Call of Duty 1 - Mission 1 (training)

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all right was in a
David maron you're on the obstacle course of doing weapons training today
before starting the obstacle course read each of these important signs do with the tally
now check your objectives
that fit will stand up
you will notice that objective is checked off and now have a new one
all right Martin
open the gate the outfit largest steel got no you got your story but here too hot
but a this is not your to anything
if not around among other things a lot out
not bad
now if that doesn't call for them to the five order
sergeant fire the Michigan
the plotters right at first ballot
right Ed Martin for see through that door stars in movies that take you through what
been strained
the rest delaying stay right here
because of private come up here in the observation tower grab one of those M one-a one car binds
from the table
to get more rabbit for many weapon of the things I you work here
the number of rounds in your weapon and the rounds you're carrying are displayed in the
lower right corner of your up
keep tabs on its soldiers
approved the fence and fires six rounds at your target
is that your cross
the fire six more pounds of turkey different answers
he would be more accurate while
and in the crowd of probes into
the deal with your life
well that will relay would automatically all right Brian move on to the next year
wrap up springfield rival from the table switching it for your car bomb
you will see more taxes while a bit down the size all right private move on
the military to
down side you're going to move forward
close quarters
you could get your recipe with the by the end of your this is
don't ruler
real all right drivers move on to the next area
remember private
if you get hurt grabbed one of those else it and use it
don't be a hero they we'll save your life
our last stations will be explosive
they come up partners
that's a lot of firepower treated with the respect that stuff doesn't care what it blows
place your excellencies on the cinderblock walls
note that his stopwatches years this will tell you how much time you have to get your
butt out of there unless you wanted blown all
fire in the hall
good job but that well done
keep your weapons with you and clean at all times you are it's there