Spike Jonze Spends Saturday with Shane Smith (Part 3/3)

Uploaded by vice on Oct 4, 2012


SPIKE JONZE: Here's my new song I just wrote.
SPIKE JONZE: (SINGING) Sailor, sailor, Come home.
Oh, sailor, sailor, come home.
How's that?
SHANE SMITH: Super cool.
SPIKE JONZE: Super cool.
All right, so Shane--
SHANE SMITH: Oh, shit.
SHANE SMITH: My tutti went frutti.

How do you keep yours?
SPIKE JONZE: Give it a double wrap.

SPIKE JONZE: Where does Vice go from here?
What's the plan for your company?
SHANE SMITH: I think that because it's getting bigger
and bigger now, it's either going to become a next
generation media company, or it's going to flare out.
Just really spectacularly.
We're just going to spend $100 million on a party and then
not show up the next day.
End up in Vietnam selling Cokes on the beach.

SPIKE JONZE: How are you going to decide which
way to go with it?
SHANE SMITH: Well, I won't decide.
SHANE SMITH: It'll be a thing.
SPIKE JONZE: When are you that your happiest?

SHANE SMITH: I'm at my happiest when I'm in my bed
with my wife and my baby, because I
love them both insanely.
Like, it's like love you've never felt before.
Like, you have a baby, and you're just like, all I want
to do is make the baby happy.

I was a pretty selfish guy my whole life.
I was essentially a teenager till I was
like, in my late 30's.
And I lived for my own pleasure, and you know, ego.
And then when you have a kid, your ego goes out the window,
and all your pleasure--
not all of it, but like, comes from them.
And oh, I bought a house.
That makes me feel happy, but not for me.
But because like, my kid has a place to live, and my wife as
a place to have the baby.
That's when I'm happiest.
But I like shooting.
I like coming to crazy places and shooting.
Not because of the shooting and stuff, but because it
forces me to think about stuff that I've never
thought about before.
You know?
And so that makes me happy.

SPIKE JONZE: How should this interview end?

SHANE SMITH: You should ask me how it all ends.
SPIKE JONZE: Shane Smith, how does it all end?

SHANE SMITH: I just got married, and I had a baby.
And now I want to build a family seat.
And I want to find it by a beautiful cove, like this one.
And I want to build a house where my kids can grow up, and
where you can come visit me.
And the young kids can make Vice, and we can make books
and movies, and TV shows.
Or model airplanes.
Or whatever the fuck we want to make.
And we'll grow old happy.
We'll grow big beards, and we'll eat sausages.
And we'll drink lemonade.
And we'll lie in the hammock.
And we'll discuss why you're still a bastard.

SHANE SMITH: Can we go for a swim now, papi?