[Eng Subs] 110503 MTV 日韓音樂瘋(JK POP) Super Junior-M 專訪(Interview) Part 2/2

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Welcome back to Japanese and Korean Music
So now I'm going to ask Super Junior M
In Taiwan, which place you like to go?
Or what you like to eat the most?
Taiwan food is very nice to eat
What do you like to eat?
Silk thread roll
Fried or steam?
Deep fried one
Where did you go and eat?
Si Men Ding
Why did you go Si Men Ding
I don't dare to go, how you go?
I think he ate all the Taiwan food
A little bit recognize me
The fans recognized me a bit
So I'm interested
How did you go Si Men Ding? Wear cap?
Just go like this?
Let's go later
I like.. recognize me
You like people to recognize you like this
Keep following you also nevermind
How about Kyuhyun, what do you like to eat?
Or where did you go and play? In Taiwan
I like to eat ____ (Sorry I don't know what's this) (a type of food)
And bubble tea
But recently I've changed my taste
Because I drank too much
Last time I said I like bubble tea
So I drink it everyday
Fans every time sent it to you right?
Then you cannot finish drinking
Now that you've changed your taste
Tell your fans to send you something else
Ice shavings
The night market have very nice ice shavings
Shi Lin night market one is really big
Strawberry, mango flavours. Many nice food
Okay how about Eunhyuk?
I like to eat Ice chocolate
The chocolate is made of ice
Henry what do you like?
I eat Taiwan food everyday because my mum made food for me everyday
Then where do you like to go?
There's no specific place
I like to go night market
Almost all the night markets we've been there before
I think Shi Lin night market is quite good
Hai Nan Hua Yuan night market
Very big
Their night markets only opened on Friday and Saturday Normally it's closed
Night markets only open on weekends
I thought it was every day
Some night markets don't some night markets have
How about Sungmin?
Prawn fishing
In Taiwan, you went prawn fishing?
In korea, have you?
Even though every one only fished one prawn
Total have 7 of us so we barbeque 7 prawns on the spot and eat
How about in Korea, have you went for prawn fishing also?
In korea, no
ZhouMi, do you have any places to recommend in Taiwan
You made me become..
You always go out
Yes you are local, recommend some places
Fun places or delicious food
I think green onion pancake is a must eat
In Taiwan, there are many sweet fruits
Quite nice to eat
Which place do you want to go/you think is fun?
Qi Long night market
The seafood there is great
The seafood there is fresh
Even though Taiwan is small
But there are many different special places
Taiwan Mei(nice) "Tai Wan" Mei [Sounds the same]
Many fans like this say
Now we've sat for so long
Let's play a game okay?
The last two who wins gets to drink bubble tea
And drink plum soup
Kyuhyun don't want to drink bubble tea anymore
Then you can lose on purpose
The two people who won can drink
It's okay let's play together
Let's start
Fast one okay?
I go first Calvin first okay
Calvin > ZhouMi
ZhouMi > Ryeowook
Ryeowook > Eunhyuk
[Ryeowook pronounced the word wrongly]
Okay Ryeowook is out
Want to give him a chance?
They are very cold
Start from Eunhyuk
Eunhyuk > Henry
Henry > Sungmin
Sungmin > Henry
Henry > Sungmin
Sungmin > Henry
[Sungmin said wrongly]
I don't like this game
Do one ending pose
Henry start
Henry > ZhouMi
ZhouMi > Kyuhyun
Kyuhyun > Henry
Henry > ZhouMi
ZhouMi > Calvin
Calvin > Eunhyuk
Eunhyuk > Kyuhyun
I said correctly right?
Okok Kyuhyun start
Kyuhyun > Henry
Henry > Calvin
Calvin > Eunhyuk
Eunhyuk > Henry
Henry > Eunhyuk
I got said it out
Okay okay one more time
Eunhyuk > ZhouMi
ZhouMi > Kyuhyun
Kyuhyun > Henry
Henry > Kyuhyun
Kyuhyun > ZhouMi
ZhouMi > Henry
Henry > Kyuhyun
Kyuhyun > Henry
Henry > ...
One more out
What type of fruits you like?
Bitter gourd
Apple apple
Just remember one then keep mentioning that fruit
What are you?
Banana Pineapple Watermelon
Then what am I?
Apple apple
Eunhyuk you first
Apple > Banana
Banana > Pineapple
Pineapple > Banana
Banana > Watermelon
Watermelon > Pineapple
Pineapple > Watermelon
Watermelon > Pineapple
Pineapple > Banana
Banana > Apple
Apple > Banana
Banana > Apple
Apple > Banana
Banana > Pineapple
Pineapple > Apple
Why do you keep calling me?
I did not hear
In the end the winner is Kyuhyun and ZhouMi
Your favourite bubble tea
I think we should give Apple(Eunhyuk) a cup
He's so hardworking
I will sub the next one WHEN I HAVE THE TIME!!