Raja Babu

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Bansi ! The sun has risen high. It's time you had something to eat.
I've been shouting ! Can't you hear me?
Nothing can go wrong if you take a break for lunch.
Go away' Ma. I have work to do.
Go away. Please!
Munna !
Quiet child. . . quiet.
Are you out of your mind' Ma?
Why did you put this baby out under the raging sun !
Look at you ! Raising an alarm when you see. . .
your son lying for a moment under the sun.
Aren't you my son? You fool ! You're my flesh and blood' too!
I can't bear to see you working away long hours under the sun. . .
with nothing to eat' nor a drop to drink. Do I not feel for you?
That's the way the Lord has made us.
With every child' He gives us the emotion of love for the child too.
Hey Dukhiya !
Coming' Ma'am. - Damn you ! I asked you. . .
to get the medicine! Raja couldn't sleep all night. He has a cold.
My mistake. I'll get it right now.
You'd better watch out! And make sure you fetch the medicine.
Else' Raja's mother will make mincemeat out of you ! Now go on.
Water' sir. - Dudhee!
Yes' Ma'am? - Raja is going out.
Clean his motorbike. - Sure' Ma'am.
Raja. . . my darling boy. . . it's time to get up.
Letter for you' Mr. Chowdhary. - Give it to me.
Here you are.
Is that your son' Mr. Chowdhary? - Yes.
Is he a lawyer? - No.
Oh' he must be a doctor. - No.
I see. He's a Police Inspector.
No. - What is he then?
Are you new to this village? - Yes' sir. I joined duty yesterday.
That's why you know nothing about my son.
He's no more than his mother's darling son.
He has a Master's degree in mother's love. Not from any college' though.
He flunked five times in class 5. The school was forced to shut down.
But' Mr. Chowdhary. . . - Enough.
If you want to know anything more' you can ask anyone in the village.
If his mother gets wind of it' she might attack you. Beware!
Who is it? Who are you talking to?
No. . . he. . . - No! I haven't asked anything.
How dare I ask anything? I haven't asked anything !
Why did the postman run away when he saw me?
You'd scare even the Angel of Death. The poor chap was only a postman.
What? - What are you doing with that?
To burn termites on that wall. - Well' the poor chap didn't know that
Has your darling boy got out of bed? Or' is he still asleep?
Always after that poor boy. He's already up and taking a bath.
He'll get dressed and come downstairs. - Only then will I get lunch?
Lunch? Strange! My son hasn't even had breakfast since morning.
How could he? He gets up at one o'clock in the afternoon. . .
in time for lunch. Not breakfast. - Oh' you and your taunts!
A poor supplement for food' I say.
Come' son. You're up' at last. - Yes' father.
What a grand choice of clothes! You're looking so handsome.
Thank you' Father. - Enough. Don't cast an evil eye.
Eat' son. - May I have that' Ma?
Excuse me. . . may I. . . ? - Sure' eat.
Eat' I shall !
Spit it out!
These servants never work properly! I'll fix them for good' today!
Why did you spit it out? - Ma asked me so.
Why did you ask him to do that? - There was a stone inside.
How could I let my son eat something that had a stone?
Eat' son. - I bit the stone. And he spat it!
I'll take your leave' Father. - All right. Go on.
May I leave? - Yes' you may.
Well all right. I'll leave. - Why don't you just go away?
How can he? He doesn't have a penny on him. Give him some money.
Money? I won't give him a penny.
All you ever want to do' is to hurt the poor fellow.
Tell me some more. And what does he do with the money?
He roams around like a vagabond. And he's upto no good !
What's ''no good''? ! Does he drink? Does he tease the girls?
Poor fellow. . . he's so humble. - A picture of humility' indeed !
Besides' who d'you think' is going to inherit all your property?
My only dear son ! - My cap' Ma !
Why are you spoiling him?
He's grown up now. When will he turn responsible enough?
After his wedding. - Who's going to marry him?
Enough ! Just give him some money. - I don't have money.
And I think I've misplaced the keys to my locker.
What are you doing? - You lost the keys! What's this?
If you've kept the cash for him' why not give it to him? Take it' son.
Not all that money! - Let it be.
Is it enough' son? - I'll manage. I'll be on my way.
The sun is glaring. You must wear your sunglasses.
Don't roam around in the sun. You'd get a heatstroke.
How can he catch a heatstroke' while I'm around?
I'll use this umbrella to ward off the sun. . .
and I'll ward off the evil eye too.
I heard that you bit the village chief's dog yesterday' Nandu.
It was the dog that bit me first. That's why I bit the dog back.
I always settle scores. - Enough. Now' hold onto this.
You'll find juiced lime' carrot-custard and apples in it.
Make sure that Raja eats once every half-an-hour.
I'll give him a feed once every half-an-hour' Ma'am.
Why are you standing? Sit down. - I don't share his status.
His mother would thrash the daylights out of me. I can't share the seat.
What's it' son? - My locket is stuck inside.
There you are. Now it looks nice.
How do I look' Ma?
Lovely. Now' off with you. Go on.
Take the umbrella away' you fool ! I can't see!
I beg of you' sir. - Throw it out!
Please don't throw me out. Please give me some more time.
I'll pay up every penny' sir.
Greetings' Raja Babu. - What's going on?
She borrowed 10'000 from me 6 months ago. She isn't paying up.
D'you have any respect for me? - Of course' Raja Babu.
Am I not Mr. Chowdhary's only son? - Without doubt' Raja Babu.
Why didn't you ask me before evicting this poor woman?
You see. . . - Shut up! D'you know who he is?
D'you know what might happen if he is angered?
Now keep those utensils back inside the house.
Did you hear that? - Keep it back.
What of my 10'000 bucks? - I won't let you be wronged either.
Go over to my father and take the 10'000 Rupees.
God bless you' Raja Babu. - Put her things back inside.
''A lovely journey through lovely climes. '' Drive slowly' Raja Babu
''I fear I might lose control over myself''
Shut up! - Come over here!
What's written over there?
Har Har Mahadev.
Greetings' Raja Babu.
D'you want to run this theater' or' don't you?
You should run films starring Amitabh Bachchan.
Raja Babu likes to watch Amitabh's films. Don't you know?
I'd have to pay up 25'000 Rupees to screen an Amitabh Bachchan film.
I don't have so much cash. - Don't bother about cash.
Raja Babu here' has cash enough.
Go to my house and ask my father for the money.
Tonight we must see one of Amitabh Bachchan's movies.
It's quite late. Why hasn't he turned up?
Why must you worry? Please go to bed. Speak to him in the morning.
Shut up and sit down quietly. I can't sleep till I've dealt with him.
Why are you so angry? What has my son done?
What hasn't he? - Well' a poor woman was being. . .
thrown out of her house. He only sent her over for 10'000 bucks.
What about the 25'000 bucks for the film?
He could've gone to town' if he wanted to see an Amitabh film.
Why did he have to spend 25'000? - Well. . .
''I'm here''
''Yes' you have arrived''
Beat him up! Amitabh Bachchan ! Bash him!
Calm down ! Calm down ! Here. . . have a smoke.
Get out of Raja Babu's way!
They don't understand it. You can put your feet on the seat.
Get out of my way. - You spent 25'000 for this show.
Why only a seat? You can sit with your legs up on the screen !
Hit him!
Sit over there!
Look at the screen.
Good action' man !
Has your mother died? - No.
Why aren't you clapping? Can't you see Raja Babu enjoying? Applause.
Why does your shoulder droop like Amitabh Bachchan? Straighten up.
Hit him!
Bravo! Amitabh Bachchan !
It's nearly midnight. Go to sleep. . . - Don't you worry about me.
I'm not feeling sleepy at all. - I'm feeling sleepy.
Am I forbidding you? Go to sleep. - How can I?
I can't imagine what you're going to do to him' if I'm not around.
He's my son too. I won't strangle him dead.
But father is a father after all. And a mother. . . that's what I am.
''Ma ! I've come''
''Good of you to have come ; I have little time left''
''No Ma ! ''
''I haven't been able to give you happiness''
''You have given me the life I live. You've cared for me all along. ''
''You've done everything for me'' - No. You mustn't cry. ''
''I want to see my son brave''
Don't weep' Raja Babu. - Nandu. . .
ask them to show me this scene once over again.
Rewind it' and start again.
You've been at it for long now! - Who said that?
Stop the projection ! Turn on the lights!
Now. . . who said that? Swine! You've come for a free show!
D'you know that Raja Babu has paid 25'000 Rupees for this show? !
Sorry' Mr. Nandu. - Okay. But why don't you understand?
