S6 Episode 8: Pressure Points

Uploaded by QueerAsFxxk on 24.07.2012

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Ya know,
the way of the the ninja
Its a solitary way
The ninja's presence is neither felt nor heard
Nor seen, nor... noticed
The ninja is like the storm. Emerging from nowhere
To strike and reap destruction on its unsuspecting victims
Yeh but its not is it?
Well I mean you can see a storm coming
Like the clouds in the sky and stuff
And then theres weather satelites
I've got this app on my phone where all I have to do is drag my thumb down
And I can see what the weather's gunna be like for the next week
Tells you the temperature and everything
Theres even these little pictures
Like a cloud, or rain or,
A little sun if it's gunna be a good day
Yeh but...
Can the weather kill you?
Yeh but, can the weather kill you... in an instant
Well thats the last time I watch a Jean Claude Van Damme movie then
If I ever get my hands on that Belgian fucker again He'll feel my fury!
Have you met Jean Claude Van Damme?
Why'd you say if I ever get my hands on that Belgain Fucker again?
I meant another guy
From Belgium
Anyway, the thing about ninjas is, they know about pressure points
Ya know, one touch. And a man goes down like that!
Drops like a stone
See thats the difference between ninjas and the weather
Pressure points
Thats why ninjas are nothing like storms
Uhh, nothing.
Bet you feel like an idiot now
A little
Turn around
Pressure points
What? No. no, I don't want to drop like a stone
Brendan. How long have you known me?
Bout 5 months
Obviously I wouldn't do anything, ever, to hurt you
Yeah I know that..
Turn around!
What I'm gunna do to you is a simple nerve pinch
You'll feel your legs go weak
But don't worry. I'll catch you
mmm, ok
Sometimes there's a delayed reaction
Must be in the wrong spot
How's it going with your counsellor?
That's ok
Well we've figured out two things
First, that bitch needs therapy, she's so uptight
And the second is that, in..
SOME circumstances, in the odd moment and stuff
I could be
Mildly gay
Mildly gay?
Yeah, you know
No I don't
Yeah you do
Not gay in a gay way
I'm gay in a..
We're all warriers and we're out on a campaign
And we've just slaughtered a bunch of infadels and we've just..
Still sweating and splattered in blood and...
We've just got this lust for each other because we're still alive
And full of the juices of life and so we fuck
In a mad frenzy of cock
Kind of gay
Sounds wild
Could be
Hey what the fuck is wrong with you? I thought we talked about this?
Sorry, sorry Brendo ok
You're supposed to be with Aaron
Aaron. Your boyfriend, or your fellow blood spattered warrior
Or whatever the fuck you call it
Oh yeh, yeah, ahh Ern
Yeh. top bloke
Waterbed. Handcuffs.
Well are you with him?
Cos if you're noty you should tell him
Yeah, nah um yeah, nah um yeah. Yeah
Ern. Yeah
Sorry Brendo just a sec
Are you ok?
Yeah yeah, I just need to let this gay thing pass
Ok I'm fine now
Zolto you gotta stop doing this to yourself
This thing's fucking with you
Listen, I've been thinking. I don't need this job
I can do something else
Every time you and I get together in the room its a buzz..
Shut the fuck up!
D'ya hear that?
Exactly. Shh
Surprise bitches!!
Oh thats right, Toby!
Nice jocks fella!
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