Jeevan Mrityu

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Your Honour, the accused Ashok Tandon is a dangerous criminal.
He is a slur on society, an enemy of humanity.
Misusing his power and faith reposed in him ...
he not only stole one million rupees from the bank ...
but snatched the support of so many poor people.
He has snatched their livelihood.
Any punishment pronounced on him is not enough.
Ashok Tandon's crime has been proved beyond doubt.
The court sentences him to seven years rigorous imprisonment.
Ashok, you are being released today.
Today? - Yes.
Here's your stipend, Rs.315.
Sign here.
Count the money. - It must be okay, sir.
This amount is very small for you.
But it's really strange as to where you have hidden the one million rupees.
Even the police has not been able to trace it until today.
Now go, collect the money and enjoy.
Give his money.
Who is it?...Who do you want to meet? - Mrs.Savitri lives here.
Savitri? Oh! the old woman who lived here before?
Yes, she's my mother. - You are her son?
The one who siphoned off one million from the bank?
Anyway, whatever you did, but could you not make some arrangements for her?
And you have come asking for your mother now?
The poor lady suffered so much, and one day, was crushed under a truck.
She died?
Why did you leave me, mom? You knew I was innocent.
Then why did you leave me, mom?
Even Deepa didn't take care of you?
Who do you want to meet? - Is Deepa home?
Who Deepa? No Deepa lives here. This is the bungalow of Barrister Amarnath.
What has happened? I lost everyone?
Tony, is he Ashok Tandon? - Yes, he is.
Why mister? You are in this state even after stealing one million rupees?
Where have you hidden the money? - Atleast buy yourself a good suit.
And a car. - An Impala.
How right!...He felt embarrassed.
Brother! Brother Ashok!
Didn't recognise me? I am Sameer. I used to work under you in Citizen Bank.
I know. Tell me. - I want to talk to you.
Do you also want to ask where I have hidden the booty?
No, I never believed you could have done this.
Infact, I know whose conspiracy it was.
Conspiracy? Whose?
That is what I want to tell you. Come with me.
Those who used to butter you not only trapped you ...
they didn't even let you getjustice.
They even bribed the lawyer who was fighting your case.
I'll show you something.
Do you recognise him? - He is Mr.Jagat.
And he? - He is Ramakant, and he is Mr.Harish.
He's my lawyer.
See how he is standing with his hand on Mr.Harish's shoulder.
They share a strong bond these days.
Yes...won't you believe me even now?
I have understood, Sameer. The riddle I could not solve for seven years ...
you have solved it for me.
I realise now how this happened, why it happened ...
how I got the soap on my hands.
You were sentenced, Mr.Rai lost his honour.
The bank shut down, but these people; they became millionaires.
It is obvious how. You should do something.
What can be done now? What is done is done.
I have even served my sentence.
I'll be going. - Come to my house.
I often mention you in my house. Stay with us for a few days.
No Sameer, I don't feel like living here now.
I want to go far away from here. - Where will you go?
I have a friend from my student days, Prem Prakash. I'll go to him.
As you wish.
What happened? - Thief!
Which compartment was he in? - In the next compartment.
Move aside! He stole my wife's chain.
Is he dead? - He seems so.
Does anyone know him? - No sir.
He must be having my wife's chain.
This is my wife's chain.
He must be having more stuff in his pocket.
He must have stolen other stuff too.
He was a professional thief. - What else would he do if not steal?
That is what he must have done all his life.
Gardener. - Who is it?
I am a traveler, I want to spend the night.
There's no room available here. Raja Saheb of Raigarh has come.
I'll sleep in the verandah. - Don't go near him.
He is very hot tempered. - Then where do I go?
Alright, go and sleep somewhere in the backyard. Go.
Thank you.
What happened to the car that it hasn't got repaired yet?
The driver is checking. Why do you bother?
You come and ... - Let me check.
You won't be able to see anything in the dark.
Keep quiet!
Driver, when will the car get repaired?
The car is running. - Grandpa, let's sit in the car.
Yes dear. Go get the luggage. Hurry!
Hide it beneath this shrub. No one will notice.
Even Keshav and Madhav will become rich like any king in two days!
You two very well knew what documents were there in that briefcase.
Yet, nothing got left behind with the luggage, except that briefcase.
