Gönülçelen )) Episode 26 - Part 2/7 [English Subtitles]

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the sorrow of my soul
filled my eyes with tears
I cry in sorrow
My best friend
I can't believe it
I can't be happy because Murat played the piano
Oh he did play the piano!!!
he was very good
but Hasret came and ruined everything at the last moment
I don’t understand what did Hasret do?
I'll explain to you later Nakish
I said that’s it.. but she came and confused him again
I don't think that’s what happened
he didn't want to be on stage with her.. He left.. so it's over
No.. No Ethem.. this is not over.. I know my son
give me a remedy for my suffering
but the wounds in my heart
are even deeper
that’s more like it.. do you feel better
tea will make you feel better
thanks mom
I'll be in my room.. If you need me..
no thanks mom.. we'll be fine
Good night
good night to you too
good night…
all the guests and especially the children adored you
you were really fabulous tonight
was I? when I was in this state?
yes.. you don't realize but
when you start singing nothing can affect you
and this should be always like this
you should actually learn to apply this to your normal life
Murat’s behavior should not affect you and upset you
you should learn to stay calm in normal life too
Oh I listened to you and came all the way here
neighbors will gossip and say I went to his house at night?
oh shut up..
come on.. No one outside in the garden so they must be in.. let's go back
I won't feel well until I see that Jafer is ok
we can't see them now.. they must be sleeping and snoring by now
let me at least peak through the window
oh come on..
the cold must have frozen your mind..
come here.. seed brain.. the neighbors are gonna see us
Oh I don't feel that everything is right..
oh shit.. dogs..
let's run..
you must take control of your own life now..
you know what I'm thinking?
maybe you should get away from here for a while
Boost your spirits before the recording of your actual album
What do you say?
you said we had lots to do though?
yes but none of them are more important than you
I can't reach him
where are you Murat?
from now on I won't let anyone hurt you
Or upset you.. trust me
WE don't need anyone else from now on
dear guests
I had recently reported that I had left music
since then I have never played the piano or played with anyone else
I'm only rescinding my decision once for the children
Miss Hasret can perform after my solo performance thanks
I'm at the tip of an endless cliff
I see him in the darkness inside an infinite dark night
I can see him going away from me
I can smell his scent
although he goes away.. his scent stays
I say “don’t go Murat” and he still goes
but his scent stays
I say to myself I should go before he does..
I should go far away somewhere..
everything will be great.. I promise..
you'll sing your songs the way you want to
Millions will listen to your albums
people will be happy, content listening to your songs..
they may even cry to your songs but you'll never cry again..
because you don't deserve to cry..
- here you go - I'll eat it on the way
bon appetit
hey give me some..
you nearly took all of it
No I just took a little
what is your notion of little!!!
oh shut it.. my flower can I have a cup of coffee?
a normal human would say Good morning first
hello.. how are you? Why have you not heard of kindness?
who played with your settings then..
nobody did
At least you could have learned how to be kind from Jafer..
you were roommates
don’t talk to me about Jafer.. I'm sensitive about that issue and you know it
I didn't say this cause I love the man..
I just wanted you to learn some manners
someone has clogged your mind.. Now you're nagging me
Ok I'll take you out somewhere
No I'm fine her in my coffeshop.. taking orders for tea, coffee, herbal tea..
No.. No.. I need you to come shopping with me
really.. so what will you buy me?
No No not you I'll buy Jafer some clothes
cause I burned his clothes
You should help me choose.. ok??
Hey.. come back here.. give me my toast..
you stayed here all night?
you fell asleep.. I didn't want to wake you up..
is your neck stiff
a little.. you don't look fine yourself
No. No. I feel great
let me get the breakfast ready
ok. Let me help you
I'm not used to seeing a man in the kitchen
really? Do I not look like a man then?
I didn't mean to say that. I just meant you are different
Ok so get ready to be shocked then
and why is that
I'm an expert on omelet’s.
that’s good cause I'm an expert on eating
Oh so you like omelet’s then
yes I do like it but I'm not sure you'll be able to make one
all this cause I dropped an egg
oh.. you're going to bring down the whole house
No No It’s just I like working loudly
what’s going on here
Nothing.. It's just Levent trying to make an omlet
I used to be much better.. I guess I'm a little nervous
you both sit I'll prepare breakfast
I should help
No No I don't need help
Nesrin leave the kid alone..
I'm not calling him..
Hello Mrs. Nesrin
Oh Bahar.. I was wondering about Murat
I couldn't reach him since last night
Do you by any chance know where he is?
No he didn't tell me
I wonder where he is?
but don’t worry he has a lesson.. he'll be here
will you call me when he comes then..
of course I will
Thank you.. Take care
good morning
good morning Mr. Murat
How are you girls?
I'm fine girls.. thanks
come here.. Shit the little rascal ran away
what are you doing?
oh can you believe it there is a rat! And it looks like Bekir too..
Why are you here?
Do you need sugar cubes?
no I have to go shopping with Cobra..
I was just gonna ask you if you could keep an eye on the coffee shop..
here take the keys
oh so wedding shopping?
no we're buying clothes for Jafer and he is taking me with him
look Gülnaz..
since you're going shopping anyhow don’t come back empty handed
so what do I do?
just make him buy stuff you need like
a duvet, curtains, sheets, carpets, towels...
come on my flower let's go
see you aunt kadrye
- Don't forget Huhhh - Ok. Ok. I won't forget