"Greater Richmond's Workforce & Job Market"

Uploaded by GRPVA on 15.05.2012

They’re thinkers.
They’re doers.
They’re natives and transplants.
Moms and dads.
Leaders, and leaders-to-be.
These are the workers who make Greater Richmond, Virginia, the dynamic place it is.
And they’re as diverse as the collection of 25,000 businesses that call this region
As one of the nation’s 50 largest metro areas, Greater Richmond has more than a million
people -- and a majority of them are in the prime working ages.
This MSA covers 20 localities -- and it draws from a total of 40 localities for its workforce.
Greater Richmond is the capital of Virginia -- which is the northernmost right to work
state. So a very low percentage of its private sector is unionized. And its workers comp
and unemployment compensation costs are among the lowest in the country.
If you’re looking to relocate people or recruit from outside of the area, well, Richmond’s
a really easy sell.
Just take them for a drive up Monument Avenue. It’s been called the most beautiful avenue
in America.
Show them the city,
the countryside,
and everything in between.
Richmond’s a place people can see themselves living in.
A place where it’s easy to have a great time,
to raise a family,
and to feel good about where you live.
It’s a pretty smart career move to come here, too. Do a quick search and you’ll
see -- Richmond’s frequently rated as a top place to work.
Greater Richmond is all about learning, which makes for a well-educated workforce. The area’s
K through 12 programs are always making “best of” lists for their 21st century programs.
There are a number of colleges right within the Richmond area, and they’re always feeding
talent into the market. These schools work closely with the area’s businesses, so if
they have a need, the schools figure out a way to meet it.
Virginia Commonwealth University, or VCU, is known for its programs in the arts, life
sciences, engineering and business -- and it’s got the number one branding school
in the country.
University of Richmond, or U of R, is known for its law school, its school of business,
and its Jepson School of Leadership Studies.
Along with these colleges, Greater Richmond has more than 125 colleges within a 100-mile
radius. That makes for a lot of smart, eager students feeding the talent pool.
And learning isn’t just a classroom thing -- there are more than 200 professional organizations
here, so people can really get involved in their industry and stay on top of things.
That makes for a workforce that’s excited about what they’re doing.
And that’s happy about where they live.
It’s a workforce that gives businesses the diversity they need to get the job done.
So bring it on. Put us to work. Because if you have a job, then we have all the right
people to do it.