We don't know how it got left behind. - We had kept everything in the car.
Stop your nonsense!
Tell me where that briefcase is, or I'll have you skinned alive.
No uncle, we really don't know anything.
Master... - What is it?
Someone wants to meet you. - Tell him I cannot meet anyone now.
He says it's urgent.
Bring him in.
Inspector, they won't admit like that.
I think we should go to the guest house once and check. Maybe...
You go and check if you like. But you will have to return empty handed.
I know this is not carelessness but a conspiracy of theirs.
Greetings. - Yes?
I have brought something that's yours. - What?
Where did you get it? - Under a shrub behind the guest house.
Shrub? How did it reach there?
Two men hid it there. - Can you recognise them?
No, it was very dark, I could not see their face.
But I heard two names in their conversation.
What names?
They said that in two days, Keshav and Madhav will be rich like any other king
Did you hear that, inspector? Take these two crooks out of my sight!
Forgive us, uncle. - Take them away!
Sir, I'll take your leave.
Where do you live? - I am a stranger here.
I had come to meet a friend here. - Who is he?
He was the forest officer here. His name is Prem Prakash.
When I reached here, I came to know he has left the job.
That is why I went to live in the guest house.
Ujagar, get a room ready for this gentleman's stay here.
No Sir, don't bother, I'll leave.
You are tired. Stay here atleast for the day.
Grandpa, please come, I am sleepy. - Yes son, come.
Good night.
Come sir.
You? You haven't slept yet?
I cannot sleep. - Because it's a new place?
No, the mattress is too soft.
Even I cannot sleep. One question keeps coming to mind.
The briefcase you brought, do you know what was in it?
Yes, there was money in it.
Didn't you feel like taking so much money?
I can't say I didn't feel like, but I still have honesty in me.
Know how much money was in it? - I didn't count.
But my nephews didn't decide to cheat me for such a small amount.
They wanted to lay their hands on a bigger amount than this.
There were documents in that to get which, ...
landlords of Raigarh would pay millions.
I didn't mind losing the money. But if my enemies would get these documents...
they could have played with my honour.
And I value my honour much more than money.
That is what even I used to think once upon a time.
Once upon a time? And now? Oh! you haven't introduced yourself.
What will you do knowing me?
One does desire to know a man who is not greedy.
Sir, you will be shocked to know that I have served a seven year sentence ...
for embezzling money.
That's my introduction. - But I want to know more than that.
For seven years, amid the dark walls of jail, ...
even I tried to know ...
if I'll have any introduction other than this.
I used to believe that life for a man without honour is like death.
And I have lost my honour.
Today, you have reminded me of my college debate ...
whose topic was, 'is money greater, or honour?'
But when we talk of respect, we talk of honor, integrity.
They are just big words, they don't mean anything.
They are just the imagination of some idle people.
And it is these people who crave for feigned honour,who bad month money.
We should not bad mouth money.
Money is made by working hard.
Money means productivity.
All of us know, the more we increase productivity, the more we will progress
Even our scriptures say ...
Which means, people survive on food, and a country survives on money.
If there is no productivity, no money, who will survive?
Neither us, nor our country.
That is why I believe that in today's times, ...
we must accept the importance of money.
Thank you.
Who will come among the boys to speak against the topic?
No one? - No one has the guts, sir.
That's an insult, sir.
What are you doing? Our honour is at stake. Go!
Sir, Ashok will speak. - Why don't you speak?
Sir, I only give running commentary. ....Go!
Respected sir, friends, and co-students.
The topic today is a tough one. I don't know what to say.
Actually, what even kids can tell you, if even I say that ...
you will consider me too a kid.
So I want to talk thoughtfully.
Can you tell me what this is? - A hair pin.
No, this is a needle. The girls know it's importance.
They use it in different ways. And sometimes, even to prick.
My friend, Prem Prakash can come out of the hole in this needle easily.
What are you saying? Me? - Yes.
This impossible thing is also possible.
Why just Prem, Jesus Christ has said even a camel can pass through this hole
But a money worshiper can never meet God.
Because over there, money is considered worthless.
If we take money in the form of productivity ...
yet it cannot be of greater importance than honour.
It is the thought of honor that makes a man work hard.
It is when a man works hard that there is productivity.
All of us know that an honorable man will die hungry, ...
but never beg before anyone.
