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by awantagy
based on a true story
[Abou Elleef - Dola Maganeen is playing] ♪you think low of women-they're crazy♪
♪they're all the same, I swear-they're crazy♪
♪a lady or a tramp-they're carzy♪
♪beware of the women♪
♪they differ but in a range-they're crazy♪
♪their brains are partly damaged-they're crazy♪
-here? -yes
-we finished. it's 4 o'clock -I've been standing for an hour
why are you in such a hurry? you're neither married or have children
I'm leaving early to search for a husband
-6th of October? -How much?-10 LE
-6th of October? -How much?-10 LE
move it lady, move it lady
move up lady!
are the stairs that sweet? move inside, mister
the bus is empty
[Haifaa Wahby - Boos El Wawa is playing]
repeat after me, Rasha
[Egyptian version of why, where and what]
wait!. wait. take it. leave that
-Haifaa Wahby -but it's not in the paper!
...and by the way it's for free.
dad is here. dad is here
salamo aleko. my darlings, kids
rashroosh. I brought you the bubble gum
take that kid. I brought you the biscuits you like
what do you think?
-you shaved? -yes, isn't that better?
-er...don't take it off. it's cold -what cold?
onion? who eats onions at night?
Rami's mother...
wake up because I've missed you
-I'm tired and can't -what do you mean by can't?
it means I can't do what you're asking me to do
what's wrong with you? you're always either tired or can't
do I smell and don't know it? I've just taken a shower
-go to sleep Adel may God... -I won't sleep unless I know what's disgusting about me
-I'm not disgusted Adel, not disguted -O.K then. that's great
in order to defend yourself, you don't have to carry a weapon
many women carry self defence and they still can't defend themselves
whomever wants to defend himself must take a decision
whomever touches me will lose his hand
and I won't stay silent
look him in the eyes...he'll be afraid of you
because he's searching for the weak one
searching for the woman who won't say anything
....remains silent
today I've told you what I know
I'm asking you for.....something, and honestly it's a little bit hard
in front of you there's a blank piece of paper, and I'll ask you 3 questions
and I hope you answer them honestly
were you harrased sexually before? how many times? and what was your reaction?
go ahead, please
that's your fifth week, although the course is just one day
and all the answers is 'no'
may I know why do you come?
-like the others -that's true, like the others
they all said 'no'! none of them was ever harrased!
why do you come here? to watch me?
understand me, Faiza
if you went to a dr. and you're too ashamed to tell him that you have a stamach ache,
he won't know how to help you
-but stomach ache is not shameful -and being harrassed is also not shameful
the one who should be ashamed is the animal who did that to you, not you
try to bring out what's inside you
if you don't want to write it down, it doesn't matter. say it.
-say 'I was harrassed' -no I wasn't
I came here to learn how to defend myself and that's it
whoever wants to defend himself can do it with this. even with this
please don't come back here, I've nothing to teach you
come on dad
the money is on the table, pay the rent and over 40 pounds will be left. manage yourself with them
only 40
-and the school's money, dad? -tell them after a week
come on, darling. come on
here you go. next
sign here
here you go
what's this?
that's your salary. madam
where is it?
that's after reduction
no. I want my full salary
you've gotten paid, madam. next
sign here
mr. Radwan, she's going to pay the kids schoole fees. let it pass this time
and what can I do? anybody forced her to be late? that's public sector
next. sign here
have you gone nuts? you prick me with a pin?
-are you crazy? -next time I'll cut off your hand
-stop the bus, Ashraf. did you prick him? -yes I did. and next time I'll make him blind
what could have I done? made babies? we are all crowded in the bus respectfully
-why did you prick him? -she's crazy, guys
-tell us why did you prick him? -I told you she's crazy, crazy
a year ago
red. so red
-what's that sound, Seba? -no. it's nothing
-it's the street's noise
-we've said million times to use the tread mill -then you should lock me in
that's a good idea. you'll be all mine
-hang up now then. really -Seba, Seba
-what? -I love you so much. would you marry me?
I wish that I could. sadly I'm married to a lunatic who loves football more than his wife
-no. I love you both the same exactly -O.K. bye then. bye
what? what?
slow down. no
we must catch the match's first minute
-Egypt, Egypt -you have to shout louder. you're an Egyptian
-is this okay? -that's so bad
-you're an Egyptian. made of steel
I'll be so sad if they lose after all the effort that I'm doing
lose? I'll commit suicide
I have some good news for you when we get home. in case they lose
I don't think that there's any news that could make me happy then
-and not only me, all these guys.... -no you won't get down. Egypt
[here they are. here are the Egyptians]
-Seba -Shereef. Shereef
-Shereef -Seba
why don't you come back home?
work pressure in the hospital
and why don't you answer my calls?
I don't answer anybody's calls
I'm your wife. not just any body
I hope you come back
I need you
I can't, Saba
every time I see you I remeber what they did to you
-I need time -what?
you? need time?
you can't imagine what I feel
what I don't understand is that you haven't thought for a minute....
