Reid: Health Care Reform Is Smart Move For Nevada

Uploaded by SenatorReid on 26.03.2009


The reason I was so concerned about what I saw
in the study was 841,000 people in Nevada
have no health insurance. What does that mean?
It means that health insurance that people do have
is more costly.
It means that indigent taxes are more costly.
It means people that go to the doctor pay more
for that and pay more for going to the hospital.
We have got to do something in Nevada and
across the country to reform healthcare. It is badly needed.
For every dollar we invest in healthcare, seven dollars is returned.
This is money in the bank for our country.
People come to me and say how can you,
at this time of economic crisis, afford to reform healthcare?
I say, we can't afford not to.
This is something that is important
to the stability of our country.