Smood Potato Masher Review from Kitchenware Direct

Uploaded by KitchenwareDirect on 17.11.2008

For something we do all so often, it's crazy that mashing potatoes is such long, hard work. Masher designs always have the same problems:
large holes that don't make smooth mash -
you have to repeat the pounding action dozens and dozens of times,
or small holes potatoes actually pass through.
So you end up with squashed potatoes instead of mashed potatoes. Smood gives you perfectly smooth, fluffy mash in seconds by trapping food and forcing it through the thin gaps between Smood's collapsing spring coils. Smood's unique spring design controls any pounding impact so you can forget the painful jarring in your wrists. Potatoes, avocados, baby food, even pumpkins -
there's no food that can't be mashed in seconds with Smood.
The Smood is available online