EUSE Founder Christly Lynch

Uploaded by IASEmployment on 30.10.2012

Hi, I am very happy as an Irishman to welcome you all
and encourage you to come to the European Union of Supported Employment Conference in Dublin 2013.
It seems such a long time ago that myself and one other colleague sat in a room late one evening
and decided to start the European Union Of Supported Employment.
Next year is the 20th anniversary, the organisation has grown from strength to strength.
Has made an incredible difference in the lives of people with disabilities all over Europe.
And not only to people with disabilities, but to employers, to society at large who now appreciate
the capacity, the abilities and the true gifts that people with disabilities have to offer.
All of these issues will be celebrated, will be debated in Dublin next year.
And we'll also be looking to; what are the next steps?
What are the barriers we still have to overcome,
where are the mountains that we still have to climb?
So of course if you come to Ireland, we will do all that, we will work hard as Irish people do.
But we will also play hard. The social programme will be outstanding, we will have the best speakers
from around the world and we will have the best fun that Ireland can offer.
So get it in your diary and be in Dublin next year!