Switch off the lights. Turn that projector on.
Please don't scold my son. - Janki ! Shut up!
I beg of you !
We're going town tomorrow' Nandu. - Sure.
Didn't you ask me why? - I've been with you since childhood.
Must I ask to find out what you have at heart? You want to go to town. . .
to order a new dress! Just like the one Amitabh Bachchan wore in the film
Smart' aren't you?
I've been going around with you. It makes all the difference!
Now that we're going to town. . .
let's also buy an ambulance just like the one Amitabh Bachchan. . .
drives in the film. We'll drive around in the ambulance. . .
rather than the motorbike. Say what? It'd be fun !
No! That wouldn't be funny! - What'd you do with an ambulance?
Drive it to the hospital? D'you think his father owns a mint?
Why do you want to squander my money? - You're hankering after money' Dad.
Money? You'll know the value of money once you start trying to make some!
Why should I try to earn money? - What d'you propose to do otherwise?
Who owns all this property? - Who does?
I own it! Or' did you think you do? ! It's my grandfather's property.
And' I' as his grandson have the first right over the property.
What did that lawyer in town say? - He did say something of the sort.
Lawyer? ! Have you started visiting the lawyer?
Father! - You shameless fellow!
What's the matter' Janki? - Don't know. It's paining.
Nandu ! Rush ! Get the doctor!
A spasm! It hurts!
What are you staring at? ! Fetch the doctor!
It might be too late by the time the doctor arrives. I want to lie down !
Nandu ! Come over here. Snap a photo with me.
I'm no match for you in terms of social status. How could I?
I'm asking you to! - Well' if you insist.
Listen ! D'you know why I snapped a photo with you?
I know! It's because you don't discriminate between rich and poor.
You're magnanimous. - So I am. But' actually. . .
you've taken a loan from me. - Oh yes!
10'000 bucks! In case you don't pay up' and run away. . .
I must've some evidence. Isn't that so?
If the cops get a snap' they can hunt you down.
Understood ! May you die of worms!
Greetings! - God bless you !
I was busy packing mangoes. Bankay told me that you're here. . .
and I hurried over. But why did you bother? Couldn't you call me over?
We were passing by. And we thought' we'd drop in.
I have nothing to do in these parts. You take care of everything !
That reminds me' Bankay' my son. . . please give your uncle the dues.
On account of the orchards' guava orchards' the barley fields. . .
Enough ! Don't bother about accounts. Have I ever asked you?
And' you can have this for your domestic expenses. It's 10'000.
Thank you' babu-ji. - I'll be my way' Lakhan.
Very well.
Keep those in their car. Go on.
Fool ! Who asked you to give him all the money?
I'm your son' Father. And' no fool !
I'd kept 30'000 bucks aside. - Well done. Good deed pays.
Not right! You've no right to steal from the boss for wine and gambling !
Shut up! Idiot! Dare you give me a sermon? Ass!
And what are you staring at? Get out of here.
Wonderful !
Smile' please.
The same size' as usual' I guess. - Yes. Go ahead.
I'll be in town tomorrow. Have it ready. I'll pick it up.
Very well.
Looks like you like the girl' Raja Babu.
I like her! I've decided to marry her!
Really? Who's that girl?
I don't know. My boss snapped her.
Never mind the photographer! Raja Babu wants to know who she is.
Hundreds of people come here to get photographed.
How do I know who she is? - It's okay. I'll find out who she is
Just give me the picture. - I'd lose my job if I do so.
You'd make Raja Babu sad' otherwise.
And I'll beat you black-n-blue! Give me that photo!
Your fiancee is good-looking. Looks like city-bred.
I like this one! Now that you've fixed your marriage. . .
Why don't I choose one for myself! We could get married together.
We'll save up. . . and we'd get married in style.
That girl stays far away. - Must be a village nearby.
Not any village nearby. She's a foreigner.
A foreigner! That's faraway! No' I don't want her.
But. . . don't you like to keep the studio clean? She's dirty!
She's stuck in dirt! Let me clean her up.
Out' damned spot! . . . oh ! But' she's just a photograph ! How could she?
She's nice' anyway.
What's the matter? - Why doesn't it start? !
Why don't you understand?
''I am the king''
''What magic spell has she cast?''
''I've lost control over my heart! Oh' what has she done''
''It is a king that she has cast a spell upon''
''I've lost control over my heart! She's not to be seen anywhere''
''Come quickly' O'Queen of my dreams''
''Let me have a glimpse of you''
''Come' come''
''I've fallen in love with you''
''Whenever I find you' I'll marry you''
''I'm restless for you. . . come''
''My heartbeats have increased''
''I'm smitten by your face''
''You have beautiful hair' you look like a flower''
''You are full of love' I'm mesmerised''
''Listen to the voice of my heart''
''I'm the king. . . what magic spell has she cast''
''I've lost control of my heart. . . what has she done''
''I'm the king. . . what magic spell has she cast''
''I've lost control of my heart. . . she's not to be seen anywhere''
36-24-32 !
What's that? - My shorts!
And that? - The lace.
D'you want to be published? - Not me. This advertisement.
Along with this photograph. - Sure.
Here's the money. - Done. Listen. . .
Get out of here. You're nearly naked.
You should come here dressed properly. Now get out!
Make sure you print that. - Hold on to your shorts.
What've you got published?
That she's mad ! She assaulted her uncle. She's a runaway.
Anyone giving information about her will be rewarded with 10'000 Rupees.
That's what the ad says. - Mad. . . is she?
You're the one who's mad !
I want to marry her! And you've labelled her ''mad'' !
Why did you do that? - So that anyone who knows her. . .
can give us her address out of greed for the 10'000 rupees!
Why don't you understand? - You fool ! What if she reads. . .
this paper before anyone else? - Look below.
Not there. . . on the newspaper. The address isn't ours.
The address is the moneylender's. He'll have to face the music.
Why don't you understand?
You addressed it to the moneylender? - Yes.
But why? - He loves taking photographs.
What d'you mean? - Old enmity. You won't understand.
Wait and watch. We'll get to know about this girl in no time.
He doesn't understand.
Is this the moneylender's shop? - Yes. I'm the moneylender.
Did you advertise in this paper? - Yes. That's right.
Why have you stopped? - Didn't you hear the sound?
Sounds like a tyre puncture. - That wasn't your bike.
Where else? - Look over there. That's the source.
How dare you publish all that nonsense about me?
What are you saying?
She's more beautiful than she was in the photograph !
Am I mad? Have I assaulted my uncle? And I'm a runaway!
You must be mistaken.
I'll make sure you aren't mistaken. I'll take you to my village.
And' I'll make sure you aren't insane anymore.
Advertise' will you? You'll forget how to read a newspaper! Bring him along.
What's going on? Who are they?
Where's she taking the moneylender? - She's from a village nearby.
She's taking him for a beating !
You should be ashamed ! Fools!
Someone from a neighbouring village is kidnapping one of us!
And here you are! Having fun ! - Come over here.
Stop that girl ! Force her to apologise!
If she doesn't' drag her over here. Go! I'll take care of everything.
He has got them all worked up against my fiancee.
What are we to do now? - We've had it! She'll be disgraced.
If they drag her in here' she won't be able to walk the streets. . .
of this village after our marriage. Think of something. Fast!
I've found a way out' Nandu.
Stop. Where are you taking me? - Fast!
Faster! - Stop!
Shut up and sit there.
Let the moneylender go. And ask for his pardon.
Pardon? Shall I beg?
What are you staring at? Fix them up! Like the moneylender.
Our people are running away' Madhu.
I won't go to your village. You'd rather come home with me.
You tried to dishonour me. It's my turn to bring you to disgrace
I hold the reins.
Try stopping me if you are man enough.
You don't understand' do you?
What are you waiting for? Untie the ropes.
Brothers. . . and sisters. . . ! Where did this hero transpire from?
The last action hero!
You fat evil fool ! - Who are you?
I hear you photograph your debtors. - How d'you know?
My name is. . . no' I won't tell you. You greedy pig !
Take him along. I'll come with her.
Had I known you were going over to do this' I wouldn't have let you.
I'd thank them for helping you out.
Had there been any mishap' I would've been dishonoured.
Thank you very much' gentlemen. - Why thank us for duty performed?
As we always do our duty.
A week ago two sisters were surrounded by 10 gangsters.
We were godsend to help them.
We beat the hoodlums up badly. They ran away.
But we landed in a fix. - In a fix?
Yes. - How so?
The sisters fell in love with us!
Haven't I asked you not to remind me of the past?
And when we were leaving. . .
the sisters fell at our feet and cried ! It could've rained tears.