....what I feel
I don't want to think, Seba
go home, Seba. go home
-where are you going? -to file a report
-a report about what? -about what happened to me
-to report whom? -I won't shut up
no one has raped you, darling
and when anybody gives himself the right to touch your body, this isn't rape?
even if you filed, the report will go nowhere. your father's position will be affected by this
darling, people like you need to rest
rest assured about Sherif
-whenever he hears about the baby everythin... -I don't want anybody to tell him that I'm pregnant
if anybody told him I'll kill myself
O.K, nobody will tell him
-I don't want his baby -O.K baby. nobody will tell him
-in just one day a woman can learn how to defend herself!!! -Ms. Mariam, I don't teach violent sports
-neither karate nor boxing, I work on changing woman's psychology
beacuse she is neither weak nor in need of a man to protect her
all of this in one day!!
the whole idea of the course could be explained in a single minute
but the problem lies in the practice, that's the hard part
where one could attend this course? I want to
every friday at sakyet el sawy at 7:00
and FYI it's free
-and that is the end of our program we thank..... -dad is here. dad is here
what do you want, Sherif?
-I called you many times -whenever I'm free I'll answer you
-you never do -what do you want?
-there is some papers in the house... -cut to the point and tell me why are you here?
-I want you, Seba -how do you want me exactly?
don't you want to throw up every time you look at my face?
don't say that. the problem is at my end. I told you so
-I needed time -I needed you
Seba, it would've been hard on any man
I would've liked to protect you
I now can protect myself quite well
you're late
I don't want you, Sherif. don't want you
not true. if you don't want me you could've filed for divorce
-is there any more of the dancing couple? -I stopped making them
and if there is nothing you like go shop somewhere else
-tell us why did you prick him -I'm telling you. she's crazy, crazy
a month earlier
I decided to look for an apartment, beacuse I'm a fiance
I looked in the newspaper for the best looking ad
apartments begin from $350,000. just one bedroom and one living. go manage yourself
and we citizens, we have plenty of $350,000. we have them as pairs. we save them like that
I went and prayed a lot thanking God that I found something that cheap
I kept thinking, the poor who just has 350, 325. what could they do?
-any fiances here? -yes
you won't get married ever. be sure of that
thanks and I'm leaving you with the first girl standup. Nelle, my fiancee
she's not funny nor nice but try to complement her. by clapping for example
she really needs it. maybe someone could give her 20 LE it would be nice. thanks.
good evening. my name in Nilly
and every time anybody sees me he says "how are you? where is Sherihan?"
22 years. I am honest about my age
although it's a military secret for any girl
my friends laughed at me when I said that I'll be doing stand up shows
"the funny one is here","the funny one is there"
and the funny accompaning music too
of course no. the problem is with the material
the audience won't laugh unless they hear about something that already happens to them
and you also have an advantage, being a girl -thank you-
-you're a girl. so you can talk about girls stuff
-but I talked about the age subject, Omar. no girl likes to talk about it.
more, Nilly. more. you need to say more stuff
I don't know. maybe I'm not funny
no. I wouldn't have loved you. you're so natural and crazy
your only problem is that you need to say girl stuff. even if it is what girls like in boys
what we could possibly like about you? I'm only complementing you BTW
ride the car, funny girl. why then when you are so talkative you remain on stage as silent as a duck
this car is not my size
-hello and good evening sir -good evening
I'm Nilly Roshdy from Circle Discount Solution. if you may I need 5 mins to explain the benefits of our card
-Nilly Roshdy? are you a friend of Sara Samy? -no sir. I don't know her
but your voice is not a strange one, Nilly. where are you from?
-believe me sir, I don't know you -just tell me where are you from
-Nasr city -I have a car. I could visit you and...
this will be the last time you hang up on a customer
he was trying to take me in his car
did I ask you to go with him? just use a little diplomacy
what? can't you be a little diplomatic? make him the one who hangs up
-it doesn't work with his kind -it works, darling
it's working with all the other girls. why isn't it working with you?
yes, mom
-where are you now, sweetheart? -I'm here now
yes, I see you
-ask Omar to come up
-coming up? -no thanks auntie I'm tired
no he won't, mom [tommorrow][O.K]
-bye. what's up with your voice, honey? -nothing. I'm just tired from working
sorry for that. take care when passing the road
I'm waiting for you, darling. bye
my daughter
my daughter
stop. animal
get out, I say
-you son of a dog -Omar
please sir. leave him, soldier
please, sir. you're in a police station and not in the street
-who are you? -I'm her fiance and we want to file a report now
-come here, auntie -and what am I doing? I am filing one
-then what they were waiting for? -calm down please sir. I'm fixing it for you
you see this? that's a wound that needs more than 21 days to heal
-and the doctor here understands me -I'm a professor at the university not a physician
O.K madam. I'm fixing a very tight violation report. trying to proof your right, sir
-that's beside the harrassment report? -why a harrassment report? I'll send him to jail for you
I want to file a report about what I've been telling you for an hour
why? the violation report caries higher punishment. are we trying to air our dirty laundry or what?
