Kukutza: auzoaren 3 eguneko okupazioaren kronika

Uploaded by argiaastekaria on 05.10.2011

[Iñaki Azkuna, Mayor of Bilbao] We defend a model of society
And evidently we are not with the model of society that Kukutza defends
We express our solidarity too with the people and organizations that are being attacked during the last days
We demand to the Kukutza collective that they distance themselves from
and condemn the acts of violence that are happening in Bilbao
[Rodolfo Ares, Interior Minister of the Basque Government]
This actuation has been proportional and professional
I insist: We only have record of three people in need of medical assistance
And according to the information that we have gathered all of them of minor injuries.
We express all our support and solidarity to the neighbors of Errekalde
To merchants and restaurateurs who are especially suffering the violence, attacks and destruction.
And the Town Hall has to defend the private property.
We sign this the spokespeople of EAJ-PNV Ibon Areso
from the Partido Popular Cristina Ruiz
from the Partido Socialista de Euskadi Alfonso Gil
and the Mayor of Bilbao, Iñaki Azkuna.