Reid Reintroduces Veterans Bill To Restore Critical Benefits

Uploaded by SenatorReid on 14.02.2011

I’ve worked on this concurrency thing for many years.
I learned that if you were disabled in the military and retired from the military you couldn’t
draw both of your benefits, you had to choose one or the other and we’ve worked to get that changed.
And now many veterans who couldn’t get both
now can, but not all of them. And what we’re working on now is to make it
even better . The legislation I introduced today
will allow 500,000 veterans to get benefits they couldn’t get otherwise.
One reason I fought so hard about a government shutdown is
what it would do to Nevada veterans. We have a quarter of a million
veterans in Nevada.
If a government shutdown their benefits
would stop, they wouldn’t get a part of them, they would get nothing.
So we can’t allow that to happen.