Detoxing - Fundamentals - Klinghardt 1of12 (german and english subs)

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God bless! Great you are being here
in such quantities
Firstly I am trying to know who am I talking to
so, how many of you are students?
No students, ahm, O.K. That's allways a bad sign.
A sign for the pharma-ind. to have all well controlled! ..
How many doctors are here?
Doctors and dentists? - Ahhm I see.
And other healers - healertypes? ;)
How many are here that are mainly patients?
Or interested layman, as we say? ...
I want to allways try to adjust to the listeners

so some having heard a lot about detoxing and amalgam
get easily bored listening another lecture bout mercury
Hopefully not this time ...
Hope it will be interesting as well ..
Just, a short question; the lecture's name was
"Mercury and the causes to human health"
Wasn't it? Stating correct?
ATM mercury is most important, but there are
silver and other metals as well,
im talkling about them later ...
Heavymetals have always been
of great importance in human development
though most of us remember at school,
the Bronze Age.
When the first humans invented bronze casting.
Then they could build weapons, more
stable then those of the others - which caused
them first having it - butchering the others,
and beeing able to spread their DNA over the planet.
The others, well - they just extincted.
And then came the time of rome.
That time was ordered through 2 metals:
1. the lead, yey, maybe some of you know
that in times of ceasar, the romans
were meant to have invented lead-casting
and it was that they in aristocratic circles
were meant to be mentally ill -
without cause - it was the lead-poisoning,
which also was genetically carried
on through generations.
And then there was the great change - when the hunns came to europe
The hunns were a folk from todays mongoly,
which came up with a technic casting iron.
They had iron pointed arrows easily pearcing
the romans armors.
And thereover the hunns had within a few years
the whole europe under their feet and had killed
a third of all men and from that on we all have
a little hunns-blood in us. Just because the
hunns were first inventing iron.
And NOW, within the last 100 years
something very special happend
and that is, that we managed to dig the whole world at its survice upsidedown,
and that brought metals upon which usually
had been locked under the survice of the earth
and that were besides others the mercury.
Mercury has been exposed by volcanos from time to time, which you can see
at the point, that within centuries
everything around there extincted literally.
Which means that civilisations, exposed to mercury
were not able to withstand other civilisations.
Which means that the poisoning
also leat there to extinction, there
in such areas.
And, in the beginn of the last century
two France, scientists - or alchemists
don't know how to call them better ..
invented a method of how to cast from mercury
which is fluid at roomtemperature
mixed with other metals, the others first solute
and showed up with a mixture, which at
roomtemperature first solutes and then gets solid
and is usable to spill teethfillings.
And there a very new problem showed up
didn't exist before: and that was the
poisioning of humans with fillings
that became built into teeth.
and the interesting thing about it was, that even in
the 1830 there happend to be the so called First Amalgam War within the USA
bustling buisnessmen from europe brought
amalgam to the USA - and the scientists that time
there was this so called:
College of Dental Surgence
that was the first and only organized dentalgroup within the USA, that sayd in regard to first observations
to amalgam, they went against it and says: it is openly seeable,
that stuff does poison the people - causing great harm - we prohibit it!
and every doctor that time
lost his licence, who went on doing
That went on like that until the 1850th
- the 1869th and then
the group of dentalists who lost their licence
organized, and funded their own organization
calling themselves: The National Dential Association
which is still today the leading organization
of leading dentalists within the usa, which
grounded their foundation oni the thought, of
leading a war against them peoples,
that took away their licences bevore.
That went on not about science - it was just only about power.
And withthat amalgam heald a great restart
because the group was able to provide cheap
to the peoples - instead of the other group
providing gold and cement-fillings:
cement was cheap but did not held as long,
gold held longer and the goldfillings 150 years ago
were same build and same shape as
the goldfillings today - and were build with the
same dexterity and were same lasting as today but they cost as much as today in relation also
and therefore the peoples sayd: we won't fillings we can afford
it was a political victory and not a
scientific victory of the amalgamfillings.
then everything became silent besides from
time to time upcoming rumours, that amalgam may be harmfull to us
until approx the last 10 to 15 years
were a massive wave of literature
showed up, within the scientific literature
that clearly showed, that the usage
of mercury within teethfillings is seriously harmful - not only to sensitives
but to every human.
And I am trying to supply a little of a proof
and point then out to what we can do about it!
Approx. half of the peoples here in the room
do know that mercury is seriously unhealthy
and are maybe more with the question here: Now that the harm is done -
what can we do about it?
Am I guessing right? A little questioning:
Who of you needs to be convinced a little more that amalgam is seriously dangerous to us?
Please be honest, seriously - without holding back?!
Yeah, O.K. - "1" ...

... hmhm, ok that is important
to me to know whom I'm handling with.
I am going to introduce you, to worldliterature
just recently showed up within years.
On the one hand we got here literature, ..
Oh, O.K., at first, what is an amalgamfilling, yes?
An amalgamfilling is ca. 50% mercury
approx. 30% silver, and then ingrediences
are changing from filling to filling
there is 9% tin, 6% copper, and a little zinc.
Well the main ingrediences are - as the name proclaimes, silver-amalgam,
like it originally was supposed to be called mercury-amalgam, but it was called
silver-amalgam, because what would you prefer having in your teeth;
silver-amalgam or mercury-amalgam?