Silence, let him speak.
Honour is the ideal of our life. Money isjust a means to live.
How can means be greater than an ideal?
But if my co-student has tried to prove money greater than ideal...
than only because of a woman's nature.
My friend, Prem is right.
And then, even they have agreed, that women always favour money.
Obviously. Money is made to fulfill their needs.
New clothes, jewelry, make-up items, fashion items ....
they cannot survive without them.
I protest! That's not true. - Alright, sit down.
Ashok, don't criticize anyone, talk on the subject.
I am talking on the subject.
And my point has been proved too.
Their protest proves that even they have self respect.
However much they may support money, ...
but even they give more importance to honour.
Thank you.
Didn't you bring Deepa along? - She didn't come.
I know, you must not have told her.
How could I? She was angry today. We had a debate, she got angry.
Why do you keep teasing her?
Is that right? - Where do I tease her?
I have made Halwa for her. - For her?
Yes. Get up, have tea, freshen up and go and call her.
I won't go to call her. - Why not?
She is angry with me.
The way you have annoyed her, appease her the same way. Go.
You want me to leave my studies and go to appease that madam?
It is not very far, go. ....Will you go or not?
I'll go. You won't listen to me. You have made Halwa for her after all.
You? - Yes, me.
When did you come? - Just now.
Mom has called you. - Why?
Until the Goddess eats oblation, the devotees don't get to eat.
Meaning? - Halwa.
Aunt has made it for me? - Yes.
Come in and tell father, then we'll go.
When did uncle buy a new car? - It's not ours.
It's owner is Barrister Amarnath. He's worth meeting.
New cars, new suits, he keeps talking of England and America.
Why has he come here? - He manages father's legal matters.
But more than work, he eyes something else.
Hey! Are you too eying him? - What did you say?!
The way you were supporting money in the debate, that scares me.
If you tease me like that, I won't go with you.
Don't be so angry, I made a mistake, forgive me.
Accept defeat? - Yes.
You accept that honour has to bow before money?
I bow down before your stubbornness.
Is everything okay? - Yes, I have checked it, just sign.
Hello uncle. - Hello....Ashok!
Come, son. Is everything alright? - Yes.
Let me introduce you. He is Mr.Amarnath, Bar at Law.
He has earned a name in a short span of time.
And he is Ashok.
You...? - Deepa and Ashok study together.
He is also the son of my childhood friend.
Studies, nature, he is good in everything.
How are you? - I'm fine.
Father, I am going to his house, aunt has called me.
I understand! She must have surely cooked something special.
Tell your mother it is not right to invite only Deepa.
I'll bring for you too. - Do bring, don't forget.
What a bother!
What is that? - I'm! finding an answer.
What is machine of powers? I didn't write the answer to that.
Don't try to talk. - I was not talking, I was rotting.
Does he have ears or microphones?
Why are you wearing such clothes?
If you want to clear exams in my style, you have to dress like that.
Meaning? - Don't understand?
Look carefully, I have answers written all over the shawl.
You? - 'On Education'
I thought I had finished my education. You want me to study further?
Not you, children. - Children? Preparing now itself?
I'll beat you!
I'm notjoking. I have decided I will start a school.
Or how will I kill time? You will go to office.
So I have thought of starting a school. I'll spend time well ...
and for a good cause too.
It has been my desire since many days. - It really is a very good idea.
Even I feel like quitting my job and start teaching with you.
But mister, first take up a job.
That is what I am going to do. - Really?
Where? Since when? - See this.
This isjust an interview call.
For your information Ms.Deepa, for me, an interview call is an appointment.
Is it that easy?
I'm seeing the Goddess before leaving, my wish will surely get fulfilled.
Have so much faith in the Goddess? - Yes.
But you've come empty handed to the Goddess.
I'll make an offering as soon as my wish is fulfilled.
What offering will you make?
You are too much. - What I am, I'll ask you later.
I am getting late for the interview, I have to go.
Okay, good luck. - Okay, thank you.
Sir, you have been called in.
Hello. - Come in.
He is Ashok Tandon. This is his application.
After doing B'com, you did MA, why not M'com?
I was more interested in Economics, so ...
That is obvious from your results. First class first. Very fine.
But he has no experience. You didn't ever take up a part time job?