I was overcome by emotions. I kissed the younger one.
And I told her to accept so much that fate granted her.
I can understand the state of your heart.
What are we to do' sir? Ladies invariably fall in love with us.
Maybe because the likes of braves as we' are hard to come by.
But' what are we to do? How many girls can we fall in love with?
D'you mean to say that when we leave tomorrow' this girl will behave. . .
just like the last one? And' will you do what I had done?
You don't have to wait till tomorrow to see me cry.
You may leave directly after supper. - We have a long journey before us.
And a vast forest to cross on the way. We've decided. . .
to rest here tonight. We leave by daybreak.
No way! We have no provisions for hospitality to guests overnight.
We hadn't expected this of you !
That's not a correct attitude. Let them stay back tonight.
Just as we expected.
Who is it? - I can't get a blink of sleep.
And you're snoring away! - Didn't you tell them that. . .
we'd rest here tonight' and leave by daybreak?
It was just an excuse. . . so that I could. . .
get to see her tonight. - Haven't you seen enough?
You've been staring at her ever since! - I want to see some more.
I'll show you.
Nandu at your service' sir.
I'd die if I don't get to marry her.
God willing' you'll marry her.
Look at her.
She's smiling.
Why is she smiling? - She must be dreaming of you.
Really? And what'd the dream be? - She calls out to you in her dreams!
''Come. . . ''
''come to me''
''In those tormenting thoughts of you' I spend sleepless nights''
''Nothing amuses me' my love''
''Come' embrace me''
''I'm spending sleepless nights''
''I've left everyone for you''
''I'm lost in your love''
''Now that I have found you' you are the world for me''
''I won't desert you''
''Come' embrace me''
''I'm spending sleepless nights''
''Our love is like a bed of roses''
''I'll place the world at your feet''
''I'm waiting to marry you''
''Finally we are one''
''Come' embrace me''
''I pine for you all these lonely nights''
''In those tormenting thoughts of you' I spend sleepless nights''
''Nothing amuses me' my love''
''Come to me! - Come to me''
Freshen up. Madhu is waiting outside for you.
We'll be there in sometime. - Her name is Madhu.
No. She's Madhubala ( an actress ).
We'll take your leave now. - Leaving already? Greetings.
Do drop by sometime. - Sure! Where else could I go?
Looks like I've seen that dog before. - Shut up!
You've been bitten once. Remember?
I have no enmity with him. But' he tried to defame me with that ad.
Please try to understand. There's a misunderstanding !
Shut up!
If he had no quarrel with you' why did he advertise?
We'll come to know of it very soon. The photographer and the publisher. . .
are expected soon.
Here they are.
Did that fellow buy my photograph from you?
He isn't the one.
Was he the one who had gone to your office for publishing the ad?
No. He wasn't the one.
If you took off his beard' he'd look like the one who bought your photo.
Take this one's beard off; strip him down to his underpants. . .
with the lace dangling ; and he'd be the one who inserted the ad.
Mr. Underpants!
You may leave. Thank you.
As for the two of you. . . - Say no more' beauty. We're leaving.
I'm but an innocent child.
Excuse me' sir. . . - Shut up! And open the door.
''I've given my heart to anyone who has loved me. ''
''I've fallen into every pothole that came my way. ''
''To anyone who have loved us. . . ''
Greetings. - Greetings. Yes?
Donation for the widow's home' please. - One moment' please.
Come down here' Ma. . . some ladies from the widows' home to meet you.
Wasn't it fun at the party!
Some ladies from the widow's home to meet you.
Let's take a look.
What d'you want? - Your love.
We're hopeless widows. Your love is life for us.
Right' sisters? - Oh yes!
Well' all right. Please tell me what you want.
We expect so much out of you.
But' we're willing to accept whatever you may donate out of love.
Right? - Yes!
Why not? Please ask from a sister what you may.
Sister? What a shame! I wouldn't really dream of it.
Why so? - Because' you're unmarried yet.
You must marry and live a long life with your husband.
God forbid' that someday we take you for a sister.
It's all a matter of luck. - I'm here to try my luck' you see.
Here you are.
Thank you very much.
We'd expected as much from you !
Bless you' Lady.
May the Lord bless you with a handsome husband.
Someone like a Raja(= king ).
I'll take your leave.
Excuse me. . . - What's it?
I love that name. ''Raja''.
Really? Then' the Lord willing' Raja it will be. . .
Thank you for your blessings. I want to give you something more.
Take it. - Give it to me.
Insolent girl ! Must you slap a widow!
Come over here. Tell me. What's up?
You've been rising early of late. Where had you been so early on?
Gone to pray before the Goddess. - I see. Must be a powerful Goddess.
Powerful she is' Ma. Should she bless me' I'd be a changed man.
How old is she? - About 18 or 1 9.
No' no. How could a Goddess have an age?
She has' in this case. She's 18 or 1 9 years of age. Isn't that so?
The problem is that your father had fixed your wedding. . .
when you were a child. With his friend's daughter.
I know' Ma. And' I also know that' if you want to' you can change it all
No! - Please' Ma ! I love her so much.
Please get me married to her. - All right. I'll speak to your father
If he agrees' we'll visit her father directly' with our proposal.
Ma ! I love you !
My son went crazy ever since he saw your daughter's picture.
And he fixed the moneylender' trying to get her attention.
Only fixed me? They stripped me down and beat me up.
Locked me up like an animal ! And' refused to let me eat!
Please don't embarrass me any more' sir.
While you're talking' I'll go in and meet my daughter-in-law.
Your father is talking everything over. Why are you scared?
Not a matter of getting scared. He was in a strange attire. . .
when I saw him. I haven't taken a good look at him.
I was wondering if I could get hold of a photograph.
After all' you're educated. It's just as well that you want his photograph.
Here. Take a look. My son is very handsome.
Janki ! - Coming.
Looks like a lawyer.
I was afraid that I might get married to some illiterate fellow.
God has answered my prayers.
Chandramohan. . . ? Surprise! - You dropped a bomb all of a sudden !
I hear that your son is marrying someone else!
You should've considered our friendship' at least.
My wife has been in tears ever since she has heard the news.
We'd been telling our daughter ever since she was a child' that. . .
she was to marry Raja. - I'm sorry. I'm ashamed.
Let bygones be. And' I consider your daughter mine' Chandramohan.
I'll find a match for her. And' I'll meet all expenses in the marriage.
I promise! But' please forget Raja.
The girl means so much for Raja. He's in love with her.
And my wife can't bear to see him unhappy. I beg of you !
Please do me a favour. Come. . . - Don't cry' dear. Come inside.
Looks like this is the house. Let's go in.
How come you're here before the marriage? You didn't inform!
Never mind. Get chairs and tables over here.
Lay the bed out here' I say!
And get' some eats out here too! No one seems to hear!
Never mind that. Come inside.
But' the Master and Ma'am have gone out to distribute invitation cards.
In that case' I'll leave. - How could that be?
I'm around. Nandu at your service' Ma'am.
Come in everyone. . . do come in.
This is Raja Babu's home. Welcome.
Whose portrait is that? - Raja Babu's grandparents.
Come along. I'll show you some more pictures.
Photographs of your fiance.
That's Amitabh Bachchan in a pose from the film ''DEEWAR''.
That's Dharmendra in a pose from the movie ''DHARAMVEER''.
There's Raj Kapoor. Posing as in the movie ''SH RI 4 20''.
And there's Jeetendra. As in the film ''HIM MATWALA''.
Looks like he's a movie-buff. - More than meets the eye!
When the film ''AD ALAT'' was released' he posed like Amitabh Bachchan !
He strutted around the village for a full month in that gait.
Shall I let you on in a secret? Raja Babu wants to see you. . .
dressed up like the actress Sri Devi after you've married !
He's out shopping for dresses like the ones. . .
Sri Devi wore in the film ''CHAN DNI''.
If you want' I can call for the tailor.
What are those pictures? - That's Raja Babu.
Come. . . take a closer look. He posed as a lawyer.
He posed as a doctor.
There. . . as an Inspector.
Another photograph as a navy captain has been shot already.
The print will be delivered in a day or two.
A penny for your thoughts. . . ?
How far has Raja Babu studied?
Flunked five times in Class 5.
Listen to me! What's come over you all of a sudden?
You ! When did you come here?
Nandu' my son's fiancee comes here for the first time.
And you haven't even informed us?
Your father-in-law and I have been busy distributing the invitations.
Only a few invitation remain to be sent.
Make sure not to distribute those. No need of inviting anyone!
What d'you mean' daughter-in-law? - Who's this daughter-in-law? !
