Laetitia Roux's Video Blog : 1 - Wide Life in the USA

Uploaded by Laetiroux05 on 28.10.2012

Savines-le-lac is my village
It's where I feel good, where I feel at home
We probably can practice every outdoor sports
It's a small paradise
for me it's perfect to practice sports
I learned ski juste there at R┼Żallon
a small and lovely winter resort
The Patrouille 2012 went really well
We was in harmony with each other, so the race was like expected
To my mind I won a race but I hadn't win the Patrouille des Glaciers
In two years I want win Zermatt-Verbier for sure
Anyway, it was a nice race and a great victory to close this season
After this season, I'm gone one week in Caribbean Islands with a friend then in USA
We stand few days in Moab to ride it by mountain bikes
We really enjoy it
We start by SlickRock, a very nice ride
Then we went on the Whole-Enchilada
After that we went to Arches National Park
It was magic, run in such a park
At the beginning it was insanely hot, it wasn't easy to run in the sand
In fact, I felt this amazing landscape carried me away
Start running was hard but things became easier
I haven't to make an effort anymore, it was so beautiful
After Moab we crossed Salt Lake to the Wyoming
It was a strange change
Coming from hot deserts, a mineral environment
to this place much more green with forests and mountains
When we arrive at Yellowstone it snowed
It was about to be coated of white
We set the tent and we have woken up with 15 cm of snow
We had a lucky sunny rest, few hours after the weather became bad back
We ran three hours and half close to the canyon
This landscape was like a painting
On the edge it was really impressive