That's okay, I consider sincerity more important than experience.
Especially in banking, sincerity and honesty is very important.
Honesty is our first condition.
But sir, until one doesn't get an opportunity to work ...
what experience can one get? And how can one show his sincerity and honesty?
These things cannot be shown with talks.
Mr.Tandon, when can you join us?
From whenever you want.
Come tomorrow, you will get your appointment letter tomorrow.
The bank opens at 9 am.
He is our bank manager, Rajeshwar Dutt.
What happened?
What happened, Ashok?
Nothing, mom. The face I saw in the morning, what could come of it?
I am going, aunt. - Where are you going?
You have been waiting since afternoon to hear the news.
Tell me Ashok, what happened? Got the job?
It is not so easy to get a job.
One has to do a lot of running around, only then does one get a job.
And then, people don't even consider me worthy.
He has got the job aunt, that is why he is wearing that attitude.
It's not good to have such attitude. - Deepa! Listen!
What is this? You two have grown so big, but yet you act immature.
I don't understand ...
Mom, I got the job. - Really? Naughty!
That too, in a bank. Bless me that I can fulfill my responsibility.
A mother blesses her son with her every breath.
Good you got a job. Now I'll bring home Deepa as my daughter-in-law ...
and all my desires will be fulfilled. - I won't get married now.
We had to endure so many hardships after father's death.
We even had to sell our house. You had to cut corners to give me an education.
Let me improve our status first, then I'll get married.
Who can trust life? I may not be alive tomorrow.
Don't talk like that, mom.
You will always be with me, I will never let you go.
I have got a job now, your good days are here, and you still talk like that?
Alright, I won't.
My darling son.
You are so lost in work, you don't even lift your gaze.
It's 4 O'clock. Won't you come to have tea?
I just have some more to do, then I'll have tea.
There is no need to show so much loyalty.
Over here, the more work you keep pending, the more importance you get.
And the more importance you get, the more progress you'll make.
He's right. Look at Mr.Harish.
He's a double graduate and working here since 10 years.
But he's still an accountant.
And the new recruit Rajeshwar Dutt has become the manager.
Shall I ask you something? How did you get the job?
You must have used some strong source. - No.
Then you must surely have paid a price.
Rajeshwar Dutt doesn't do any job without taking money.
How much did you give? - Nothing.
Please go and do your work. - Am I mad to work during break?
It's me who is mad. Please let me work.
Then work, I'm not holding your hand.
Mr.Jagat, he won't understand yourjoke, come.
Ashok, he is Sameer.
He has been appointed an apprentice in your department.
Train him under you.
You sit here.
So what do I do? Why should I care if you are suffering a loss?
I am not your servant that I'll do your work whenever you drop in.
I did not say that, I only made a request.
You are unnecessarily getting angry. - Oh yes, I'm mad.
What is the matter, Mr.Gupta?
I have to present last year's statement in court tomorrow.
But he says I cannot get it today. - Why?
I didn't say that. I said this is tea time, I'll come back & give it to him.
But he has no patience.
You should know how to speak to a customer.
And then, Mr.Gupta is an old customer. Hisjob must be done today.
Hey, get me tea.
Damn! - What is the matter?
I have begun to hate thisjob. There is no respect, no working hours.
Moreover, they come and insult you in a customer's presence.
Who? - Mr.Dutt, who else?
Such people only will make progress here now.
Didn't you see the new probationary officer who has come?
He doesn't treat humans as humans. - Why will he?
He's the manager's special guy.
You and me stand no chance.
I had put in my brother-in-law's name for this post.
But neither did Mr.Rai listen, nor Mr.Dutt.
Why will they listen? They are our masters, they can do anything.
We have to work as slaves. - Notjust slaves.
We are wasting our lives.
Get tea!
Father was asking for you. - Why?
I don't know. He perhaps wants to talk about marriage.
Marriage? Whose marriage? - Won't you ever be serious?
I am always serious. So you are talking of your marriage.
Actually, we are already married.
Our hearts already belong to each other.
Where marriage is concerned, we'll even do that.
I dream of our nuptial night these days.
What do you see? - I see...I see...
We'll have a courtyard shinning with stars
And rains pouring down
Our life will be one such beautiful dream
We'll make a small house in Love lane
Even if we don't get buds, we'll decorate it with thorns
Ourjungle will be more beautiful than a garden
With pouring down ...
