Jason Silva Loves Idea Sex

Uploaded by thnkrtv on 04.07.2012

JASON SILVA: I think that the minute that I saw the power of the camera to record a
real moment that I had felt powerless to capture prior was the first time that I was like,
"Wow. We're gods."
JASON SILVA: I call my videos shots of philosophical expresso, you know. I've referred to them
as inspired nuggets of rapture, you know. So, thinking about idea in a way in which
the idea enraptures you and The Atlantic referred to my work as "movie trailers for ideas."
You know how when you see movie trailers sometimes they're better than the film itself because
they do such a good job at synthesizing the experience of that film and compressing it
into three minutes? So, I'm doing that for ideas. When you package something well you
give it a membrane so that it can..it can then like replicate and perpetuate, you know,
like a...like a meme.
JASON SILVA: Culture is a meme. All the different cultures are memes, belief systems, you know
the ideas that we put out with language. And you know people talk about memetic content
now right? You know, YouTube allows everybody to create an electronic meme that can spread
across the world and infect 100 million minds instantaneously. We're talking about electrified
thoughts travelling at the speed of light. If they're done right, one person can reach
a billion people. The seed of a person now is his contribution to that memetic conversation.
You know, it used to be that we spread our seed by having sex. We used to do it with
sperm. We don't need to do it that way anymore. We now participate in this idea sex universe
with what we put out in terms of memetic content. Our semen is what comes out of us in the form
of ideas and contributions to culture and the collective consciousness and its fascinating.