I'm not your daughter-in-law.
What's come over you' suddenly?
Has anyone told you anything? - No one said anything at all.
It's just that I'm lucky enough to have gotten to know the truth.
I won't marry an illiterate buffoon. I won't marry the moron !
Your son has failed 5 times in the 5th standard at school !
How dare you call my son a moron?
Get a hold on yourself! - Lettered' is she?
How dare she make digs at my son? - Quiet!
Did you hear? Dare she call my son an illiterate' moron' buffoon !
Take her away! - What d'you mean to say? Let go!
The invitations have been distributed. All know the wedding is happening.
How can she refuse at this stage? Let go of me!
What'd you think of yourself?
My dear girl. . .
I must apologise to you for my wife's behaviour.
It's just that she can't bear to hear anyone speaking against her son.
Please listen to what I have to say before you leave.
I command a position of esteem in this village.
If this marriage falls through' I'll lose face.
I beg of you' dear! Please change your decision.
I can't waste my life for the sake of your prestige.
Let me go! - If you're so concerned about. . .
your status in society' you should've told me. . .
that your son is illiterate. You shouldn't have given me a. . .
photograph showing him decked in the garb of a lawyer.
Did you want to cheat me? - No!
Insolent pride! How dare you tear the wedding cards. . .
and throw them at my husband's face!
Don't you bother. . .
Listen. . . please don't take it to heart.
She's only a child. She doesn't understand what she did.
Why don't you speak? Say something !
Maybe you don't know that Mr. Kishan is a respectable person.
You have no idea what it means for a respectable person to lose esteem.
You must come with me and apologise to him. At once!
No! I won't go with you' Daddy. I'm not at fault.
You've made a mistake of taking Raja for a lawyer' from that picture.
You had erred in not asking them whether their son is a lawyer.
If he's an illiterate' why must he deck up in the garb of a person. . .
of education? Why must he pose for such photographs?
He's an illiterate. May be that's why he has a fancy for education.
I can never get myself to marry an illiterate.
Who are you? - We're teachers.
We're here to coach your student. So that he meets your standard.
Come on' Mr. Illiterate. Sit down.
Greetings' Teachers. - Greetings' Student.
No! ''C'' for ''Card'' Like a ''Marriage Card''.
''Sweet little innocent sister-in-law''
''Raja's boat is rocking in midstream''
''Row his boat over' dear. Row it''
''Don't break my heart''
''Don't leave in anger''
''Come close my love''
''I'm uneducated''
''Don't break his heart''
''I won't leave you so easily''
''I'm bent to conquer your love''
''I'm uneducated. . . give me some education''
''So that I can be at par with you''
''I'll not accept any excuses for it''
''Let me flower your lovely hair''
''Let me leave a mark of my lips on your fair cheeks''
''I'm your king and you're my queen''
''We are made for each other''
''It's only you I love''
''Don't break his heart''
''Don't break my heart''
''Don't leave in anger''
''Come close' my love''
''I'm uneducated''
''Don't break his heart''
''Don't break my heart''
Madhubala !
Get lost! - They don't understand !
You've invited everyone in the village to the marriage.
What'll happen if the marriage is cancelled? What of your prestige?
People are saying things already. If you agree to it'. . .
I can bring my daughter over. The wedding will happen as scheduled.
You won't lose face either. - Shut up!
Please don't add salt to his wounds for your selfish ends.
Don't go by what people have to say.
You will be respected as always. Trust me.
What's going on here? - We're pitching a tent' so to say.
He'll go on a hunger-strike in the tent pitched right outside your house.
Which means that you're trying to create sympathy out of a circus!
I care for none else. Only you matter' Madhu.
I don't like you' Raja. Why are you still after me?
It would've been a different matter had you not liked me.
But. . . to refuse a marriage after the invitations are sent out. . .
just because you've come to know that I'm an illiterate! That's wrong !
If you don't concede before the candle goes out. . .
then' I'll commit suicide. I swear this by you.
Before that candle goes out' you mean?
Not that candle. This one!
I don't think this madcap will give up so easily.
Right you are! He's pitched tent ; lit the candle of love! And now. . .
he's going on a hunger strike. - Don't worry about his tent.
His tent will be pegged tonight. And he'll mend his ways too.
Hold it!
I didn't ask you people to kill him. I asked you to teach him a lesson.
Here's your money. Now' you may leave.
Please don't leave. Not yet.
They weren't bashing me up. I just took some bashing lying down.
I wanted to see whether it hurts you to see me beaten up.
I've got the answer. Now' you can have fun while I fix the hired help.
What say?
If it's a question of obstinacy' then listen to what I have to say' finally
If you don't leave here before that candle goes out. . .
I'll kill myself first' just to show you how to commit suicide.
Should I dispose of the two dead bodies?
Get the motorcycle. We're going home.
What d'you mean? - That's right.
Madhu has told me something I could never dream of.
We're leaving.
Before I leave' let me tell you that. . .
your life is invaluable. You mustn't ever dream of killing. . .
yourself for the sake of an illiterate like me.
To break her insolent pride' as well as for the sake of your prestige. . .
you must have your son married on that very date' Kishan Singh.
Make arrangements' Chandramohan. My son will marry your daughter.
I shall never forget your favour' Kishan Singh.
I'll buy some sweets.
Raja ! D'you hear that? ! You're going to be married on the very same day!
You're right. The very same day. And the very same bride too.
Has she conceded?
Not yet. But I'm confident that she'll agree. Very soon.
Who's she to concede? I don't! You won't marry her!
Your anger is justified. But Madhu isn't the only one at fault.
We're at fault too. After all' she is educated. And I'm an illiterate!
Shut up' you fool ! She insulted me in public. And you're speaking for her!
And' she will apologise to you in public.
I don't want anyone to apologise. All I want' is to have you married.
It's a matter of my prestige. - I don't want to marry anyone else.
It's a matter of my life. - I see. Does that girl mean more. . .
to you than your father's prestige? - I value your prestige.
I love Madhu too. That's why I've decided to leave this house.
Only afterwards' will I marry Madhu.
It'll save your face. And I'll marry the one I love.
You mustn't speak in this manner with your father.
How could you ever think of leaving us?
What am I to do? I'll get married only once in lifetime.
If Father wants to stand by his word' I'm no less a stickler.
I carry his blood in my veins. - Blood?
It's showing its true colour. - I beg of you' Shanti. Say no more.
I've heard enough ! He has said enough.
You may choose not to hear.
This is a matter within my family. Outsiders may not interfere.
Are we ''outsiders'' ! And you're the ''insider''' are you?
If you hear the truth' you'll know for sure!
For God's sake' Shanti ! Shut up! - I know well' who I am.
I'm the sole heir to this family. People call me ''Raja Babu''.
They pay obeisance to me. - Obeisance to one. . .
who isn't even a servant. You're a nameless orphan !
You're nobody's child !
I picked you up from the steps of a temple. I'd given you to her.
What have you said ! Why don't you drop dead !
You witch ! What've you told my son !
I'll kill you !
What have you done! You've taken my son away from me!
Don't believe a word of what she says' Raja !
You're my son ! You're my love! You're my life!
I'm your mother! Why don't you say something?
Tell him! Tell him that she lied.
Tell him that he's our son !
Raja is our son !
He's our son. - Come to me' my son.
We're your parents.
I understand. . . everything.
Not in a hundred lifetimes will I be able to repay your debt.
Ma ! You have given me so much love! So much love!
Your wish is my command' Father.
I shall marry whomsoever it is that you want me to.
''If you don't concede before the candle goes out. . . ''
''I'll commit suicide. I swear this by you. ''
Your Uncle had been married all of 7 years. And he didn't have a child.
I kept on urging him to adopt one of my sons.
But' he kept on putting it off on some pretext or the other.
Then' one day' his wife goes off to stay with her parents.
When she returned after a year' she brought home an infant with her.
Your Uncle came to give me the good news.
God had answered his prayers' and given him a son' he said.
So' this is the child ! The orphan' Raja !
He rules over us like a King. Lives in our house. . .
eats off us' and rules over us! Bloody cur!
God knows where he comes from! He's living off us!
May I have a second helping? - Ass!
We're discussing something serious! And' all you care for is your food?
If you interrupt us once more' I'll starve you for a whole day!
Intolerable! Must an outsider steal what is ours?
Think it over' Father. Had Uncle adopted one of us. . .
we would've inherited the property. - Of course!
And' it'll come to pass. Worry not.
The property is ours' by right. And we'll get it some day!
Nothing can stop us now!
Do unto others. . . - Before they undo you !
Where is he?
