Биберов недуг: Гага-стайл 8$ [Bieber fever: Gaga-style]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on Oct 11, 2012

Sup I'm Stas Davidov.
Oh I've got something for you~
Can't help myself!
But you better stop eating first.
Really! You ain't gonna believe it!
Last week it was Bieber and this Saturday it's Gaga herself!
[not a bad Bieber play, baby]
Now we all know who's the real star and who's a drooling sucker.
Little wimpy girl Bieber got a few yogurts out and ran away backstage.
And Gaga even syncroed her dance to the situation.
[Nice thinking Gaga :3 ]
They should do a "duet" now.
It might even become a trend.
And all the pop-singers will become bleah-singers.
[Stas, your joke makes me sick]
I don't even know, maybe she got a Bieber fever or it's all in the bad cocaine that producers feed them.
But i must say this new think really makes me laugh.
Remember not to overdo it and drown in your own puke, like Hendrix did.
[and Stas will be choked by Hendrix fans]
You have a weak stomache and all your friends make fun of you because you can't drink?
About time to hit the showbiz! [only n00bs don't puke on stage]
And this is Horosho!
And now I want to talk about you people.
Why do I notice that you love to pour weird stuff into yourselves?
Yup, it's a toilet cm that was sent by poxmel1000
And you know how many views it has? 4 million in a week.
Who watched it that much? Who? Eh? Yuck to you, yuck!
And what kind of a freaky toilet is this?
It's gonna wash your ass, push warm air onto it, even deodorize.
And if it won't like you - it'll sterilize you.
You lazy asses!
I for one don't like anyone to take away my civil right to stink up the toilet!
What's weirder is that this toilet has different approach to males and females.
Just one question - how does it recognize who's sitting on it?
Hey, why women don't get a warm air treatment?
You damned sexist shitter!
And this is Horosho!
Third vid was sent by Crisp.
In advance - it's a disgusting video.
But we must talk about it.
So in Japan they have these parlours where they stick a needle in your forehead and pump in some weird stuff.
You sit there for two hours, develop a huge bump.
Then it gets pushed in to look like you have a bagel under your skin.
You may think that people do all sorts of disgusting stuff, whatever.
But it's quite popular in Japan.
I mean it's cool, nyan and kawaii.
It's like you got your Mantoux test wet.
Probably they are the ones Gaga looked at before the concert.
Truly rhe way to go for people who wanted tumors on their heads when they were kids.
And it's called Bagelhead.
Sorry folks, this looks more like chicken anus. I'm sorry.
There's only one good thing about it - it all disappears in 24 hours and forehead returns back to normal [unlike brains]
But pumped up lips won't desappear that easily.
And the difference between this and this is only in the location of the tumor.
And this is... Horosho
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And how do you fight corruption?
How do you fight corruption?
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So where's the World's End?
World ends where rock begins
Where the map didn't load.
Earth is round, cap.
near the sea
I dunno, im a girl and my earth's end is on the border of the kitchen
World's End is 12,550,820 blocks away from the Center of the Earth.
How does the toilet understand?
If it sees a penis then...
No really, there's probably some kind of penis recognition device..
Really, imagine, someone constructed a penis recognizer.
But if you sit and put your penis up, it'll think that you're a woman and you won't get a warm air treatment.
What? Girls don't get it? That's sexist.
That's the point... �