Mahabharat - Episode 06

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The truth, Bhishma, is that the enemy has already attacked
Who's that mother?
Your oath.
You had promised to serve and protect the Kuru clan
If the clan does not survive whom will you serve?
After the death of my sons...
the clan is in fear of dying out
and only you can save it from extinction
On the one hand is your path and
On the other is your promise
You have to decide
I do not understand
Tradition demands that
you marry Ambika and Ambalika
and continue the Kuru lineage
As your mother, that is also my wish
To obey you is my duty
but I am bound by my oath
I had asked you for the oath Bhishma
Today I release you from it
Forgive me Dashraj
For a Kshatriya an oath is sacred
If I break my oath now I will not live
The only alternative now
is to call Sage Vyasa Will you do that?
But why Sage Vyasa?
He will tell you that
when you call upon him
As you wish
Bhishma had correctly predicted that
Hastinapur would come to me with its question
because only I know the answers to all questions
But there is a difference between knowing and
actually answering
If I answer questions
which only the future will reveal
then life itself will come to a standstill
So, let Satyavati grapple with the answers
Bhishma is here
Bring him in with respect
As you wish O sage
I know why you have come here Bhishma
What is your answer?
Because Satyavati is not your mother
you chose not to obey her
No oath is greater
than the wish of a mother or a nation
Isn't this to be decided by the one bound by the oath?
I crossed my bounds Bhishma
The truth is that
Satyavati is not your mother which is why
you refused to obey her
But she is my mother
Your mother? Yes. So, I must obey her Let's go
Do not be afraid Satyavati
I am Parashar
Forgive me O sage
I did not recognize you
Man cannot recognize himself
How then will he recognize others?
There is one thing you should know
You are meant for greater deeds
History awaits you
Awaits me?
The time has come for you to blossom out
So that your fragrance will
permeate the world
But for that you will have to conceive
But Sir I am a virgin
I know that Satyavati
You will remain a virgin
But O Sage
Your slender shoulders will carry the weight of History
It is your duty to be worthy of this task
Do your duty
Decide quickly
How can I decide?
From today I am responsible for all your 'buts'
Thus I was born of Parashar and Satyavati
So I must carry out her wishes
Let's go
Mother, Sage Ved Vyasa is here
Come sir
Greetings mother
What do you wish?
Sit son
Why do you worry mother?
I am not worried son
I do not know
how a mother can say
what I want to tell you
Did not my father predict that
you would influence History?
I understand everything
Maybe you have begun to feel the pressure now
My father's ambition has
brought me to this crossroad
It is quite possible that
I was born to serve you in this moment
What do you wish me to do?
Since you already know
why do you ask?
This doesn't concern a mother and son alone
It concerns many others
It concerns Hastinapur
as also the history of India
Besides, you are not only my mother
You are also the Queen Mother
Do your duty mother
The Queen Mother has a problem
The throne of Hastinapur is empty
Both my sons are dead
The King's eldest son is bound by his oath
And so, I have turned to my oldest son for help
It is your duty to impregnate
both Ambika and Ambalika
because you are my eldest son
As you wish mother but
give me some time to fulfill my duty
I am doing severe penance
I came the moment I got your message
I couId not even receive Bhishma properly
I cannot do what you want in my present condition
Wait for a year and I will do your bidding
I cannot wait
for a year my son
But mother
just Iook at me
It is my wish
that you do your duty now
As you wish mother
What has to happen will happen
Man's duty is to do what he can
and go ahead
Why did you take the trouble
You could have sent for me
No, my daughter
The matter was such
that I had to come myself
Sit down my daughter
My daughter
autumn has come into your life
even before spring
But one cannot control life
The seasons are not in our hands
This earth is like an examination hall
Give your examination and leave
This is a test for you
My daughter
As you wish mother
It is not a matter of my wishing
It is a question of your giving yourself
Tradition demands that
if the husband has not fulfilled his duty
then it is up to the wife
to do so
It was my son
Vichitravirya's duty
before he died
to give an heir to Hastinapur
he did not live long enough
It is now your duty
to give an heir to Hastinapur
Sage Vyasa
is waiting for you my daughter
Greetings mother
Come son
You seem unhappy
Yes mother
But why son?