Where has he gone so early in the morning? Raja !
So I'm not your mother anymore' am I? The end of the relationship' is it?
What nonsense! - Are you working for the love of it?
What's wrong with a few household chores?
I've always shied away from my duties' pretending that. . .
I'm a rich man's son ! I must've hurt you so' Ma !
No. You've never hurt me before.
But today' I'm hurt.
I can't bear to see you work so hard.
This is the only reason why. . .
I didn't tell you about your adoption.
I knew it! You won't be able to bear the truth !
Why are you crying' Ma? - I know it! You'll leave us someday.
Can I ever do that? - Promise me not to leave us! Ever!
Say it! You won't leave me! Ever!
I swear it by you' Ma. I won't leave you ! Ever!
Have an invitation card printed just like that one' Chandramohan.
The same invitation? - Just change the bride's name.
I'll be right back.
Your picture in a newspaper! The ad says that someone called Raja Babu. . .
has cheated her. He has run away. And ever since. . .
she can't sleep at nights. Signed : Madhubala.
How could that have happened? - The result of your ''Candle of Love''
Looks like she has fallen in love with you.
That's just why she placed this advertisement in the newspaper.
Let's go over to her village at once.
I'm feeling like taking a look at that friend of hers.
Thank God. She has conceded at last.
Please have the other marriage stopped.
She's ashamed of what she did. Take a look.
She has apologised and printed Raja's photograph.
I mean to say. . . we won't accept such an apology!
I'll go over and scold her. I'll bring her over here. . .
make her apologise to you. Only then may she be pardoned. Otherwise. . .
What have you to say?
Tell me' are you my son? Or' aren't you? !
Why must you. . . ? - Quiet! I'm asking him.
Are you' or' aren't you my son? !
And' isn't she the same girl who tore the invitation cards. . .
and flung them at your father's face? !
And you still want to marry her! D'you love her still? Speak up!
Well done' my boy. Well done.
Come. . .
You wanted the marriage to be solemnised here.
That's why I've summoned my daughter. She could get to meet Raja' you know.
Take your thumb out.
Are you getting married to her?
Take the thumb out!
Good God ! I'd rather die than see Raja Babu married to that!
I know who you are! You must be Raja ! Aren't you?
You've grown up' haven't you?
Even you have grown up.
Can I ask you something' Ma'am? - Go on.
Did your girl develop this habit of sucking her thumb after she grew up?
Or' was she born with the habit? - She was born with it.
But' it's said' that these habits disappear after a girl is married.
Did that happen in your case? - Shut up! Rascal !
Let's go in.
I'm ready to have a row over this with your father. I won't have you. . .
married to this deranged girl. I won't let your life be spoilt!
She's the hangman's noose. But' say what. . .
I'm willing to stick my neck out for you. I'll take the noose.
I'd go to the gallows with a smile. But' I won't let you hang.
No point mulling over it. Invitation cards have been printed already.
Is this a punishment for being illiterate?
Must you be hived off to a deranged girl?
I won't let you marry her! I won't!
Listen to me' Raja. . . - Ma. . .
''What are you afraid of?''
''Why do you shy away from girls?''
''Whether you say or not''
''I know you love me''
''You're innocent but sensible''
''Yet you behave as if ignorant''
''It's difficult to teach you. . . ''
how to win a woman's heart''
''He acts as if heartless''
''He doesn't listen to me''
''What sort of a lover is he?''
''He doesn't follow the language of my heart''
''He craves for me in solitude''
''He robbed me off my sleep' he has mesmerised me''
''He's made me love-sick''
''How will I live without him?''
''How will I become his queen?''
''Why are you making me restless?''
''Why are you testing my love''
''Even you are yearning for my love''
''What are you afraid of?''
''Why do you shy away from girls?''
''Whether you say or not''
''I know you love me''
Raja ! Stop! Please listen to me.
What's it? Of what use is this?
All I want to ask you is whether you can live without me.
I can't. - Why are you going away from me?
I have a responsibility towards people who've brought me up.
And' my love for you is an impediment. - What d'you mean?
I'm an orphan. They've raised me.
My mother used to worry over every little illness that befell me.
At the slightest' father would call up an army of doctors for me.
The most fortunate of people haven't been loved as much. . .
as I have been loved. I. . . an unfortunate orphan !
The Raja Babu you had loved was a rich landlord.
But the Raja Babu' you see' is a pauper in reality.
I don't own anything at all ! - Doesn't make any difference to me.
You've lit up my heart with love. No one can take that away from me.
I have come here to ask for your pardon' Father.
Please forget whatever I said. It was my ego born out of education.
Please forgive me. - Forgiven. Now' please excuse me.
If you have forgiven me' why do you walk away from me?
You see' I had fixed my son's wedding. I had printed the invitations too.
The invitations were thrown at my face in public.
I have chosen to forget all about it.
My wife had shown you photograph of my son in a lawyer's garb.
It was a mistake. And I was insulted in public for that.
I've chosen to forget that. And' I've forgiven my wife too.
I admit that I've committed a grave mistake.
But' please do not punish me so harshly!
I can't live without your son. Please don't destroy my life.
Take a look at this. I've fixed my son's wedding again.
The invitations have been printed already. Now' I beg of you. . .
not to destroy the other girl's life. - Is that a final decision?
In that case' I'll see to it that this marriage doesn't happen !
I promise you that it's your son that I shall marry.
You're misbehaving with my father! I shall do as my father tells me.
I'll marry the one he asks me to.
What are you saying Raja?
You say something when we're alone. In public' you say something else!
D'you know how much you've hurt me? You heartless creature!
Kisan ! What is to be of my daughter now?
I'm not worried about that girl. But I doubt Raja's bonafide.
Please don't look at me like that Father. I'll do exactly as you say.
I'll marry his daughter. If you want me to' I'll marry her right now.
I trust you.
Who is it? You. . . ? What are you doing here?
Where else can I go?
Don't try to act smart.
Yesterday' I'd cut it fine. If he finds us here' together. . . !
Father! He's coming here!
If I try to sneak away' I'll get caught.
Let me hide. I'll go away later. - Go on. Hide somewhere.
Listen. . . call out to me when he leaves.
I will.
Yes Father? - I'd asked you to supervise.
But you've slogging it out yourself! - There are some things. . .
I'd rather do myself.
I've had it!
What's up? - The sun ! It's so hot!
Why don't we stand in the shade? - What's wrong with you?
Get back to work. It's winter! And he complains about the sun !
Nandu ! What are you doing ! - Feeding the cattle.
I've given the feed. Now' go away! - They're mawing. . . must be hungry!
I've given enough. Go away' now! - Why must you insist?
If he wants' let him feed. - They may fall sick if they over-eat
Cows go sick on over-eating? - Go away' Nandu.
What the hell. . . ? Stand in the shade. - Nothing wrong here.
Please. - All right' let's go.
What's this?
How did this come here? - Looks like a lady's scarf.
Nonsense! It's just a piece of cloth ! Someone must've dropped it!
How naive! You can't even say from a silken scarf!
Listen. . .
Hasn't your father gone away yet? I'm getting itchy lying down here.
It's just as well that your father came up before you could kiss me.
God knows what else. . . !
Sister-in-law! - You. . . ?
Raja ! Why didn't you tell me that they haven't left yet?
I'm going away now. You'll remember the kiss' won't you?
Where's my scarf? - Here it is.
See you tomorrow' Raja.
See that? We're preparing for the marriage! And he's playing Casanova !
She was lying ! I'd asked her to go away as soon as she had come here.
She hid in the haystack when she saw that you were coming.
Please trust me' father. She was lying.
Remember that your marriage is tied to my prestige.
Get that thumb out!
Come here' Nandu. What were you doing inside the ladies cloister?
Enjoying myself. - Go over to the cloister for males.
He looks for excuses to cuff me.
Welcome' brothers and sisters.
Boss! The police have arrived. - Why have the police come here?
Let's see.
What brings you here? - Sorry' but the wedding can't happen
Just what I feared. Kishan Singh ! I'm undone! Disgraced !
Hold on ! - Do something !
Why may this marriage not be allowed?
Let me have the invitation card.
This invitation was the first one printed for your son's wedding.
That's true. - The name of the bride on this card. . .
is ''Madhu''. Is she the one? - Yes. She is.
Why did you dissolve the alliance? Why is your son marrying someone else?
Because she refused to marry him. I didn't dissolve the alliance!
I didn't refuse to marry. It was he who dissolved the alliance.
He had demanded a dowry of 2. 5 million Rupees.
All of a sudden' just 4 days before the marriage' he demanded 5 million.
