Güz Sancısı (Autumn Pain) w/ English subtitles, 7 (TURN ON YOUR YOUTUBE CAPTIONS)

Uploaded by MUZIKfactory on 15.08.2009

- Good evening - Good evening
We need to talk to you
Well, talk then
You may go
What do you want from him?
You know it better than I do
The nerve you have
You ratted on him now you act like you know nothing
He is used to ratting on people
Behçet wouldn't do such a thing
He also ratted on his friends from the university
You dogs, you sons of bitches
I'd like to report a death incident
Behind the Fish Market
Yes. It's not me...I don't know...
Don't go to university for several days
How did you find me?
Does Mr. Kenan know?
Is it necessary?
I called the police
I know... You dialed the wrong number
Turn from the corner
- Do you live on this street? - Yes. Stop there
Bless your hands (well done)
Are you going to barge in like that!
I pity you
I know it's not worth it but I feel bad for you
You are naive, give it up
I shouldn't even pity you
The more you pity someone like you, the worse he gets!
He gets worthless and worthles
Just like you...
Ma'am, don't cross the line!
Who the hell are you that you make living off of her!
You are marketing her!
What's wrong with you?
You're at the wrong place, don't you understand?
This girl is a whore and she will remain a whore
If you get involved with her, she'll turn you into a whore too! Don't you forget that.
I need to see her right now, immediately
Suit yourself
We don't charge for looking at her