Quick & easy nail art: Gradient floral French manicure tutorial by cute nails

Uploaded by cutenails on 06.04.2012

Hello! In this tutorial I'll show you how to make the design of a flower, which is often used in nail art.
I've added a shade off with a sponge to make a melted French manicure effect.
Let’s have a look at the video which is more useful than my introduction for sure.
After I've applied a fuchsia pink base.
I use a glittering nail polish and a sponge
I dip the sponge in the glitter nail polish and I apply it at the bottom of my nail for a French manicure effect.
To shade off the color, move upward little by little and by press less and less
Then to enhance the glitter effect, I use a silver glitter nail polish.
And I shade off once again over the first layer.
Then I use black acrylic paint and a detail brush.
You can either use a detail brush or a liner brush
Then I draw three or four petals, it depends on the length of your nail
I've chosen the black color purposively.
So that it doesn’t strike too much attention and for a melted effect over the glittering nail polish.
And to make it as though it was a sort of French manicure .
When I’m done, I add some flames on the side
To do so, I press the brush and take off the pressure.
In order not to make lines of the same width.
Then I dilute my paint in water as much as possible
And draw some very thin lines inside the petals
To bring some colors to the petals.
Finally, with a dotting tool I add some little dots with white acrylic paint.
That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
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