-how am I trying to air my dirty laundry? -what's your business? do as you're told
calm down, Omar and wait
ha, and I'm trying to cover. there will be no report
you'll file a report whether you like it not
first off, this is a peripherial police station and not a central one
secondly for a report to be filed an officer needs to be present
-and sadly, no officers are -then how come you were about to file a violation one?
that was an honorable move from my side, because I have a daughter just like her
-I was trying to preserve your bride to be -what a consideration
anyway, just beacuse you're like my daughter and for this honerable lady
I'm willing to file a violation report for you if you want. but if you want to file the other report,
-then take....what's your name, scum? -Ramadan, pasha
Ramadan to the nearest central police station
we have a very serious file. Nilly Roshdy first girl to open the case of sexual harrassment in Egypt
Nilly...do you know it's the first report ever filed by a sexual harrassed victum in Egypt?
no. I thought there were much before me
can you imagine that you're the first one to have a case from a report like that?
we have our first call from Bothayna
go ahead, Bothayna
I sincerely congratulates Nilly on her courage
and tell her that we could only hope to become like you
I didn't do any thing strange. that what I should've done
-it's hard, Nilly -look, Bothayna
-it's not hard. it's just... -Bothayna is not my name
she's shy about her name. we have another call
Ahmed from Giza
go ahead Mr. Ahmed
Mr. Moataz, you suddenly made me feel like I'm in another country
harrassments everywhere!!!. we have sisters and women and nothing happens to them. why?
she must've been wearing something provocative
Mr. Ahmed. I was wearing the same clothes I'm wearing now
Oh. except for the jacket only becuase it was torn
-anything else else, Mr. Moataz? -no
-it isn't abnormal, is it? -no it isn't
and I came wearing it today especially for when someone like you speaks
and for your sisters, what happens to me happens to them too
they just don't like to say it, so you don't tell them what you tell me
is that girl infront of you doesn't have a family to tell her what she could and couldn't say?
-finish you food -O.K
we have agreed with auntie and uncle to withdraw the case in the next session
what? I'm not withdrawing, mom
you saw what happened in the show, everybody was against you
many called and were at my side
only one woman. only one and the rest made you look like dirt
you don't know your own good, darling
my own good?
it doesn't matter what you did or didn't do, the important thing is that your reputation will be ruined
tell her what you heard at the office, Kamal
they say she must be implanted to ruin Egypt's reputation
oh. thank God they didn't say she was planning for a coup
is it either shutting up or ruinning Egypt's reputation for me?
Nilly, if your reputation is ruined so will be Omar's reputation too
-and we won't accept that situation ever -O.K people
we already agreed that she'll withdraw
excuse me
-finish your food -I'm full
nice food
-I won't withdraw the case, Omar -and I don't want you to withdraw it
fine. because I won't withdraw it
like the view?
the best thing you've got is the balcony
do you like me to wrap it up for you to take?
you want to laugh, right?
Omar, I won't withdraw the case
I swear to god I don't want you to withdraw it
but if it will make my family ruin the marriage, then it could go to hell
then it's either this or that, Omar?
no it's not like that. and I took your side about the bank issue
I didn't tell you to work in a bank
I told you to continue your stand up comedy show
take an acting course. do whatever you like ofcourse
and your family would've approved me without a fixed job, right?
ofcourse not. that's why I made the thing I hate the most. I worked in a bank
so we can be together
if I withdraw the case Omar I will hate all of you. and I'll hate myself
do you know what's the best time of my day? that's when I get up in the mornning
do you know why? I wear a suit that I hate. and a cravate that I don't know why was invented
a pair of shoes that's too tight. and I go to a bank I hate every body working in it and every minute there
but all of this, for you. so we could be together
I could've hated my life and say what you say. but I love you
I love you and I want us to be together
come on. go finish your lunch
going somewhere?
sweet thing
we want to take hamada to school
the thing I love most about you is this
your a...
what's wrong with you, Faiza?
what happened?
-are you sure nobody saw you? -I don't know
I didn't see anybody
-what's this sound? -that's the belt. don't worry. just fasten it
sorry. my fault. I'm so shaky
don't worry. we'll be right at home where you can rest
no. I want to go to my home. take me home
you can't go home looking like this
come here, Faiza
take this
-what's this? -anything that covers
-anything showing? -nothing is. sit down Faiza
I don't know how I did that
-do you think I should confess to the police? -Faiza, I...
....am sure that you came to me knowing that I won't tell you that what you did was wrong
-then it was right? -I don't know. I don't
right or wrong....
but I am sure that what happens to you daily is what's wrong
how do you feel?
you want the truth?
I feel that I took back what's mine
why are you standing like this?
did you pay the fees?
thanks. good bye
I won't be able to get paid for 2 weeks more
visit anyone whom you've lended before
have I ever lended anyone? what do I have to lend?
and the kids remain punished?
why do they punish us when you are the ones who didn't pay?
go to the school and talk to the principal
you were there. if there were any talking you could've done it
when he asks me where are the fees what will I say?
do something. aren't you the man?
of course. give me the damn jacket
what do you want me to do?
