Ezel 38 English part 4

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Such thing cant be, are you an uncle!
Come please
Come and say something to this person who doesn't know his place
We handle our business with seduction
whoever brakes that seduction we break his hands
Whoever talks to much his tongue will be pulled out
We're going to miss our brother Gillet
We're going to get along much more with you then him
What are you?
Ramiz, get him away
Take someone from us, not some city baby
I watch over the finance
I looked at these and...these numbers, are...
There are numbers missing
I'm good with numbers, with 1 or 2 switching this number would be 1.3 instead of 1.2
Whats for you and us
And can it be 1.5?
I mean whats for me
Can it be 1.5
It can
If I said that it would be a lie, within 2 months we'll start blaming people
We would say who stole it and anger each other
But numbers never deceive
They say 1.3
Nice shirt
Be at this place tomorrow
Okay good work
What 1.3 kid, you've never even opened those maps
I assumed that Gillet would already be going
You laid back just now brother Ramiz but...
You're hand was at you're gun
What did he give you?
Whats up?
Shall we talk a bit mister Kenan?
I'm going
I don't know, my father has a little place near the shore, I think i'll go there
Its because of me right?
I pushed you too hard, I'm so rude
Mister Kenan
I don't know how to be more gentle with a person
You opened you're house to me
You opened my eyes
I learned who Ezel is because of you
I learned that he's a murderer
I'm a better housekeeper then I imagined
Thats good
Why are you leaving then?
Because I want something else now
I want to live at a normal place
That my son goes to a normal school.
Have normal friends, a normal house and a normal life like everyone
So I cant be of any help for you mister Kenan
But thank you for everything
I wont forget you
You will forget
You're going to take you're son and go away from that door
Then I'm going to lock you're room
10 years maybe 20 years
Again no one will open that door
You're the only person I've lived with under a roof for years Eysan
From the beginning, you saw inside of me with one sight
You saw it so good
That while leaving here you're going to forget right away
No not you, I'm such a man that
From a distance a wonderful, polite and amusing person
But from up close, he lost his son 2 days ago and tomorrow he will sit down for diner all alone cant you see that?
Good journeys to you Eysan
Lady Hamida I'm leaving
Tell the boys to tail Eysan
Okay mister Kenan
(Employee wanted)
We're back at the old shop
You have to help me remember Ali
Rims, bumpers I've forgotten them a bit
Are you serious man?
You're going to put you're hands in oil and dirt again?
You should have something better to do outside, right?
This is a game too right?
Come on man tell the truth
I dont have a bankaccount in Oxford
I don't have any spared money
There is no other money Ali
How can that be brother?
How can a man like yourself not think about after?
Can you reach those brother
What after Ali?
If you're saying a wife, 2 children or a pink dream house is a dream
No, I didn't dream
I didn't expect the after
I didn't spare anything
I didn't calculate talking with you now
I didn't calculate forgiving Eysan
I didn't calculate having a son
I didn't calculate losing uncle Ramiz
I didn't calculate becoming a murderer
can you give it brother
Shall I tell you a story?
Did you start too?
Not as good as you
Is it long?
No just 2 minutes
Pliers Ali style
I don't care about the beginning or end I go right in the middle
One day a man entered a casino
This man is tough, he fought a thousand fights before
But today its different
He goes after a security guard
They have entered the dressing room
The man took his gun from his back
I know that story Ali, you don't have to tell it
But before entering
Still in the car the man's hand is shaking
Because reckoning is clear, the security guard is going to die
He's going to take the money and disappear
And he will leave his guilt to his friend
The plan is made
Whats left is...
The man pulling the trigger
I saw it
The guard saw the man in the mirror
The man shot without hesitating
The guard fell down, the man ran to him
The guard, begged: my kids
You're going to die friend...
You're going to die so that we can live
Why aren't you telling me?
Why did you do it, why aren't you telling me?
My Omer...
Because there is no why
If you've taken one life...
At a fight not some accident
One time
To know
without blinking you're eye if you've become a murderer
There is no why left
Isn't it going to go away of my sight?
Isn't it going to let me breath once?
Isn't it going to have a break?
Isn't no one going to release me?
Isn't no one going to come and forgive me?
It wont forgive
It will never forgive
Whoever you use to be...
Omer, Ezel, Ali
They wont ever come back again
Know this brother...
Don't do what I did
So that the pain of the first one gets over
If you do it once more, once more, once more it wont go away
I know Ali
If you act like it isn't there, it still wont go away
If you for the sake of the first one
Do worse
It will not go away
If you put the gun in you're back once...
It will never get out of there
Good evening, welcome
So lady Hamide
What is it, are we left together again?
She didn't go, she slept while waiting for you
Uncle, uncle
Don't do it!
Don't do it!
Grandpa, I couldn't finish the mission forgive me
Grandpa, they shot my dad I couldn't protect him
Grandpa, They took away my grandfather's heart...I couldn't understand grandfather
I couldn't finish the mission grandfather, Kenan Birkan that **** is my family
I couldn't shoot him grandpa forgive me, grandpa forgive me
Don't do it, don't!