Loreen - Just Like A Pill (Swedish Idol)

Uploaded by LoreenDailyorg on 25.06.2012

Some like coffee, others like juice. Some like guys from Vällingby that sings girls’ songs,
others like girls that work as mailmen in Vällingby. Or whatever it is… Anyway, here she is Loreen!
Loreen, you are getting up from that swamp of ballads that you have appeared in earlier in this competition,
which you by the way have done incredibly good. But now we get to see rock-Loreen
and I am quite scared because I’m starting to lose my image as mean and harsh, but I don’t know what to say - you do this, as well, really, really good.
Thank you!
You show us an entire new side here. A tough, strong side. You still mumble some in the more subtle parts.
I tried to articulate.
It’s not good. You’re not supposed to do that. It’s bad. But what is really good is that you show that you are able to master different styles. That you’ll get votes for.
It’s right Loreen. You picked a completely different genre and that’s great. But you have to do something about the mumble in the beginning.
We can’t hear your beautiful voice.
When you then open…. Who is the coach here? Me or you? I am. When you then open up, it is amazing and one wants more from you.
And it’s a bit frustrating when you’re mumbling - so fix it. Soon. I want to hear more from you.
And I’ll probably get fired from this jury. I’m here to criticize people and I’m just positive to everyone.
I have furthermore promised my grandmother never to swear on television again - so I’m sorry grandmother- but damn you are so good.
Thank you!