I will see the world with your eyes
I will see this world, or that
My eyes will see only you
With rains pouring down ...
We will then become whiffs of fresh air
Our eyes will become windows to beautiful dreams
Our hearts will be the mirror of hopes
With rains pouring down ...
You are saying this now. But then, you had said the agreement is okay,...
I can sign it.
I have understood everything. You must have accepted a bribe from Agarwal.
Look, you are insulting me.
I will insult you in everyone's presence.
I will tell everyone you are a betrayer.
You will have to pay for what you have done with me.
You have gone crazy. - Shut-up! Get out of here.
Yes sir? - Tell the driver we are going home.
Father has departed, Ashok.
You have upset me.
You are getting such a big post in Reserve Bank; that's really nice.
I cannot even stop you, but the question is ...
who I should appoint in your place.
If you want to know my opinion, I'd say ...
capability, behavior, responsibility, ...
only one person is suitable for this post in every way.
He is my first, second, and third choice. Ashok Tandon.
Ashok! Exactly my thoughts.
I have complete faith in that boy. He will manage this responsibility.
I don't know why, but I feel he is like my son.
What you wish will be done.
You are so late today. - Mom! Like this shawl?
It's nice, very nice. It looks expensive.
But what is the matter? You took my blessings, gave me this shawl...?
Your son has become a bank manager.
Really? Bank manager!! You are great, God!
My son!!
May you always progress. May you become successful, may you earn respect.
And listen, I will make arrangements of your marriage now.
And I won't heed your refusal.
Really? Then even I won't refuse.
This is injustice.
This is the second time you have been deprived of your due.
Earlier, it was Dutt, and now, it is Ashok who has been made manager.
And despite your seniority, you haven't been promoted.
I had my doubts the day Ashok Tandon got a job here.
How long will you suffer? You must do something.
I can do a lot, but we must have unity among us.
If you guys support me, I can teach them a lesson.
We are with you, we will do anything you say.
Yes. - Do you promise?
You can trust us.
Ashok's loyal is coming.
Sameer, come here. You are going to rule now.
It is all by your grace. - Ask your senior to give us a treat.
Why him, I'll only give you a treat.
This is how a junior should be.
Congratulations Mr.Ashok. I am pleased by your promotion as manager.
I think the entire staff is happy.
You are senior to me. I don't know why Mr.Rai & Mr.Dutt chose me for the job.
You should not think like that. You are worthy of the post in every way.
Mr.Harish, I cannot do anything without your support and help.
Don't worry. Have atleast that much faith in us.
It's time for the counters to open. Let's get the cash out.
How much do we need to remove today? - Rs.235000.
Come Mr.Harish. - I had come to ask you something.
Tomorrow is the year's last day. We have to finish the closing of books.
I was thinking of finishing maximum work today itself.
If you permit, everyone will do a little overtime today.
You can do overtime, we won't have much load for tomorrow.
I wanted to ask one more thing. - Yes?
We even have to make comparative data of business of previous years.
That file is perhaps with you. - Yes, it is with me.
Give it to me, you have other things to do.
That can be done later.
I was thinking of doing it today itself.
Give it to me. - Alright.
Here you are.
Great! Well done.
Take. Happy? - Thank you, sir.
Here you are, Mr.Jagat. These are the two duplicate keys to the vault.
This problem has been solved. - He's done a good job.
Now is your turn to do the job.
Tomorrow, you can sit and do the year closing work, no one will suspect.
But ensure one thing.
There should be no one in the bank after 8:30 pm other than you two.
There will be a call on Mr.Rai's personal line at 9 pm.
The guard as usual will go to answer the call.
And will be busy there for three minutes.
You have to do your job within these three minutes.
It will be done. - It will be done.
Mr.Ashok, I have prepared the data. You also take a look at it.
Maybe I have made some mistake. - What is the matter? You look upset.
Yes, my father-in-law has suffered a heart attack for the second time.
Since my wife has heard the news, she has fallen unconscious several times
She wants me to send her to her father's place.
But how can I send her alone? - You want to go with her?
I should be going, but it's the year ending, I can't afford to take leave.
How will you be able to work if you are so tense?
You can go, I'll manage the work here. - Thank you very much.
