Holiday Shopping Safety

Uploaded by BARTable on 20.11.2012

Whether you're one of those who can't wait to get started on holiday shopping...
"I'm so excited! I can't wait."
Or, like most of us....
"I just haven't started quite yet. That's going to be next week."
And you're not quite ready.... BART will bring you to the doorstep of some of the Bay
Area's best shopping.
On the day after Thanksgiving, BART will significantly increase the number of seats available for
the masses of Black Friday shoppers by providing longer trains. The full length trains will
operate from 6 am to close of service for bargain hunters looking for extra room to
carry their bags of gifts on board.
Something that excites Bay Area shoppers.
Karon Fields/BART Rider:"I can get on BART and not have to go out in the rain to go to,
say, Nordstrom in that center. It's easy and convenient."
Powell Street Station connects with the upscale shopping of Westfield's San Francisco Centre.
And the hustle and bustle of Union Square are just a couple of blocks away.
McCall Wood/BART Rider:"My first time in the city was actually during the holidays and
it just brings back those memories from freshman year. All my bags and my friends around me
and everyone in the subway station, the BART station, has their bags and they're shopping
too and the whole atmosphere is great."
Gertie Williams/BART Rider: "I live in Hayward and I take one stop and I'm at Bay Fair and
there's all these stores. It's just so convenient and I feel so safe."
Even though it's the Season for giving, there may be some Grinches out there who may want
to steal Holiday goodies.
Michael Maes/BART Police: " Look who's watching over your shoulder."
BART Police Officer, Michael Maes and his colleagues are on patrol 24/7. Even so, it's
a sad fact of life - criminals will take advantage of easy targets.
Michael Maes/BART Police: "People will specifically look for items left unattended, or unsecured."
Stay alert and keep your shopping bags close by. Shop with a friend, it's more fun than
going it alone. Consider using just one credit or debit card instead of carrying a stack
of plastic or a roll of cash. And if you are on a shopping spree, combine all your bags
from high end stores in to one sturdy plain jane type bag.
Michael Maes/BART Police: "Between the store and home, we don't need to let everyone else
know where you've been."
Now if you need to reach BART Police, call them toll free at 877-679-7000 or 510-464-7000
Alma Avallos/Cheese Buyer: "Spend your time shopping, don't spend your time looking for
Cheryl Stalter, BARTtv