The very reason
I was afraid of
Which was why I wanted you to wait for a vear
was scared of me
She closed her eyes
The result is
that she will give birth to a blind baby
This is probably God's will
I will explain all to Ambalika
You are standing at the door of Hastinapur's future
Come. Do not be afraid
What could I do mother?
I do not control time
Ambalika did not close her eves but
she turned pale on seeing me
Her child we be an unhealthy one
Give it one more try son
Whatever mother may say
I shall not go to the Sage's room
Why don't you go?
I would rather die
than go there
I will not go
But what about the Queen Mother?
That thought worries me too
But I will not go to the Sage's room
Okay, don't go
I will send a maid
Yes, let's do that
A maid?
Yes mother
The child will be a learned one
and as long as this Earth exists
his name will be respected
The two princes he will serve
will also find a place in history and will
become famous
Hastinapur will forever be grateful to you
I take your leave
There's only one life-giver
the fore-sighted God
Each is given
what he deserves
The trait that dominates
the mother's nature
and her emotions
the child too imbibes
Long live the Queen
Any news yet?
A son has been born to Ambika
Did you see him?
Very beautiful
Fair skin and a face like the rising Sun
Tell me
how are his eyes?
0 my God!
The royal doctor
Has he seen him?
What did he say?
Come on tell me!
Please go
Long live the Queen
What news have you brought?
A son has been born to Ambalika
Has the doctor seen him?
Very beautiful
He is fairer than the moon
There's no need to say more
Your eyes have told me the truth
God knows what's wrong with me
I am trying to
find out what I already know
As if Fate can be changed
Leave me alone with,
.Hastinapur's Fate
0 my God
For how long will I be punished for
my father's ambition?
Forgive me 0 Lord
Why punish Hastinapur
for what my father did?
Why? Why?
Long live the Queen
I know what
you want to tell me'
Ambika's chief maid has
delivered a bonny baby
Yes Queen Mother
Look after the mother and child
He represents the future
As you wish
The three princes were born thanks to Sage Vvasa
His predictions were correct
Dhritirashtra, Ambika's son was blind
Ambalika's son Pandu,
suffered from ill health
and was pale
But the maid's son Vidur was healthy
When the three princes came of age
Bhishma took them away from the palace
When he was satisfied with their learning
he brought them back to the palace. to present them to the
Queen Mother
Coma Bhishma
My respects
Come here. Sit next to me
Now tell me how your students are faring
How are they?
Why not ask them yourself?
Long live the princes
I am Vidur's mother
Come Dhritirashtra
Come Pandu
Come Vidur
Sit there
Forgive me Grandsire
My seat is not there but here
I have taught Pandu whatever
I learnt from Sage Bhargava
There is none in India today who can
face Pandu's arrows
The knowledge imparted to me by...
Sage Vasistha and Lord Brihaspati...
I have passed on to Vidur
His name will live forever as the...
foremost scholar of ethics
What about Dhritirashtra?
Dhritirashtra is the eldest Kuru son
He is very strong
He can break a stone in minutes
In knowledge he equals Pandu and Vidur
Who are his eyes
So, I can say with confidence
that Dhritirashtra should be made.
King of Hastinapur
As you wish Bhishma
May I say something Grandsire?
May I say something?
This is something you have taught me
No person should be made king
unless he is physically whole
Dhritirashtra cannot ascend the throne because he is blind
Pandu is worthy of the throne
Only Pandu
No Vidur
I will not be king while my elder brother in there
Beloved brother
Suppose I escort you to the throne myself
and order you to sit there?
Vidur is right, How can I.
...who cannot protect himself
...protect the nation?
Only one person is worthy of the throne
My brother Pandu
Why are you quiet Bhishma?
The decision is yours mother
I am bound to the clan and the throne
I shall serve and protect...
whoever sits on it
But you have to decide who sits on it
Long Iive Pandu, King of Hastinapur
Long Iive King Pandu
Satyavati's penance
and Bhishma's sacrifice
have brought
glory to India
Brave Bhishma's pupils
,,are equally fearless
The moon has risen again
piercing the darkness