He went back on his word so my Father refused to pay him 5 million Rupees.
Immediately' he finalised an alliance for his son with another girl
Girl ! Don't you dare accuse me falsely!
Did I ask for a dowry? When did I? - Let me talk this over.
I can understand it if you happen to love my son' and' marry him.
But' it's wrong if you to implicate my husband falsely.
Maybe it's her fault. But' she has lodged a complaint against you. . .
for demanding dowry. I'm afraid you'll have to come to the police station.
Very well. I'll go anywhere you want me to' after the marriage.
You can't proceed with this marriage till the court has decided.
Else' I'll be forced to arrest you' as well as the bridegroom.
I'm willing to go to jail. But' you must have this marriage solemnised.
God bless you' son.
What's going on?
I've told you earlier' that you must forget me' Madhu.
I can't tolerate my father being humiliated any more.
What are you saying' Raja? It was you who advised me. . .
to do this to stop the marriage. Later' we'd go to the temple. . .
and get married' you said. And now' you're asking me to forget you !
Are you out of your mind? When did I advise you? She's lying' Father!
Am I lying? Why don't you ask Nandu? He was present then.
Tell him the truth' Nandu. Tell him that I'm not involved.
You know well' Raja Babu' that I can't speak up against you.
But' I'd ask all present over here to try and guess the truth of this!
He's lying' Father. He's lying !
Don't suspect me. She's lying ! Please trust me!
Get out of here! You ingrate! Get out of my house!
What did you say? Ingrate? ! - Yes! He's an ingrate!
He has proved the worthlessness of his precedents.
Proved that he isn't my son ! - Enough !
Not once! I asked him a hundred times over before finalising the wedding.
Cur! He connived with girl to bring me to dishonour!
Quiet! I said ! - You're the one who should shut up!
It's my turn to speak today! And' you must hear me out.
The snake in the grass has bitten me today!
He has taught me the greatest lesson in my life.
Never bring home a mongrel !
Enough ! Say no more.
You have cursed his mother. You've cursed the love that I've given him.
You have cursed my milk!
D'you think he's living with you out of greed for your wealth?
My son cares not for your wealth. - Quiet' Ma.
You shut up. You don't know. He has always distanced himself from you.
He has poured his heart out today.
Let's go. I won't live in a house. . .
where my son isn't welcome. - What are you saying' Ma?
That's right! I'll return only after he accepts you as his son in public.
Don't make things worse' Ma. - It's the worst ever' already!
Why be so furious over what he said? He's my father' after all.
That's what makes it all the more unbearable! He shouldn't have said it!
Had it been anyone else' I would've tolerated it. But he said it!
Let's go. . . - Ma. . . ?
Come on. Let's go! - Listen to me' Ma !
As you sow. . . - So you reap.
I've decided to leap to my death !
I've written a note which says that I'm responsible for my death.
I can't live without you' Raja. But' I can die alone!
What are you up to? - Out of my way! I'll kill her!
Whom? - Her! She has devised a new trick.
I'll hack her to pieces! - No need to hack me to pieces!
I'm jumping to my death from here. - Step back!
Don't make a hasty decision ! - Quiet' Ma. She won't do anything.
It's an act! - Shut up! I'm afraid she might do it
She won't kill herself. She's capable of killing others' though.
You don't understand ! She might jump! Stop her' somebody!
Stop! - You swine!
You connived with her to trap me! - No! Step back!
Come down ! Enough ! I beg of you !
I'll climb down only if your son marries me.
Marry. . . you? ! Jump if you will ! If you survive' I'll strangle you.
Shut up!
It's not right of you to coerce us into agreeing.
You know' his father is angry. Without his consent Raja can't marry you.
I'll wait till his father agrees. I'll marry him only afterwards.
But' I will marry Raja. None else.
But' his mother must give me his word right now. Else' I jump!
As if she's doing me a favour by staying alive!
I'll give Raja's mother time till I count ''three''. . .
to give me her word. Else' I'll jump.
Don't you say anything' Ma ! - One!
No! Don't! Listen to me! - Two!
Stop this madness! - Three! Jump!
Shut up!
Don't! - I'm leaving !
Three! - Don't do it' my child !
Did I hear you acknowledge me as your daughter-in-law?
Yes! You're my daughter-in-law! Now' climb down' dear.
You've accepted me as your son's wife. I'm coming down' mother-in-law!
Oh yes. I accept. - Coming over.
Come down' please. - Please don't go away. I'm coming.
Come' daughter-in-law. - Let's go. Mother-in-law.
I'm carrying my luggage. I'll live with you.
Allow me' sister-in-law. Go home' everybody. The show is over.
You greedy fool ! Your unhappy uncle is starving out there.
And you're eating your heart out! Go over to your uncle with the lunch.
What are you staring at' fool? Can't you understand?
Yes. I understood that. But' what I can't fathom is this. . .
newfound love for your brother!
You mustn't argue with your father. Just do what he says. Go on.
Get out of here.
Uncle! Please eat. I can't bear to see you go hungry.
Where are the other two?
Who? - My wife and son.
They're living in our village.
Will you do something for me? - Sure.
Go and tell them that I ask them to return home. Else' I'll take offence.
Go now.
They don't want to return alone. - That's right' Uncle.
We're just visited Aunt. She has given her word to Madhu.
Either all of them come. . . . . . or' none does.
Now that they've spelt out their decision' you can tell them. . .
what I've decided. I grant them time till Friday.
They're free to return' minus that girl. I shall accept them honourably.
And' they remain my wife and my son. After the deadline passes. . .
I shall disown them forever. . . . . .after the deadline is past.
As we sow! - So shall we reap!
Raja ! Good we found you here. In fact' we were coming to meet you.
I see. I'm on my way to Father. - He sent us to find out how you are.
Really? Has Father sent you? - Of course.
After you had left' I had a terrible argument with your father.
I told him what your mother has promised Madhu.
What's the use of making fuss over it?. . . I asked him.
If you've loved Madhu' so be it. I asked him to settle this squabble.
What happened afterwards? - Uncle said. . .
she doesn't even know how to speak!
He said' that education has turned her head !
Besides' she thinks she's too smart' he said. Anyway. . .
since your mother has accepted her' he grants her time till Friday. . .
to change her ways. She must get to know how to address elders.
And finally' she must get to love you' in the real sense of the term.
In that case' he's willing to get the two of you married on Saturday.
Is that true? Did father say that? - That's exactly what he said.
I must meet Father right away! - Mustn't be too hasty!
Else you might spoil it.
You're right' of course. - That's a good boy.
But' I must meet father! I'm off.
Father! What are we to do now? - Don't worry. I'll take care of it.
As we sow. . . - So we reap! Hurry!
What is it? Why have you come here?
Is it true that you've told Uncle that by Friday. . .
Raja ! Don't you believe your uncle?
Could I ever tell you anything without your father's say-so?
It isn't a question of mistrust. It's just that I'd be satisfied. . .
if I heard father tell me whatever you just said.
And what is it' that you want to hear me say?
That I've granted you time till Friday. That's true.
Hear that? Do as he says. . . and you'll be rewarded.
Very well' Father.
What's up' Raja? You seem to be overjoyed on the rebound !
Father has granted you time till Friday. Mend your ways.
Meaning? Am I in a state of disrepair? - What he means to say is that. . .
you must change your attitude. If you're nice to me he'll get us. . .
married on Saturday. - Really? !
You're worrying over nothing. I have complete faith in Raja.
He worships you like a God. He'll throw that girl out in no time.
Look! Over there!
What d'you have to say to that?
You had reposed complete faith in Raja' hadn't you?
He has finally cast away his ''God'' for the sake of that girl.
We've granted him time till Friday. Till then' we can't tell him anything
Now' let's go. - Yes. Let's go.
''Pull that bed closer' it's so chilly''
''The chill makes me want to give in to you''
''Pull that pillow closer''
''The chill makes me want to give in to you''
''I'm sweating for your love''
''When will you shower me with it?''
''The chill caresses. . . a fire rises''
''I can't hold back. . . my heart seeks more''
''Don't say no. . . the chill is killing''
''It's getting cold by the hours''
''This ruthless weather torments''
''In such a weather' how can lovers stay apart?''
''Take me in your arms' let's cover ourselves in one blanket''
''The night's making me restless. . . it's the chill''
''Pull your pillow closer to mine. . . can't bear the chill anymore''
''The chill makes my lover look so pretty''
Where are you going? - Today is Friday.
We're going to run a check on Raja.
No use going there. - Why?
I've just been to see him. Raja is unchanged.
That girl is still living with them.
Don't be disappointed. He's still a child.
