Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks (Episode 7: Different LED Flashlight Intensities, Screen Capture)

Uploaded by Lucidmike78 on 05.11.2012

hello everyone welcome to galaxy note 2 tips and tricks episode seven i have
two quick tips for today so let's get started
so the first tip is i'm sure you probably have seen flashlight apps
for the galaxy note 2
or any galaxy devices you could just use it as a flashlight
and i wanna show you that you could have three different intensities
on this uh... flash
and you know just in case you may need it maybe you're a photographer just
the exact
amount of light for your photos who knows
one is called assistive light and this is it comes with your phone
and if you go to widget
there's an assistive light whidget
and when you turn this on
gives you the weakest LED light
that is possible
the other one is
an app from the marketplace so let me show you how to get it
so search for a flashlight in the googleplay store and then you're
going to see
Tiny Flashlight + LED
just install it but don't open the app
for example if you open the app directly
this is what it's going to look like
you have to open the app you have to push this button
but that's not how you want to use it
so go to the widgets and you want to add it as a widget so you're going to
flish light one by one
and add that to
to your home screen and just choose one of these icons doesn't really
for the strongest amount of flashlight

for the strongest amount of flashlight
you're going to
hit that
that widget's installed
interesting thing happens when you have them
both on
it's kinda produces medium level
so for example
this is
the intensity uh... I guess one and this is
but if you have both on it's like intensity two
that's interesting maybe there are some uses
even though it might be very small

just fun to know
let's move on to the second one the second one i want to talk
what is it swipe
or captain to do a screen capture on the device
and let me show you less common away that you've seen and a lot of
people seem to have a problem finding this so i wanted to go over it
but if you want to do a screen capture to hit this button and this is the home
button the power in the home but they simultaneously and then hold

let me demonstrate
simultaneously and hold
there you go took a snapshot
people have a hard time figuring this out because
if they came from adroid 2.3
you have to hold the power button
for like a half second and had to hold
home button
and then it took a snapshot if you didn't simultaneously it didn't work
so people got used to that
that way of doing it and then they upgraded to adroid 4.0
they couldn't hit the screen capture
so i thought i'd just cover it that the other way and i'm sure you've seen it in
the commercials
it's this swip
you could swip
or you could swip the other way doesn't really matter
then you could actually do it landscape mode as well
probably best use a finger
I guess just out of curiosity
you could do it from the bottom using a finger
that all seems to work just fine and actually i do tend to use that

swip to capture a lot more often now
and I think it is because
sometimes you're in a rush to capture something and
swip is for some reason a lot easier to remember so I think
it is a big improvment

let me just make sure it show you how
to enable swip just in case doesn't work for you
so in the settings
the home and then go to settings
scroll all the way down and you'll see
they make sure you have motion enabled and then
i'm going to see on the bottom
palm swip to capture so make sure that it's on
sure work just fine
so that is all i have for today
tomorrow i have a small treat for you guys I'm going to show you what it looks like
inside samsung as service center it's kinda like
in a apple store it said that is samsung's
kinda like simpson's version but it is only for i guess
that genius far portion
and it only exists in south korea so i'll just have the small video clip
for you guys
so anyway if you haven't seen my other videos yet
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