Martin Luther King Jr. - Human Rights Day

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we are very proud 0:00:06.520,0:00:08.599 that he is here today
to help us honor one of our country's greatest public servants
ladies and gentlemen
boys and girls
the governor of the great State of Idaho, the honorable C.L. "Butch" Otter
grace period

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in nineteen eighty three
Ronald Regan signed
the declaration to make
the national holiday for
Martin Luther King
to remember his work
in signing that
president reagan said
and now our nation has decided to honor
doctor martin luther king junior by setting aside a day each year to remember
and the just cause he stood for
we've made historic strides since rosa parks
refused to go to the back of the bus
as a democratic people we can take pride in the knowledge
that we Americans recognize a grave injustice
and took action to correct it
and we should remember
that in far too many countries
people like her doctor martin luther king
never would have had the opportunity
to speak out
and accomplish great work
and so i bring to you today from the office of governor a proclamation
whereas doctor martin luther king junior inspired millions of americans to
participate in non-violent
demonstrations to support the ideals of equality for all
and was a motivating force behind the civil rights movement that happens
as it's goal
the creation of a society inclusive
of all races
cultures and nationalities
whereas the celebration
of dr king's birthday is intended as a time for all-american
to reaffirm their commitment to the basic principles that underlie
our constitution
equal treatment and justice for all
and whereas Idaho enjoys a richness of diversity
in its population embracing many ethnic and racial groups
as a part idaho state history and its future
and whereas both state and national observances of this day will focus on
the importance of individual volunteerism
and a commitment to community service
as a way of breaking down social and economic barriers
and bringing people together to focus on their common interests
and their common concerns
whereas the ideals of doctor martin luther king junior
and idaho's commitment to human rights are worthy of reflection and serve as a
and improving the quality of life for all members of society
is everyone's responsibility now therefore i C.L. Butch Otter
governor of the state of idaho do hereby proclaim january sixteenth
twenty twelve to be martin luther king junior human rights day in idaho
and i encourage idahoans to rededicate themselves to the principles
of respect
for human rights and freedom
a belief in non-violent and
of commitment to improving the State and the nation
through community service
and volunteers