Earl Haskins-Denver, Colorado

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>> EARL HASKINS: My name is Earl Haskins. I am a purchasing
manager with CarBuyCo in Denver, Colorado.
CarBuyCo buys vehicles from the general public… and sells them to auctions and makes the experience
a lot easier than going to a dealer.
We're not high pressure at all. We try to work with the cutover and if the customer's
not happy with the deal than we don't feel like we're gonna be happy either… so, ah,
we make the experience as painless as possible.
CarBuyCo: Sell us your car. It won't leave a scar.
The culture seems to be laid back in some ways, but, very much go-getters. The whole
team seems to be go-getters.
It's a growing company. A fast growing Company so things are changing pretty quickly, and
everyone seems to realize that in the management and they kind of roll with it. I've been with
several companies now that have attempted to move, ah, move me, they've moved but I'm
still in Colorado.
I love skiing, I love that it's the healthiest city in the Nation. I like all the outdoor
activities as far as skiing and running and biking.
And, I've become very accustomed to the high altitude.
My son is my reason and you can fill in the blank from there… He's my reason for just
about everything.
He came around very late in my life… and he wasn't planned, and so it was very scary
and I decided… the only way this is going to work is for me to make myself his role
model. I don't want him to have to have anyone else for a role model. There's no reason I
can't be his role model.
I take advantage of every opportunity I get to go to the ball games, to be even at his
practices. I think that is very important.
It's pretty eclectic other than country. I'm not much into country western but outside
of that I love, I love R&B, I love Rock, some of the Oldies, I can even do with some classical
sometimes, believe it or not. I love Jazz. Pretty much everything but… country western.
I'm a commercial pilot. I run a flight service on weekends. My own flight service and I scatter
cremated ashes all over the Rockies. Very much a niche market.
I play semi-pro racquetball. That keeps me hoppin. I travel a lot with that 'cause I'm
sponsored by a company. I love to fly. I feel like I get paid to do my hobby when it comes
to flying so that is what I was looking for.
I love sports but any more of my sports seems to take a backseat to my sons sports and that's
how it should be.
If I had a slogan for my life it would be, "I seldom lie, but when I do, I do it Honestly!"
If I had one word to describe myself it would be active.