I barely get home, have lunch and go to the other job
I stopped going to the cafe, I stopped smoking for the kids
weren't those your words?
then you go and ride taxis with the money we saved
why? who do you think is your father?
ride the bus like normal people
end of discussion, I'll go next week and transfer the kids to public school. we can't afford a private one.
no father. please
O.K Adel
I'll ride the bus
what's wrong?
sorry but I have to shut down the gallery
I really can't belive you
and this time it wasn't a reaction. no.
you went out knowing exactly what you'll do
-you must be... -crazy
-aren't I? -no
then what do you mean?
everyday I ride a bus
and everyday shit happens to me
how come you want me to be sane?
they deserve it
anyone who does this to a woman deserves it
and if he knew someone who's doing this to his sister, wife or daughter he will say the same
weren't you the one who said "defend yourself"?
I did, curse me
then they deserve it or not?
answer me, do they deserve it or not!
they deserve it
yes. they do
Emad pasha. sweet morning
buses? 2 buses where?
O.K I'll be there in a minute
where to!!
no pasha that's my lady. she's a bit down
-a bit down!! I'm in delivery
good bye, pasha. good bye
calm down, Magda. calm down
that's baby girls. they're harder
no one in our family has girls, Magda
any which way, take me to the hospital
calm down then, calm down. O.K.
[unofficial badge used by police and army cars]
-where did he go? do you see him? -I don't know.
all these buses?
only one matchstick and we get rid of them and their filth
all the country is bulging out of these buses, Ramzy
and they aren't enough
-do you want to burn the whole country or what? -I didn't mean that, pasha
-where did you went? -sorry, pasha
-go ahead please -is this the bus?
-yes it is -dear God
-where? -here, pasha
right in front of you, sir
-is this the blood stain? -yes, pasha
it looks like a fight with pocket knives
the attacker was a civil servant
then why the ministry is all tense, pasha?
because both were attacked in the same place with the same style
-I need an undercover agent in every bus -do you know how many buses we have in Egypt, pasha?
no, but I know how many undercover agents there are
please leave, sir. the lieutenant colonel wants to ask Nasr some questions
go ahead, pasha
what happened, Nasr?
I don't know sir
I was standing in the bus not knowing anything
suddenly I felt burning and fell to the ground
don't play dead so much. the Dr. told me it was superficial
sit up straight and pay attention
you saw who injured you?
how could I see him, pasha?
this bus was very crowded. people every inch
you couldn't know whose hand or foot is this
you fight much?
-never -really?
is there anybody who can stand others nowadays?
never mind. you're not seeing a bad woman whom brother wants to teach you a lesson?
and why would she choose me, pasha?
what do you do, boy?
jobless and out of money
then where were you going riding a bus?
I fed up from staying at home
so I decided to go out to smell some fresh air
smell fresh air in the bus?
anywhere is better than staying at home, pasha
do you know Nasr that another man like you was attacked in a bus in a similar way?
coincidence or what?
I swear to God I don't know, pasha
were you riding the bus to "get tight"?
-"get tight"? -get close to women
may God punish me
do I bleed and get thrown in jail too, pasha? that's unfair, I swear
-I swear by God that that's unfair -calm down. you talk like you're on the death sentence
[Haifaa Wahby - Boos El Wawa is playing]
you know you're cursed for what you're doing?
angels curse the woman who refuses her husband
refuses what, mom?
go inside, Rasha
-refuses everything all the time, rashrosh -no
it means when she says no when she could say yes
she tries. but she can't
why? speak up and tell me why? what's wrong?
-nothing -nothing?
and I should guess now? Lord be praised
why did I marry you then?
-you married me for that only? -yes I married you for that only
you thought I married you so we could play backgammon?
may God make your life unhappy as you're doing to me constantly
what, Magda? I'll talk to you later er...my mother in law?
sorry. yes I knew that wasn't her delivery. of course. yes I'm in the middle of something, sorry
excuse me, mother in law but I have to go now. I'm just busy. I'll talk to you later. bye
please go ahead, pasha
-please go ahead -thanks
why you from all the bus that were attacked.....eh.....
Maher, Sir
I swear I don't know, pasha
it's destiney....which made the car break down and he had to take the bus
the lord is always merciful
-thank God it's only this -thank God
Lady, come with me for a second please
what's this?
-a lemon -really?
and I thought it's a watermelon
what was this lemon doing in your pocket, Maher?
or your pocket had the flu and you were treating it?
I don't know
maybe I was getting some grocery and forgot it in my pocket or something
or you were doing the "lemon test"?
-what? -what? you didn't hear about it?
place the lemon in your pocket and "get tight" in the bus
if she stood silently you enjoy yourself,
spoke up, and gave you a dirty look,
you tell her "sorry. I was getting grocery and forgot the lemon in my pocket"
that's the first time I hear this stuff, sir
I'll tell you what, Maher. I don't care about the harrassment issue
as long as there is no report of it, it's non of my business
all I want to know is if you were attacked for this or not
yes, sir?
-do you have the car keys, lady? -yes sir. in the purse
get them for me so I can see whether the car was down or not
-maybe it might not be down after all -we'll see
found the keys, lady?
it's fine, lady. it's fine. the car is really broken down
I hope you're insured
let's go, Ramzy
the man who's doing this is hunting for harrassers?
or the woman
[anonymous staps harrassers in the buses]
[complete ambiguty concerning the stapping of men in public transport busses]
what's with all the men today?
really? the newspapers can now know the news before it happens?
