bravery will soon fizzle out. - Why?
Look at King! - Where?
Idiot! Why are you looking around? He's right in front of you.
I see him now! King's calling his sharp-shooter.
Why is it taking so long?
Hurry up!
Did you see that? I think that the groom's first night will be his last.
The night is still far away.
I don't think he'll make it even through the day.
King is angry! He'll cut him into at least a 100 pieces.
I don't have to spend an eternity with her.
So, don't take an eternity to recite the mantras.
Yes. - Complete the rituals within an hour.
Once you start with them, don't stop, come what may.
I should've been the one to stop.
Had I stopped on time...
...we wouldn't have had a dumb son like you. What's the matter?
Sharpshooters have arrived to kill you...
...on your wedding day!
Oh my God!
What is the 'Chicken Manchurian' gang doing here?
And these 'Men in Black'?
Something's fishy. We must do something.
Listen, think before doing anything.
Worry not, Guru! What am I here for?
Nice suit! Armani? No, Gucci. - Oh really! I like Gucci.
So, are you having fun? - I am.
You know, I like men in black.
And I like women in white! Bye! - Meet you at night, baby!
Happy has made me really unhappy!
He must die.
Even if you can't kill him, at least bring Sonia to me.
I'll marry her someplace else.
Good job! - They are at least 15 to 20, right?
Yes. - Take this.
I'll get some more.
Kill everyone if there's even a single gunshot.
Turn the wedding into a funeral.
And kidnap the bride!
But how? Somebody stole all our guns!
Oh no! My sharp-shooters are so sharp!
You're getting married today. But you don't look happy.
Of course, I'm happy.
Despite knowing everything...
...Puneet is still marrying me.
All the guests and his parents have arrived.
He'll be heart-broken if the wedding doesn't take place.
Why won't the wedding take place? God forbid.
Why are you talking like this?
Yes, Mr. Rangeela. - Hello ma'am!
You're drunk, aren't you?
You've been telling me for the longest time that... want to say something. Why don't you tell me?
Towards you.
Happy! Talk to him.
God knows what's on his mind.
Towards you.
Ma'am, he loves your daughter!
She hung up?!
Ma'am is just not interested!
Lord, help me!
What are you waiting for?
Throw him down!
Sorry, Lucky!
Your time's up!
Hands up!
Now, shoot!
I didn't do anything. Mika had sent me to kill you.
It's me. - Happy looks so depressed.
Oh no! - Who fired!
What happened? - Puneet! - Run! Puneet! - Where's my gun?
What is going on here?
Where are you going?
Fools! Idiots!
Sonia, careful.
Happy! Who are these people?
Come! - You fools!
It's my daughter's wedding today!
I'll set you right, sharp-shooter!
Happy! Where's Puneet?
Have you seen him around?
Wait over here.
Don't go anywhere. Is that clear?
Have the hearing aid and glasses from Japan arrived?
Mika. - That's my boy!
This marks the end of the wedding rituals.
From today, you're husband and wife.
But you weren't the groom...
The wedding's over. Take your fees and scoot!
Hari Om.
Puneet, I didn't do...
I was so scared of losing you...
...that I did everything I could to make you mine.
But who can fight destiny?
Happy will keep you happy.
Wish you a happy married life!
He's already got a turban!
King, the bride is yours.
Sonia, I didn't do it purposely...
How is it that you mess up each time?
Now it is done.
You have ruined so much in such little time.
Please don't be upset.
You may have not realized...
...but for the first time you've done something right.
No, Sonia. I haven't done anything...
Happy! She's agreed.
I love you!
Mika! What's got into you?
I won't be able to become King till you're alive.
Mika! Have you gone mad? - Are you out of your mind?
Nobody dare stop me from becoming King!
You?! - Lucky! Lucky?
C'mon shoot!
Why send others to shoot your brother?
Do it yourself.
Mika tried to kill you?!
Forget it.
It was my fault. I created a monster.
I was the one who gave him his first gun.
God's punishing me for it.
He's changed everyone's lives around you.
But he couldn't change you.
That's because neither could you see any good...
...nor hear any good.
But you could very well see and hear!
Did you ever see your blind brother's misery?
Did you ever hear his cries for help?
All you did, was make Guru my crutch.
I kept falling, groping... like a blind man.
Today, even you can't stop me from becoming King!
What will you gain from becoming King?
What will you do?
Look at your brother.
What did he ever get except hatred?
So much hatred, that his own blood wants to kill him!
He who fights for the poor is the real King!
Brave is he who strives for the poor.
Who suffers greatly but never abandons the cause.
Go ahead and become King.
But how will you answer the real King?
How will you answer God?
You fool, try and become a true Sikh.
Remember God's words.
Think about it, if your parents came to know that...
...their one son killed the other...
...what will they go through?
Forgive me. Come here.
Come and hug me.
These glasses are like magnifying glasses.
I don't need them!
I'm happy the way I am.
Let's go to Punjab and be with our family.
Let's go.
He was blind and I used to think he's staring at me!
I'm such a fool.
What happened to this ear?
He can't even hear anything.
And I kept blabbering away!
Why don't you come to Punjab as well?
Yo, what up?
This is big Snoop Dogg.
Represent that Punjabi.
Aye, hit them with this!
Akshay and Snoop D O double G.
Oh yeah, Singh is King...
...this is the thing.
Do you know what I mean? Follow me!
Listen to me for a second, check it!
Singh in the King.
Check the record.
Friendship means the life to us.
Our pride is extraordinary.
Laughter is our identity.
That's why, everybody says...
Friendship means the life to us.
Our pride is extraordinary.
Laughter is our identity.
C'mon everybody, say!
Singh is King.
Everybody knows that...
Singh is King.
Rock this world!
Singh is King.
Everybody knows that...
...Singh is King.
Rock this world!
Ferraris, Bugattis and Maseratis.
Snoop D O double G, the life of the party.
Lay back, stay back, I'm in the Mayback.
This isn't James Brown, but it's the big payback.
Watch me zoom by, make it boom by.
What's up? To all the ladies hanging out in Mumbai!
Cheese make dollars, East-west masala (spice).
Singh is the King, so you all have to follow.
What's up, what's up, what's up.
I'm trying to stack my butter.
What's up, what's up, what's up.
I'm trying to stack my butter.
Singh is King.
Everybody knows that...
Singh is King.
Rock this world!
Singh is King.
Everybody knows that, Singh is King.
Rock this world! Singh is King.
Friendship means the life to us.
Our pride is extraordinary.
Laughter is our identity.
That's why, everybody says Singh is King.
Friendship means the life to us.
Our pride is extraordinary.
Laughter is our identity.
C'mon everybody say!
Singh is King.
Everybody knows that...
Singh is King.
Rock this world!
Singh is King.
Everybody knows that, Singh is King.
Rock this world! Singh is King.
The Singhs hold their bravery in high-esteem.
They're willing to lay down their lives for the same.
The Kings and the emperors salute their bravery.
The Singhs' pride lies in their turbans.
The Singhs who've laid down their lives...
...have left their marks behind.
Singh became the King of the world.
But above all, King is God.
Singh is King.
Everybody knows that.
Singh is King.
Rock this world!
Singh is King.
Everybody knows that, Singh is King.
Rock this world! Singh is King.
Yeah, I'm just a king sitting on my throne all alone.
Can you dig what I'm saying?
Bring me some grapes baby.
Singh is King.
And Snoop D O double G is also the King.
You dig what I mean?
Diamonds on my fingers, diamonds on my toes.
Real cool like.
This way he became the real Singh...
...and the real King!