Why not give him another week? - Not any more!
I'd given him time till today. Today' we decide!
Go home and get my wife. Come over to his house. Hurry.
Father! Father is coming.
Welcome' Father. - We were going over to meet you.
Some people are incorrigible. They won't mend their ways' come what may!
Dare you disobey me! Despite my say-so' the girl is still here.
What are you saying' Father? ! Didn't you ask Uncle to tell me. . .
that if Madhu mends her ways' you'll have us married on Saturday?
Why are you making up a story' Raja Babu?
Goodness! There's even a limit to which one could lie!
All I'd said was that' if you don't throw that girl out. . .
by Friday' your father would severe all ties with you !
Uncle is lying' Ma !
These people are trying to destroy our lives. . .
by exploiting your loneliness and your rage.
For heavens sake! Try to understand their intentions!
How could you mistrust me on the basis of what that boy says!
I've served my brother all my life! And I'm leaving no stone unturned. . .
to see to it that the family reunites! And you doubt me!
I can't tolerate this anymore! - Don't cry' Lakhan.
I know whom to count on as my own. And I know those that are not.
D'you know what I think? I suspect Raja of having. . .
an illicit relationship with this girl. Now' he can't get rid of her.
How else would you dare to disobey your father?
I've told Raja each and every word of what you'd asked me. . .
to convey. I swear! If you don't believe me. . .
Come over here. She's my wife. And' she's pregnant with my child.
Would a father swear falsely by his own child?
I swear by my unborn child !
He's saying the truth' Father. It was I who told you a lie.
He had told me exactly what you had asked him to tell me.
D'you see the traitor! You should've raised a dog ! Not him!
A dog would've at least' been faithful. Now listen carefully.
From this day' you aren't my wife. And neither is he my son. I've no one!
I know' you've been disheartened.
Don't lose courage. How else will you face the oncoming problems?
Had it concerned only myself' I would've laughed it off.
But' I find that my parents are separated because of me.
I've been torn apart. - Have patience' Raja.
And what could you do about it? - Will you do what I ask you to?
Short of leaving you' I'll do everything you want me to.
Go drown yourself! - Is that all you want?
Goodness! What has she done? ! Is this some new melodrama?
Here I come!
Madhubala ! Where are you? !
Where are you' Madhubala?
You had me scared. - Why did you jump in after me?
I wasn't sure you'd jump. I thought you'd get angry and go home.
And I'm going through all these problems just because of you. . .
and for that scene you created on the day of my marriage.
Had you married that mad girl' you would've gone mad by now.
That I would've preferred' rather than seeing my parents separated.
D'you think I don't feel sorry for that?
Look. . . - Poison. . . ?
I'd decided that I would meet your father and ask him . . .
to take his son and his wife back.
I'd decided to walk out of your life. I wanted to go someplace far away. . .
and kill myself with this poison.
No' Madhu ! You mustn't!
Welcome' doctor. - Greetings.
Aren't you feeling well? - I'm fine' thank you.
I wanted to ask you something. - I see.
How long after this poison is administered with milk. . .
would it be impossible to save the victim?
After a lapse of 1 hour' it'd be difficult to save the victim.
Which means that' if you administer an antidote after. . .
4 5 minutes' the victim could survive. Isn't that so?
That's true. But' tell me' who has taken the poison?
No one has taken poison yet. But' someone might be about to!
It's my daughter!
Kishan ! What has happened to my daughter?
What's up? - What happened to my daughter? !
I found her lying unconscious by the road on my way back from the fields.
I was shocked to find this empty bottle of poison lying beside her!
She consumed poison? - Yes.
Kishan ! It's just what I had feared ! - Wait a minute!
Take her to a doctor! Pick her up. - I've sent for the doctor.
Here comes the doctor. Hurry! Take a look at the girl !
About half-an-hour since she consumed poison. Everything will be all right.
Don't worry. - Stop!
Why? - Why must she live? Let her die!
Have you gone mad? ! Go on doctor. Administer this medicine.
No doctor! Don't ! I'm her father! I'm telling you not to! Understand?
You're responsible for my daughter's miseries! You're the murderer!
Hold your tongue! Don't you dare accuse my uncle!
Calm down.
Let him administer the medicine. Later' you can berate me all you like.
On one condition ! Call Raja over here. He must marry her at once!
Her condition is deteriorating fast.
You want your daughter married' right? - Yes.
Let my son marry her. - Your son?
Yes. My son' Amavas. - Amavas? ! What a shame!
My daughter would rather die! - She's sinking. If the antidote. . .
is not administered within 5 minutes' there's no saying what'd happen !
Amavas is innocent' Chandramohan. He's a thousand times. . .
better than the treacherous Raja. You should accept Lakhan's proposal.
Raja was an orphan. It was by grace of my uncle that. . .
the orphan Raja was transformed into Raja Babu.
My uncle' by his favours' could grant social acceptability to anyone!
But Raja would still remain his heir! - Heir? Come to my place next Friday.
I'll declare Amavas as my heir. I'm going to adopt him. Enough?
It doesn't make any difference to me if my daughter weds Amavas. . .
instead of marrying Raja. After all' Amavas is the heir.
I've heard something. Is that true?
Give me an answer!
It's true! - Very good indeed !
He respects you as his father' he continues to love me. . .
as his own mother' though he isn't born of me!
And that' despite knowing the sad truth about being an orphan.
What's more' he has never tried to find out who his parents are!
This is because he considers us to be his parents.
And now' you're about to let someone usurp his place!
Listen then to what I have to say. . .
You may allow anyone you like to inherit your properties.
But' if you give anyone but my son the rights of an heir'. . .
I shall divest you of your right to perform the last rites for me.
Where have you been' Ma? Did you go to pick up a fight with Father?
That's of no use. Father isn't our enemy.
The enemy is my Uncle and his son' Bankay.
They're playing a cunning game of chess using us as pawns.
I know' Raja. But' your father considers them to be well-wishers.
How can we convince him that Lakhan is a snake in the grass?
Till today' I'd remained quiet for the sake of preserving relationships.
I'd forgotten what the sacred edicts say.
''Be it anyone related to me' an enemy is an enemy after all. ''
And now' you'll see how your son destroys the enemy.
Did you tell her all that to console her?
Or' d'you have a plan?
Pack up all your clothes quickly' Madhu.
What kind of a ploy is that? - Get some onions. Go!
Strange kind of a ploy! Packed luggage and onions. . . !
Your mother must've sent you here to apologise for her mistake.
No' Father. - Then' why have you come?
We've decided to leave this village.
Has your mother agreed. . . ?
She asked me last night to buy 2 railway tickets.
Have you ever considered where you're going to live?
What'd you eat? Are you going to beg?
I think so. What can I do' but beg?
Ma is going to come here to meet you tonight.
Yes' Father. Do you remember the bridal clothes. . .
that she had worn on her nuptial night? It had happened 20 years ago.
She had walked up to you in small shy steps.
You'd told her something about her beauty. Something like. . .
I'd said that she looked as beautiful as a danseuse from Heaven.
That's right. Mother had told me something like that.
You know. . . over all these years' she has preserved that bridal outfit.
She wants to come here to take it. . . as a memoir of her days with you.
What. . . ? - Please don't refuse her.
Else' she'd be hurt.
I have one more request.
Should mother insist on anything' please don't refuse her.
She'd be hurt if you do. Please also let her have the keys to the house.
Else' you'd break her heart even as she leaves this house forever.
Very well' son. - I'll take your leave' Father.
Go on.
Why' haven't you gone away yet?
Did you too use onions. . . ?
I mean' are you weeping because we're going away?
Why must I cry? Something's gone inside my eye. The eye is watering.
I see. And I thought that you're weeping.
May I borrow the motorcycle till this evening?
It's a long walk to the railway station. It'd hurt my feet to walk.
Go on. Take it.
I'll leave now' Father.
What is it? - Father has agreed !
What? - He has asked you to go home.
Are you telling me the truth? - Have I ever lied?
How could he turn around so suddenly? - I asked him a question.
What? - If he would've disowned me. . .
had I been his son' I asked. - And then?
He started weeping. And then' he embraced me.
And' after that? - Even I started to cry.
And' afterwards. . . ? - We wept streams of tears.
It washed away all our differences. - And then?
What else? Pack up and go home. - I can't understand. . .
What use understanding everything? Go on. Wash your face.
All right. - Dress up a bit.
Put flowers in your hair. - Yes.
Wear a new dress and look like a Goddess. Then walk up to Father.
Victory to Raja Babu !
They're back!
There he goes again ! Throwing money all over the place!
