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Uploaded by Tommynnnnn on 05.05.2012

Ah, this video is going to be on the equation of a line, with regards to my fabulous programs
that I've programmed on the TI-89 calculator, and ah, these are pretty simple calculations,
but it's easy to forget how to do it. It's nice to have a program to be able to do it.
So, I'm going to clear the calculator here and we're going to put in; 2nd Alpha, 2nd
has to appear here, and then the alpha has to, to become darkened to go for the letters.
And I have to put that in the entry line - I n d e x - and you will to if you buy the programs,
ah alpha, it goes back to the number system, and then put the closed parenthesis in, and
press enter and we're into the ah menu. You'll notice there are many, many things on this
menu. Definite integral, ahh derivatives, uhm you know in algebra all of derivatives,
ah transforming ah problems. Curl, product rule, quotient rule, whatever, but we're going
to do equation of a tangent line, you can press alpha e, or you can scroll down like
this, and ahh, and press enter equation of a tangent line. Ah we're going to enter the
function, five times x squared, plus six times x, plus one let's say - notice I forgot to press alpha, first, which
is easy to do on this calculator, and so I'm gonna go back with two, I'm going to change
it, and I'll press alpha, five time x squared, plus six times x, plus one, and that's better,
five x squared plus six x plus one that's the function - now say it's ok - so we're
gonna, I generally press the one before the choice - and then we're going to enter the
x y component, ya know, x, the values for x and y, so let's do that now, let's do uhm
- You have to the parenthesis in first - you have to go alpha again - and put, let's go
three comma sixty-four, something - close out the parenthesis - and let's see - now
we got three, x y z equals three sixty four, that's cool - press one - and we have the
original function - we find the derivative of it, the slope - which equals ten x plus
six - at three - our x choice that we had, is the derivative, derivative at three is
ten, and then add the three to the x and there's the - thirty six is the slope which is m - press
enter again - shows you the formula - you write this stuff on your paper as you go - and
at y equals sixty four - which was our choice - sixty four equals m x plus b, so sixty four
equals thirty six that was the slope - times 3 - which was x - plus b, sixty four minus
one o eight minus forty four - here's the formula - y equals thrity six + minus forty
four - for that point- pretty neat huh - everystepcalculus dot com - check it out