-O.K listen here Ramzy,... -why did you leave the table, son?
-I'll tell you what to do -every day with this scenario?
go ahead and finish your breakfast, please
see, you ask in all police stations and hospitals
-see if any case has arrived -go ahead and sit straight
any case has arrived that has the same injury in the same place
-Ashraf -O.K?
-because this is....wait a second Ramzy.
I'm on the phone. I can't hear
-you should drink your milk -non of your business. you eat
yes, Ramzy. you with me?
you ask in all police stations and hospitals if any case has arrived injuried in the same manner
that's the one who saw whomever was doing this
O.K. then
I'll talk to you. O.K. bye
didn't she tell you enough olives already?
cheer up
what's wrong? why the long face?
cheer up, Magda. I've told you that whenever you're in real delivery I'll be there
you've never been available, Esam
I'll tell you what, Magda. I know you well. that's not what's upsetting you
-what's wrong? -nothing
-what's wrong? -nothing
Magda, don't play it on me.
I'm an investigating officer, girl. what's wrong?
I was in the hospital and had ultrasonic
I knew it
had ultrasonic and it was a boy. I'm right
I hoped for a girl so bad
-thank god for it -god is all giving
why are you interrogating me?
I'm not interrogating
aren't you giving courses to women on how to defend themselves, injure men and stuff?
I just want to know if any woman in those courses is acting weird or something
yes but that course I've given it in the TV
if you're going to doubt then you should doubt all Egyptian women
I promise you I'll make a criminal record sheet for my wife
and I'll make another one for my mother
wait, you...
you, come here
do you work here?
she's from the public servants. we sometimes ask them to come to us so that we don't wait in long lines
can public servants do that?
you could complete a form to ask for that with $50 and they will send us to you anywhere
$50!! we're officers and can get that for free
wait for me inside, please
and how do you do anything without books you....
they're gone?
yes. and don't worry none of them is suspecting you
and it's a good thing you brought that thing....book with you
that's my daughter's book. and from now on we don't know each other
[nothing is there but him]
every body is afraid of riding buses. that's not right
-I won't ride a bus again -harrassers deserve this and even more
he needs to be placed in the middle of a square and everyday we cut a piece off him
that isn't right. how does he know that I'm a harrasser?
mom is telling you that the food is ready
turn off the lights
-won't you eat? -no
-is Omar happy with his new job? -very
-Nilly,... -I don't want to eat
I know how you feel
maybe we could ignore people
but as long as who around us say that they're important, then that's that
and you're telling me this now?
you should've raised me this way initially. and don't come now changing my rights and wrongs in a minute
people can go to hell. a million times
he was thin. and of a lower social class
he was screaming hard from the pain. we sutured the wound and he was off that night
-didn't you record any of his data? -no. he didn't have an I.D
not even his name?
did he have any scar in his face? anything?
no he didn't. but I guess his trousers are still here
let me see it, please
you won't find anything in that, pasha
he's too poor to have anything in it
except for a used $1.5 prepaid mobile card
honestly, I see that you're tiring yourself for nothing
the attackings are over. it's over a month now since the last one
and the attacker has changed his mind
-you mean people has forgotten, Ramzy? -yes
then they must do it again
definetly, pasha
then the attacker won't stay cool for long. right, Ramzy?
right, pasha
give me the card
-I'm sorry, pasha -you'll be a great invistigating officer, Ramzy
you get your info from under the garbage
the serial number is 508-33-98-511
get me the number, Amr
yes.one second. stay with me.O.K O.K. 916
yes. O.K. I'll deal with it. good bye
he has no info. the line is bought without a contract
don't call him, pasha.he won't give you the address. we see the numbers that he calls and then...
hello? good morning sir
I'm Mohammed Hamdy from Target Co., sir
I'm happy to inform you that your phone number has won a 40'' TV
no sir. no fees are needed. nothing is needed sir
we just need one thing, the address so we can send you the TV
really sir, nothing else is needed. we are at your service, sir
yes. 15 el morsy st., el darrassa.
there are some universal ideas that all the world agrees upon
like borders and globalization. except in Egypt
traffic light means very differnet meanings
green means pass, yellow means pass quickly and red also pass
-pass. pass my baby so we catch the... -look, Omar
make it: green pass, yello pass quickly
-what's new? -and red pass quickly if you can
pass quickly if you can
good one
quick they're in a hurry
won't you watch me?
-no I'll watch from within the crowd -as you like
it's obvious the all of Egypt is here to defend themselves
anyway you're now halfway through, becuase you came and took the decision
I've said it all. I'm asking you for something a bit hard to do
every one of you has a piece of paper infront of her
and will answer 3 questions only
have you been harrassed before, how many times and how did you react
go ahead, please
excuse me, excuse me
what to do to take a course with you?
from what you've told me he seems like a decent guy
and decent guys are rare nowadays
and by the way why do you ask me?
because you're the female rights girl and that stuff
you look like you're looking for someone that tells you to leave him, right?
could be
what decency!!!
men that could only treated by force
even at my job I'm flirted with all the day
now all of them are decent?
they must've heard about the buses issue. did you hear about it?
if that was the solution, why don't the government bring someone who attacks harrassers and they solve it?
the country will be a clean place
-are you Faiza? -someone needs you, Faiza
Faiza. she needs you
I know you. aren't you the one with the case?
