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Let’s paint now this nice little tree
that really I love!! and has this little heart on top
and it is so small, just a few leaves
“I’m still too small”
so to start
painting this little tree
we first have to paint
with brown the trunk and the branches
with iron red we’ll paint the heart... For the pot we’ll use some siena
or we can also use
some orange
that you can create with iron red and cadmium yellow
and for the star you can use cadmium yellow
to paint the leaves, we’ll do some little comma strokes with the liner
using the same fir green we used befores for the snowman clothing
and then we’ll delineate everything with brown and the liner brush
to paint the cart that carries the snowman full of heart shaped buttons
we’ll use the nut paint
the same of the snowman’s hat
For the wheels that are a couple of buttons, we’ll use some
beige, the same we used before
and we’ll paint the hearts with the same iron red we’re painting all the hearts
then we’ll delineate every thing with brown
For next snowman
we’ll use the same technique
we’ll paint the body with white
the scarf will be peach with fir green little stripes
we’ll paint the little patches using fir green and peach
so all the clothing we’ll be coordinate
we’ll paint the little heart as the others with iron red
the nose with our “iron orange”
and then we’ll delineate the body with Williamsburg blue
and then the clothing and details with brown
to start with the little houses
we’ll paint again in the same way
first of all the plane color and then the details
so we painted the roof with nut paint
for the facade
we used some beige that we used to paint the buttons
and use some cadmium yellow for the start
then, we’ll delineate every thing with brown
thin so do it with your liner
and then we’ll paint some details: the first will be smoke from the chimney
that has a heart shape that I love!!!
so we’ll do a kind of little heart that evaporates like smoke
and it is just painted with white paint
and then, on the lower part
we draw a line like snow
with Williamsburg blue
there is a nice detail that I want you to see about hearts
we’re going to mix the iron red with white paint to obtain
a kind of iron pink
that will combine very well with the heart
so we’ll paint a comma to each little heart
with the liner brush to make a kind of shine
like a brightness
in order to obtain very nice little hearts
So now we’re starting to paint all the ball details
and one of those details is to paint some lights
on the leaves... so we’ll mix some fir green
with white paint to paint little commas next to the leaves
that we painted before... Remember that if to paint
the commas on top
of the main leaves, you’ll simply cover them
so what we have to do is to paint thinner commas
“next” to the original ones
we’ll continue
with this little Christmas tree
and you’ll see that we can also
paint some lights on the pot using
the same orange and adding some white
to obtain the orange but lighter
paint some strokes on the light areas
we’ll do the same with the start
we’ll take some cadmium yellow, we’ll add some white
and then we’ll paint some sparks with the liner
to illuminate the little start
now I want you to see this picture
it’s one of the snowman
and the little house behind
for this little snowman
we did the same
we illuminate the nose, the heart
even the parches
using the same technique
always mixing the base paint with white to obtain the same color but lighter
to apply some light sparks
We use this technique for the house and also apply a zigzag
this zigzag is like
a cover for cookies
that you can
decorate for christmas
it’s a kind of glase cake that we put on the roof
so this is the idea
to look like a cookie
íbamos también mal iluminada
we’ll illuminate the house facade
and the start
the same for the little hearts that they carry on the cart
For the snowmen we’ll use the same illumination technique
so you’ll see that the snowmen clothing
also have this kind of illumination on the light areas
also on the heat
as on the ribbon
the same way on the nose, the moon, on the hearts
everything will be illuminated by
these sparkles that we do mixing the base paint
and white... For the last steps
you only have to apply a varnish layer
and let it dry
but don’t apply just 1... I always recommend to apply at least 2 or 3
as much varnish you put
protected will be
nice ball
in good conditions
In the photographic step by step
there is not this house
this is just a little house with a heart in the middle
the facade color is the Uniform blue
the same we used for the sky
we also add
the illumination (Uniform blue + white)
the roof is just iron red plus brown
and then the heart is just iron red
use the same kind of illumination
So I really hope everything is clear to make
this Christmas ball
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