I think I will leave now, I'll even get the train.
Okay. - This is my key to the vault.
The bank is closed tomorrow and day after. I'll take it from you on Monday.
Thank you, Mr.Ashok.
It is 9 pm. - Yes, it is.
Damn! Who has called now?
What?....who do you want?
Speak in Hindi, I don't understand English.
What did you say?...I am the guard.
I cannot understand anything. I said I am the guard.
Where will we keep so much money?
Don't worry Mr.Jagat, I will keep it at such a place where no one will know.
Let Ashok get arrested, let him be sentenced ...
we will share it later.
The bank will also fail by then.
Then we will start our own businesses. - This is great!
We have the cake, and ate it too.
It is so late. Ashok has not come yet.
He will come. He said he will hand over the keys and return immediately.
It's a job of responsibility, he must have got late.
Ashok has come. The police is with him.
What is the matter, Ashok? Why have they come here?
To search your house. - Search? Why?
One million rupees is missing from the bank vault.
So they ... - So they will search our house?
Being the bank manager, how can you steal from the bank?
Come and search the house.
Please move to one side.
Constable, search that room. You come with me. The other two search this room.
I found the money! Look.
There were five bundles hidden behind the cupboard.
Constable, search the house. The balance money must also be hidden here
Slip of Citizen Bank.
No, that's not possible. My son cannot steal.
Ashok, where did this money come from? Did you steal?
No mom, I did not steal. - Then where did this money come from?
Why don't you speak? You have committed a theft.
Why? Why?!!
Hello Barrister. -
Yes, I have work with you.
Sit down.
Tell me?
Ashok should not be acquitted.
What? - Yes, it is in everyone's interest.
Yours, and ours too. - No, I cannot do wrong.
You can do it, just try once. - No.
And the greatest evidence is that the two keys ...
with which the bank vault could be opened ...
were in custody of the accused at the time of theft.
Thus, after taking all evidence into account ...
the court without doubt, convicts the accused ...
and sentences him to seven years imprisonment.
This is not possible.
Deepa, I leave mother's responsibility on you.
Take care of her. Take care of my mother, Deepa.
I will. I will wait for you, Ashok.
And thus, my world was snatched from me.
And my life was slurred.
I did not only lose the best seven years of my life ...
they snatched a lot more from me, which I can never get back again.
I lost my mother, even Deepa left.
I am left, to carry the burden of this slur.
There is no one to believe that even I was a respectable man once.
I will believe you.
It is quite late. Go to bed.
Take the call.
Yes, he's here...Master, your call.
Mr.Jagat? Harish here.
Have you read today's newspaper? - Not yet. Any special news?
Very special. Ashok was released from jail two days ago.
He was released?...He's dead?
Bless you, Harish! You have given me great news early in the morning.
Get me the newspaper.
Death of a prisoner released from jail.
Where are you coming from?
I had gone to show uncle the garden.
Looks like you have fallen in love with uncle.
He's a cute kid.
Go to Ujagar and have milk. - Go dear.
Come Ashok.
Mr.Rai, let me leave now. - Sit down atleast.
Have you thought of where you will go, what you will do?
What is left to think about now? I'll live my life somehow.
The people because of who you suffered all this ...
don't you feel like taking revenge from them?
I do feel very much.
I can never forget that they are responsible for my mother's death.
Wish I could challenge them and expose them before the world.
And then I would ask forjustice from society and law and ask them to see...
who the criminal is.
But even thinking about it all today is pointless for me.
Why? - They are moneyed, men of means.
I am poor and a delinquent in comparison.
Who in this world will help me?
God will help you. That is why he found a new way for you.
Read this news.
Two nights ago, about 12 miles from here, a man named Ashok Tandon ...
For the world, Ashok Tandon is dead.
You will now have to play a new role on the stage of life.
In a new form, with a new name.
I don't understand. - I have an office in the city.
I will hand it over to you, and send you there.
Your friend, Prem Prakash is managing the office as my secretary there.
Prem Prakash is working with you?
Yes, and your new role's test will be with him.
If he doesn't recognise you, we will be assured no one will suspect you.
You will get all kind of comfort there.
I am sure that in this battle of wits, you will defeat the enemy.
Why are you doing all this for me?
So that you can live your life again, which will please me.