-yes -quickly Atef, bring a chair
O.K right away
-right away, Atef -coming
-it isn't nessecery. not a problem -how come?
have a seat
you should sit and I'll finish whatever you want
and if anytime you came and didn't find me Amina is just like me
-a procuration? -procuration
-for whom? -Seba Samy
you know her
-are you insane? -I couldn't find you
so you tell it to any one?
-you had the police come over to you!! -don't be afraid, Faiza
-I don't even know you!! -you know me
Seba told me that you're Bothayna who called at the show
I don't know any Bothayna. my name is Faiza and I don't know either of you
calm down, Faiza. calm down
I honestly didn't tell anybody else
and also this girl is the one who filed the case. didn't you admire her?
and she told me she admired the one who was attacking these dogs in buses
this talk does nothing to me. and if I'm caught I'll say that you were the one who inticed me
it was good knowing you. and I hope I never hear from you again. I have a son and a daughter to raise
-Faiza -good bye
don't you know what you've done?
the country has changed, Faiza
people forget what happens to us if 10 days passes without someone else is punished
they're forcing me to drop the case, Faiza
what do you want me to do exactly? you want me to attack another one so I'll be in jail?
no, Faiza. we want to copy you
try to understand, Faiza. people don't want us to copy her. we've nothing but to copy you
that's enough. enough
-welcome, respected people -thank you lady
-it's the first time we win anything -congratulations
and how many inches is it?
42,43...forty something
-God bless -congratulations. will Hamdi be late?
no he's on his way here. it's just that these days his using a cane for walking
do you have any photo of him?
-I have. you want to see it? -of course
O.K. I'll get it
-the most beautiful photo he's got -beautiful. he's a cute little one
haven't you got another photo when he's a little bit older?
no. I only got the video tape of his sister's Amani wedding
-his sister's Amani wedding? -yes
-why don't you play it for us -as you like
-God bless you -of course I'll play it for you
-that's Amani -very beautiful
and that's her husband Raafat
Amani seems in a bit of a hurry
-hurry up, boy -O.K., pasha
-where? -right here, pasha
-here? -yes, pasha
-I want to know how you didn't see her face? -I was walking behind her, pasha
-you playing dumb?
you're trying to convince me that you'll harrasse a woman without looking at her face?
what's my business with her face, pasha?
-was she wearing a head scarf? -yes, pasha
I'm really mad at you, Hamdi
what else can one do, pasha? I'm really suffering. there's no marriage in sight
I'm really really mad at you
what's that you taped over your sister's wedding tape?
this heel needs to be replaced
just saw it without much talking
O.K. but I warned you. it will break out again
just saw it
I have money, Faiza. better to get a new heel
keep it with you
I can buy a shoe and a heel
but my children deserve the money more
when you have your own you'll know
it's enough they're punished because of me
but they're not punished because of you
-that's the course? -yes
one, two, three, four
-see if there any other faiza? -one moment, sir
Faiza Abd El-Maqsood Kamel
search through all the papers see if there is any other Faiza
O.K sir
by the way, I can't do what I did one more time
-why, Faiza? -buses are under watchful eye
it doesn't have to be buses. in all of Egypt now there's harrassment
it must be a crowded place so we don't get caught
I know a place
Egypt, Egypt
there's someone over there
-where? -there, the one standing behind the girl
can we wound him here?
why? isn't it crowded enough?
-he isn't even a harrasser -and how do you know?
if he was he would've been concentrating in just one spot only
and would look around to see if somebody is observing
but he's neither worried nor looking around
he's just standing normally
-you should go home now -no. I'll be fine
-Seba, you look tense -I'll be fine, believe me
yes, Ramzy
-can you see them, Ramzy? -right infront of me, pasha
it seems they will attack someone from the crowd
-shall I arrest them? -no, wait
at your orders, pasha
you'll find tens of them in the crowd if we win today
it'll be very crowded
-I wish we win -I wish we lose
I wish we lose
Zambia, Zambia
-arrest them, sir? -on what charge? chanting Zambia? what the hell Ramzy?
-good evenning, lady -what's the matter, Farouq?
that soldier wants you
-Seba Samy Soror? -yes
you're needed at the police station
welcome. the boss is here. go ahead
what? won't you sit next to your friends to complete the funny trio?
-please sir, why are we here? -don't play dumb. you know why
-I'll say... -don't say a word untill I tell you
there's nothing against us. and won't speak unless a lawyer is present
sit down dear. don't bring it on yourself. sit down
first one you attacked was in Eldarrasa. Hamdi. don't you remember him?
remind her, Ramzy
I could get Hamdi to identify you and then the mess begins
and everyone of you will deny
and you specially will be in a great mess
they know people who can protect them
do you remember the boy fom Elmaadi? who held a razor cutting tight girls pants?
do you know how many years he got? 15 years
15 years for a razor and a small wound
how many years you'll get?
