Good Intentions Gone Wrong

Uploaded by FlippinDingDong on 13.02.2012

[TS] Hey guys!
So, did any of you sign that 'Get Well' card for Rainbow Dash yet?
[FS] Why? What happened?
[TS] She broke her leg.
Flew full speed into a well-washed window last week...
Everyone's supposed to sign it.
[FS] Oh, that's too bad...sure, I'll sign it!
[TS] What about you, Pinkie Pie? Did you sign it yet?
[PP] Uh, no! I did something SO much better!
I totally called up Farmer Brown and told him to come over!
[TS] Farmer Brown?
[FS] You mean that guy that owns the farm down the road?
[PP] Yeah! Think about it!
He has like a bajillion horses and stuff like that,
He would totally know what to do in this kind of situation!
Isn't that such a great idea?
I bet you wish you would've thought of that one!
But seriously! He said he'd be right over to take care of her!
Isn't that so totally, unconditionally, undeniably awesome?
[TS] Well...yeah! That's good to~
[PP] Oh my gosh, look! There he is!
Hi, Farmer Brown! How's it going?
[FB] Good afternoon, Pumpkin Pie!, Pizza Pie? Apple Pie? Chicken Pot Pie? ...
[PP] Oh my gosh, isn't he like so awesome?!
On such short notice, too! I just called him up and he came right on over!
I think he's like my new favorite person of, like, forever!
Have any of you ever been down to his farm before? Like, he has these huge metal silo thingies!
I don't really know what they're full of but...what was I even talking about?
Oh yeah! He has a bunch of horses!
He has this big one! And this little one!
And then there was this fat one! That actually might've been a cow, I didn't really check...
Oh! And he has this big blue tractor too!
I've seen him racing around the yard with it at about 2½ mph;
And did you see his pipe? I bet he was a pirate or something when he was younger!
Hey, wait a, Farmer Brown?
Rainbow Dash's house is THAT way.
[FB] Dang it, you gotta tell me these things, Cheesecake!
All you stupid technicolor donkeys look the same to me!
[PP] See? Didn't I tell you that was a good idea?
[TS] How was THAT a good idea?!
[FS] ...we're going to need more 'Get Well' cards...
[AJ] I know one of you had something to do with this.