Swine! Did you think you'd thieve Raja Babu' now that. . .
Amavas is about to be adopted? Raja Babu is magnanimous!
He has just told me that he's going to adopt both of you.
I advised him against it. These two are a nuisance. . .
in the whole village. They'd be a nuisance to Raja Babu too!
You don't understand ! Victory to Raja Babu !
Gone! We've lost it all. All our efforts have come to nonce!
Don't you worry' Bankay.
I won't let the tables turn so easily.
If need be' I'll make sure he's dead !
Go over to the house on the sly' and observe what's going on.
All right Father. . . . Out of my way!
How are you keeping?
How are you?
I'm fine.
But' your insistence has created such a storm.
But' you've been angry with me. Why have you punished yourself?
What d'you mean? - Take a look at yourself.
You've lost weight.
Haven't you been eating?
Can one whose wife and son have deserted him. . . feel hungry?
I'll fetch you some food. Please eat. For today' at least.
I won't eat! - Why won't you?
I'll bring some food. I will. - No! I don't want to!
''Should Mother insist on anything' please don't refuse her. ''
''Please also let her have the keys to the house. ''
''Else' you'd break her heart. ''
Go on. Get the food.
Let me feed you. - Never mind. I'll eat myself.
Do that tomorrow onwards. Let me feed you today.
Why are you weeping? - Finished !
What happened? - Everything is over!
What happened? - Aunt is feeding Uncle!
And he is tying the keys around her waist.
Everything has gone down the drain. Think of something' Father.
We don't have time to think anymore. Now' we must use force.
What? You mean to say that he could kill Kishan Singh?
Oh yes! - On what basis d'you suspect?
My uncle has a lot of wealth.
He's going to adopt my younger brother Amavas tomorrow. Now that. . .
the wealth is slipping out of his hands Raja could do just about anything.
He's sure to kill ! Either my brother' or my son !
That's true. - I see.
Don't worry. I'll take care of it.
Janki. . . - Yes?
When have you decided to leave? - Whenever you want me to.
You're coming with me' aren't you? - I. . . ?
Yes. - Where am I going?
To the temple' to make an offering. - The temple?
Why not? Mustn't we visit the temple to thank God?
But' Raja was telling me that you wanted to leave this village forever.
What a shame! Must you speak so?
I have been related to you over many births.
I won't ever leave you ! Not in many lifetimes!
As you sow. . . - So you reap!
You're right! Neither will you leave him! Nor are we going to!
But we don't have lifetimes' worth of time on hand. I can't wait as long
What d'you mean' Lakhan? - Same as what you hear' Kishan.
Insolence! D'you speak to an elder brother like that? !
You old hag !
Speak some more' and' I'll cut your head off!
What's all this' Lakhan?
By hook or by crook' is what this is all about.
We'd wanted you to adopt my brother so we could inherit this property.
When Raja told us that the family has united' we couldn't believe our ears!
For years we dreamt that we'd inherit this wealth.
And' you want to vanquish years of dreams at a stroke!
And there's one thing you must understand.
That you'll kill me if I don't give you everything.
Smart fellow. He understands.
And you're a complete idiot.
But your follies have proved that I have no one. . .
in this world' if not my son Raja. And no one gets a cent. . .
of my properties other than Raja. Do what you want to!
Drop your gun !
He asked you to drop the gun. Why did you drop the sickle?
I'm not using this gun to kill anyone. It is to protect my parents.
My uncle is holding my father a prisoner!
Lock them up. I'll go out and take a look.
C'mon' uncle. Move it' you old hag !
Your uncle had lodged a complaint.
He said' you'd try to kill your father for the sake of the property.
It's just as well that I've arrived in the nick of time.
Right you are' Inspector. Had you not come'. . .
Raja would've surely killed his father.
Uncle. . . !
Take him away. - I'm willing to accompany you.
But for once' call my father out! And the truth will out!
He's saying the truth' Inspector. I'll get my brother over just now.
The truth will out!
I'm taking Kishan outside. If he squeals before the Inspector. . .
kill that old hag ! Get that? - Get it' old hag?
Uncle lodged a false complaint against me' saying I want to kill you. . .
for the sake of the property. Please tell him the truth.
Tell it to Inspector. Truth.
Don't be scared of Raja. He's already in police custody.
He can't do anything to you. - Shut up' scoundrel !
My Father will tell us who the villain is.
And who wants to kill whom for the sake of money!
There'd be trouble if you keep silent' brother.
Tell the Inspector that your son wants to kill you.
Go on. Tell him.
What are you saying' Father? - Are you satisfied now' Inspector?
I understand everything. This scoundrel must've. . .
threatened to kill my mother! She must be held captive.
That's why my father is being forced to tell a lie.
Call my mother out here! - You want your father called out. . .
and now it's your mother. Dramatics' eh? Take him away.
I beg of you ! Don't leave my parents at the mercy of this killer.
Have my mother called out. I'm willing to go anywhere afterwards.
If anything happens to my parents' I'll hack you to pieces!
Ass! Father asked you to get kerosene. Why did you get a flaming torch?
But' father has decided to set them afire' hasn't he?
So' kerosene isn't enough. You'd need a torch to set them on fire.
Well done! For the first time' my foolish son has done the right thing.
Go on. Douse them with kerosene. - Drench the old fools with kerosene.
What are you doing? !
For the first time ever in my life' I'm doing something worthwhile.
My brother' he's our father!
I know. He's my father. And' you're my elder brother.
What's come over you so suddenly? - Nothing suddenly. . .
the fire has been building up slowly inside me over the last 20 years.
It's just the outburst that comes today. Not suddenly' you see.
You used to thrash me for no rhyme or reason.
And' you burnt my hand too. Forgotten it' have you?
He isn't your brother' uncle. He's the greatest enemy you have!
He has stolen hundreds of thousands from you. He has cheated you.
I wanted to tell you about all this a long while ago.
But' I couldn't muster courage enough.
And today' he wants to kill you ! That's why I couldn't control myself.
Today is the night of the full-moon' Father.
But' for you' it's the night of darkness.
Ask your goons to let aunt and uncle go free.
Else' I'll burn you alive. I'll burn you to ashes!
Let them go! - All right' I'll let them go.
Hurry up. - I'm untying them!
What was it that you called me? An old hag?
Let's go! Well done' son.
Father! Come over! Hurry!
Faster! Drive faster!
Hurry! The hoodlums are right behind us!
My uncle is a dangerous man. - Oh yes. I know.
My parents are in danger!
How did that happen? - Please save them.
At once!
All of them are lying injured.
Hey! My motorcycle!
Faster. . . faster!
Faster' Bankay! Faster!
Goons! They're here! Come closer and I'll beat you up!
Greetings' old hag !
As we sow. . . - So we reap!
Don't come here' Raja ! - Don't!
Why did you stop' Raja Babu? Come over if you love your parents.
No! Don't come' Raja !
Come over' doggie. Come here.
Raja Babu has drowned in the water.
They've killed my son !
Raja Babu is back!
Let go! Everyone is watching ! Don't you understand?
You don't understand !
Hi Uncle! As you sow' so you reap!
He doesn't understand !
I understand.
No Raja ! Don't let his blood stain your hands!
Hand them over to the police. - No. They haven't troubled the cops.
They have given me trouble. And' I'll punish them.
Tie them up' Amavas.
Amavas! I'm your father!
I have a feeling that you're my bastard. Not born of my wife!
They might be villains. But they're my relatives. Let them go!
Better not to have such relations! Let them die!
Stop it' somebody!
And what are you staring at? Fall at his feet.
Forgive me' Father. - All right. Let them go! Please!
Old fool ! You've got me killed !
They're going to die! - Please bless her' Father.
All right. Here. . . I bless her. Now' please save their lives!
Here come aunt and uncle Chandramohan. Welcome!
Oh' my Raja ! - Not me. He's your Raja.
Go over to him. - Please save them' son.
Let them die' Kishan. If you let them live' they'll attack you again.
Shut up' baldie! Let them go!
No. I won't. - Raja. . .
What's it? - I know that they're at fault.
But' how am I to blame? - She gave me the pep to go up. . .
and save uncle and aunt. - I know you aren't at fault. But. . .
I can't save them. The road-roller is right on top of them!
Spare me' son. I'd loved you when you were a child.
Stop staring and tell him! - Raja ! Won't you heed me? Stop that!
Look. . .
Saved !
Now go back.
How did it go backwards? - Now' come out.
Nandu. Everyone's friend !
Mother. . . my hair! - So what of it?
Here I am. - Go and organise it!
Organise what? - My marriage.
Don't understand' d'you? - Understood !