-life in prison -of course
not less than life in prison, Ramzy
by the way, if I wanted to catch you red handed I would've done it
I would've put a tail on you till your next mistake
and you'll be caught, trialed, jailed and in deep shit
but then the hags of women's rights would've made heroes out of you
and everyday some woman will attack someone thinking she's batman like you
and we leave all our important work and stay on your nonsense
listen carefully, I'm a pragmatic man
the stuff I'm going to say will be this time only. not two
leave and good bye
leave, go home
stand up and move, girls
and you forget what happened completely
soon somebody will carry the case
and if anyone of you thought about touching a man
even after 20 years, all three of you will be in deep shit
and don't tell your families
tell them anything. good bye
you beautiful. you cute one
why don't you say goodmorning, beautiful? why don't you check on me?
why don't you say goodmorning, beautiful? we'll have a nice day
-what's wrong with you, Faiza? -Adel?
-what are you doing? -I brought you this
you've a strong hand
a flower?
it's the first time you get me flower
yes. I've seen the black night gawn you brought to make up with me
so I decided to make the first move
-what gawn? -the gawn. the black one. you white beauty
it's not a night gawn. it's a dress. and it's not mine
-why so? -because I can't pay for it
what's wrong with you, Faiza? you're making me feel like we're having unlawful sex
-you're my wife infront of God and his prophet -yes the one you married only for what you want
and I'm here to apologize. and I'm sorry for what I said that was offensive to you
you weren't able to please yourself so you came to me?
get out of my face, Faiza. I don't want to see you no more
-Adel -go away, Faiza. it's over
-hello. good afternoon, sir -good afternoon
it's Nilly Roshdy from Circle Co. I'll explain the benefits of the card to you in 5 minutes only
no. I don't have 5 minutes. I have another thing
what? why are you silent? are you shy or what?
no sir. I'm just writing down your phone number so I'd know where you are so I can get the card to you personally
-really? -um
and for that other thing you're proud of so much.....I'll cut it off
why are you silent? you're shy or what?
what're you going to cut off? what are you saying?
didn't you say wait for him to hang up? he has
O.K. Adel I'll talk to you tonight. bye
what's wrong?
-I need to tell you something, Omar -me too
the arab bank wants me to be the head of the credit card with double my salary
you'll be a boss?
so there will be no stand up comedy?
and acting, Omar? and your dreams?
I could return to them later
but that means I'll marry you sooner. there won't be any problem
what did you want to say?
nothing, Omar. you never gave me space to talk
-yes. but you wanted to tell me something -I love you, Omar. I love you so much
me too
-careful where you walk! -I'm careful
-I'm not a theif. I didn't steal anything from her -no you are
calm down. lady
leave him to me. leave him to me
you're being too tough
it won't be a month before another big something happens and people will follow it, pasha
and all of this will be forgotten, pasha
I want you to forget that matter completely
wait a second, pasha. where's the delivery section?
-what number did they tell you? -I don't know the number but her name is Magda Elmenshawy
-406 -thanks
yes, pasha. excuse me. leave it on me, pasha
I'm here, Magda
I was late but I'm here
open the door, Seba
I miss you
divorce me, Sherif
I love you, Seba
I love you too
but I won't be able to forgive you
-I won't -Seba,...
....from back when we were in school...
...I never intended to hurt you
-and I've been.... -I was pregnant
I was pregnant and the baby died
do you know why?
because the day I needed you you weren't there
now every time I see you I remember what they did to me
I won't be able to forgive you
divorce me, please
I'm begging you to divorce me
you're divorced, Seba
the food is in the kitchen. and tomorrow we'll wash and dry the clothes
thanks, mother in law. I'm tiring you with me
by the way, what will you name her?
-name her? -yes
-it's a girl? -you didn't know?
I'll pass by tomorrow, God willing
any time I talk to anybody about a problem in this country...
....whatever the problem or the person, he gives me the same answer.
"that's the way the Egyptian people are like"
"that's how your people are, pasha" "the Egyptians are like that"
and it's like the Egyptians are everybody not here with us in the room
or present but can't speak arabic
so we can speak about him freely
do you know who the Egyptians are?
the Egyptians are you and I. and it's a good thing we've met because we have a lot to talk about
come, Faiza
have you seen the stand up?
that thing outside which I didn't get?
they're jokes, Faiza
I'll read you what'll say right now
-look.... -Nilly
good evening. I'm going out now and you'll follow. ready?
