Starting a New Country in Mine Craft... (AP Gov Period 5)

Uploaded by SuperSaichy on 30.05.2011

Anarchist: Why am I even here? These laws are worthless! Communist: Your laws are worthless!
Anarchist: I have no laws, noob. Dictator: Well, I have lots of laws, making me better than both of you!
Communist: What about equality? Theocrat: All hail the lord, his mighty pastaness!
Voice of Reason: Everyone STOP. We aren’t getting anywhere, we need to work something work. Communist and Dictator: WE LIKE WORK
VoR: Shut up, let us compare every form and decide which is the best.
Narrator: So our heroes are off to each area to decide which will be best for I-Land
Dictator: Over there [points at prison] Communist: But that’s a prison Dictator: Your point?
Theocrat: That’s no way to treat the citizens! The holy spaghetti would be ashamed! Also, I see no pasta, where is the pasta!?! Dictator: I think we have a misunderstanding, don’t think of this as a prison but as free federal housing by the government.
Anarchist: What’s that… Structure for? A mineshaft? Dictator: That’s where everyone works, ores are the main resource. Everyone is paid the same and everyone has a job! The best part of the wages? It’s always zero!
Theocrat: That’s immoral! Citizens should be respected in accordance to the Monster of the great Spagehti! Dictator: Woah, it’s not like I have it so great either, I mean, my castle is around the same size as the prison! That's Disgusting!
Theocrat: This is my land of Pastafaria the holy grounds to the great and mighty Flying Spaghetti Monster Anarchist: What type of god is that? Who worships food? Abiding by what… food says?
Theocrat: Don’t defy his pasta glory. He saves us with his balls of great meaty glory! Those who soil his name will be cast to their demise, being destroyed by his noodles of justice BURNED BY HIS SAUCY GOODNESS.
Dictator: Yeahhh, whatever you say, so do you force people to follow your... 'pasgehti'? Or do people have the right to chose? Theocrat: Why would anyone want to follow a false god and prophet? Those dammed infidels.
Communist: Why focus on an expensive delicacies when you have dirty water and potatoes? People deserve the right to chose... to focus on what matters. Communism! Theocrat: Alright, if Communism is so good, please... comrade... show us.
Communist: Welcome comrades, to Youcrane everyone has equal rights, and shares everything! We all drink dirty water, and on special occasions we have dirty water!
Theocrat: Do you bow to honor the mighty Pasta? Andrew: Nonono, no religion is allowed. Here, dirty water! Dictator: So, the government... helps the people?
Andrew: Da! The people are the government, unless they go against the government. And the mighty Lenin
Anarchist: This seems as a police state. Would we have freedom of speech? Communist: Say all you like, as long as it’s government approved! Anarchist: [COMMUNISM] this. Hey, what the [LENIN]. I can’t even [STALINING] curse? [POTATOE] this, come with me to the truest form of government
Anarchist: Screw the police!!! Dictator: So where is this ‘great’ government, chump? Anarchist: What is government? There are no laws here, and that is the best idea. If you want justice seek it yourself.
Communist: How come all of the houses look so different comrade? Anarchist: People can build whatever they want, no regulations are forced! Theocrat: That sounds ok I guess?
Thug: Uh hey, Mr. Pasta Worshiper guy, can I see your wallet for a second? I need to uhhhhh.... check the time. Theocrat: Yeah sure Wait wallets can’t tell time!!!! Thug: Sucka!!!
Theocrat: Hey, he took my wallet!!!! Someone stop him or something!!! Anarchist: Sorry dude it’s an anarchist government, I have no power to stop him.
Theocrat: This sucks, I don’t want to live in a place where I can’t feel safe in my own home. GUEST STAR RICKY JULIAN:And so they went back to the conference room to talk over a new plan.
Dictator: I don’t know guys, it looks like all of government plans aren’t very good. A government just doesn’t work out when there are too many laws.
Theocrat: Maybe I was wrong too. The government can’t force people to follow the same pasta based religion without giving them the right to choose.
Communist: Comrades, I too am at fault. The government can’t take away people rights and control what people say and do.
Anarchist: What about the whole anarchy thing, that was working pretty well. Theocrat: Until my freakn’ wallet got stolen!!! Anarchist: Whatever, but we all still need a new plan.
Dictator: Well we know that government doesn’t work when there are too many laws, not enough laws, forced religious beliefs, no rights for the people, or when people can do whatever they want to the point when people can’t be protected.
Theocrat: I got an idea, let’s meet somewhere in the middle. Communist: Yeah, let’s create a government where there are enough laws to protect people but not to the point where people lose there individual freedom.
Anarchist: We should also make sure that people have the freedom to do, think, and believe anything they want without government intervention but not to a point where people are allowed to commit crimes against others.
Communist: People should be entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of free dirty water.... er I mean happiness! Dictator: That settles it, the country of I-LandShall from this day forth become.... a Democracy!!!
VoR: And so, each founder went back to their individual city to right their previous wrongs in the name of Democracy!!! POKEMON