Reason 6 for Record Reason Duo Users

Uploaded by PropellerheadSW on 18.09.2011

Ever since we announced Reason 6,
we've been hearing from excited Reason users all over the world.
If you've got Reason 5, Reason 4 or earlier,
this upgrade is going to be MAMMOTH for you.
I mean, you're getting unlimited audio tracks,
a big kick ass mixer, guitar amp simulators, a pitch corrector voice synth,
breathtaking time-stretch, and a bunch of other goodies from Record
not to mention all the new stuff in Reason 6.
But what about you guys who already have Record?
yeah, I'm talking to YOU,
the Record Reason Duo users.
I mean, you already have the audio tracks, amps, the kick ass mixer, and so on.
So you may be saying to yourself
"What EXACTLY is this upgrade WORTH to me?"
Well you know what?
On September 30th we're going to be asking you that same question.
How much is Reason 6 worth to YOU?
And guess what?
Whatever answer you give us,
whether it's one dollar or one thousand dollars,
that's how much you'll pay.
We trust you to place a value on Pulveriser, The Echo, Alligator,
64bit processing, audio transpose, and our expanded factory sound bank.
On the day of the release, Record Reason Duo users will be invited to a special Pay What You Want site.
It's a limited time offer that ends after October so get on this while you can
and tell your friends so nobody misses out.
If you're a Record Reason Duo user who can't wait to get your hands on Reason 6,
you can start by asking yourself one simple question,
"What's Reason 6 worth to me?"
For more information, head over to our website
or join the discussion that's about to explode in our forums.