-yes. I'm ready -I want you to be magnificent tonight
I want the audience getting out not seeing anybody but you
you must make people laugh
-I need you for a minute. I'm sorry. hurry up -wait a minute
I'm leaving my kids at my mother's. I have to go
I'm leaving now. I'll do the stand up. I'm sorry
what's the matter? why did you call me again? something new happened?
nothing. just wait till Seba arrives and I'll tell you every thing
I 've no time. I have to get the children Seba is here
what's up?
nothing. I just wanted you to know about a very important thing before I do it
like what?
something like this
what's this?
you're not involved in this. when they arrest me I'll say I did all the stuff before
-you want to go to jail? -I'm already in one
this won't fix anything
-believe me it won't fix.... -it doesn't matter anymore
I'll either drop the case or lose it. I'll lose both ways
people forgot everything and went back to doing what they were doing
-nothing changed -it doesn't matter
believe me, it isn't important
say what? now you tell her it isn't important?
and you never said that to me
-or you pick and choose -it's because I was wrong. yes I was
I was blinded with what happened to me
-it's over. I will continue -no you won't do anything
what we did was wrong. 2 wrongs don't make a right. this way we'll be just like them
-neither you or me are like this -and it's me who is "like this"?
-don't you feel anything bothering you -no
-can you sleep? -why? you're trying to make me look abnormal?
-no normal person does this and be comfertable -no
-if only he doesn't feel guilty -what kind of guilt you're talking about?
it doesn't matter any more
-maybe you could tell me what guilt I'm feeling -you don't know?
-no I don't -then let me tell you
your wardrobe is full of revealing clothes
even the dress you gave to me my husband thought it was a night gawn
or leaving your hair unveiled
you go out, you're living alone and nobody questions you.
I can't understand how your family is letting you like this?
-of course me too have to feel guilty -leave me alone. I want to go back to my kids
I won't let you leave till you tell me what's my guilt
your fiance with which you go out without anybody questioning you
you made all men think that all women and girls are like you
and at the end those like me suffer
those who suffer daily and are as straight as they could be so no one look at them
-what happened to you was my fault, Faiza? -no. it wasn't your fault
it wasn't your fault
it was her fault. her and her backward thoughts. those were the things that got us here today
back in the days women wore short skirts, and nothing happened
because they were able to marry not that lots of skin makes people decent
stop it. really stop it
you tell people to do things that you don't
-I've never seen you wearing any cupper -so no lawlife look at me
you could've covered you hair. and stopped wearing tight clothes
you know, if you weren't feeling guilty, you could've done what I did
but you will never be able to be like me. beacuse you're sure your wrong
good evening
a month ago, while my fiance was giving me a ride home
a guy driving by in a truck... ...harrassed me
and he drived off
a lot of people gathered in the street and all men made a single stand
and done nothing
an old man came to me, "what did he stole from you, my girl"
I said "no, he harrassed me"
so he said "thank God it was like that, we thought he stole from you"
after a lot of arguing they told me that I should take him to the police station
"what?" "take him to the police station" "say what?"
"I do that?" "yes"
I took him to the police station
all of us in the car, myself, my fiance & my mother are crowded in the front
and he's like a prince, sitting in the back alone
after all this
all those around me forced me to drop the case
"why?" "you'll ruin our reputation"
"really? I'll ruin your reputation because I'm hurting?"
"it's a shamful thing that you're hurting"
do you know what any girl need the most from a man?
and I can no longer feel it
at all
my girl, would you come and take my seat?
no thanks, I'll be off at the next station
O.K. I'm coming
-what happened? -nothing big, God willing
take those, lady
-you, Adel? -I'm what?
I had an accident. what's wrong with you?
why do you do this?
shame on you
why didn't you divorce me?
marry another woman
but don't touch a woman against her will, don't touch a woman against her will
-stop it -you stop it. stop it
why did you came forward?
so that she can be a hero and people stand by her
it's only an hour before all the Egyptian media be here
but please, go wash up and talk to them in the clamest voice you have
I don't want them to say that you're crazy
if they said that then all you're doing has gone to waste. understood?
I don't want to see or speak with anybody
do whatever you want, tell me and I'll help you
I became a criminal just like him
that's why I came forward
if it's like that then you could go ahead and leave
remove the handcuffs, boy
-how will she leave, pasha? she confessed -she didn't do anything to confess
-then... -do you have an official report?
Hamdi filed a report? the guy with the lemon? you have no official report
give me the key, boy
sir, there's no report because any body that files it will confess that he's a harrasser
as long as I don't have an official report, it's non of my business
go ahead
what do you want, madam?
don't punish my kids again
O.K. lady. lower your arms
we won't punish them again
case no. 673 year 2009
plaintiff is here?
present, you honor
your lawer is presenting a "reconciliation and concession"
will you concede?
she won't concede
I won't concede
order please
does my hair look better?
looks good
but it was also good before
the harrasser in Nilly's case was sentenced to 3 years
a year later a law that makes sexual harrassment a crime was issued
but reports stay limited
[Bushra - Metgannenah is playing]
♪you're always crazy, from and to us♪
♪you make us turn around ourselves♪
♪you stand by us in hardships♪
♪but you can't understand♪
♪you lift us and then drop us in a minute♪
♪you calm me, you make me nervous♪
♪you make me happy, and give me hypertension♪
♪I'm sorry but I say that because I love you♪
♪I get away, she calls, I get back♪
♪in the loudest voice, she tells me to go away♪
♪she throws you out on breakfast, lunch and supper but invites you on Suhoor♪
♪my mother and daughter. is the problem with you or with us?♪