If I cannot do that much for you, I won't be worthy of calling myself human.
But sir, money will be involved. If I make some mistake ...
Then I will have to consider myself naive.
Ashok, don't think of all that. Just come determined to the battlefield.
And vow that you will take revenge from the enemy
Sir, I swear by my mother ...
until I don't avenge my mother's death ...
I won't think of anything else.
May God grant you success.
Hello. Are you Mrs.Bikram Singh?
What? Listen, look what this loafer is telling me.
What is it? - Are you Mr.Bikram Singh?
No, I am Chatur Singh. - I'm sorry.
Are you Prem Prakash? - Yes. Tell me.
I am Bikram Singh. - Oh! I was looking for you.
Good morning, sir. But how did you recognise me?
By the description I was given of you.
Good. Where is your luggage? - Here it is.
I have brought the car. Porter!
Come sir. - Greetings sir.
I'm sorry sir, the furniture is old here, I didn't change it.
I thought Mrs.Singh is coming, she will change it herself.
When is Mrs.Singh coming? - Never.
Why sir? - Because she doesn't exist.
You mean you are not married? - No.
Even I have not married yet.
I think every intelligent man should not get married.
Marrying women is like inviting trouble on yourself.
You are right. If you listen, shall I say something?
Suggest someone who can give me information about rich men of this city
Sir, I know a Mr.Sen. If you like, I will call him.
Yes. Another thing. There was a Citizen Bank here.
Citizen Bank? Yes sir, I knew it very well.
My friend used to work there. He suffered a terrible tragedy.
A theft was committed in the bank and he was falsely accused...
Mr.Prem, you talk too much.
I want to know about Citizen Bank's managing director, Mr.S.N.Rai.
I want to know where he is and how he is.
Alright sir, I'll find out how he is.
Who is it? - Hello.
Does Mr.Rai, the managing director of Citizen Bank live here?
Yes. - Can I meet him? I have work with him.
He is not keeping well. You can tell me about it.
I am his daughter.
Actually, you can say, I have work only with him.
Sit down, I'll call him. - Okay.
It's a pet.
Hello. - Hello. Sit down.
You sit down. I will drink a jug of water.
I mean, a glass of water. - I'll get it.
I'm sorry, I don't know you. - My name is Prem Prakash.
I had come to meet you. - Me? In what connection?
Nothing important. Actually, my boss Bikram Singh has sent me to you.
To inquire about you. - Bikram Singh?
I can't remember any Bikram Singh. - But he knows you.
He is a great man. Even I didn't know him, ...
but he recognised me as soon as he saw me at the station.
He must be knowing you. - Maybe. Sit down.
Why did you bother? You should have sent it with a servant.
We don't have a servant.
Why are you standing? Sit down. - First you sit down.
I'll sit again? You sit first.
I heard you are not keeping well. What is wrong with you?
One doesn't have one health problem when old.
Your house is in bad condition. Why don't you get it repaired?
So many high rises have come up in your neighbourhood.
How can I repair it now? - Why do you say that?
When everyone knows it, there is no harm in telling you.
The house is mortgaged. Who knows, we may even lose our shelter one day.
Who is it mortgaged with? - Mr.Jagat of Jagat Oil Mills.
Oh. - I took a loan and fell into trouble.
My life has become hell trying to repay the money.
I'll take your leave. Good day.
Your glass. I'm sorry, I forgot.
I didn't ask your name. - I'm Jayshree.
I'm Prem Prakash. Will you remember Prem?
What happened? - It's come out!
It was after me since very long. Good day.
I found out today. - What?
About Mr.Rai.
You met him? - I was in trouble today.
Why, what happened? - A spring stuck on my pant...
No sir, I'm sorry, or you will say I talk too much.
Sir, Mr.Sen has come. - Tell him I'll call him in a minute.
How is he? - He is in bad shape.
He is sick, he has to pay off debts, even his house is mortgaged.
With whom? - Mr.Jagat of Jagat Oil Mills.
I think, he has taken ill because of that pressure.
Wonder how he survives. He has no servants, only a daughter.
She is very nice. - She's a big girl?
No, she's not big. - Then is she a kid?
No, she's not a kid either, but she is not very big.
I don't understand what you are saying. She's neither big, nor small?
Actually sir, I am bad at guessing women's age.
You can say she is of marriageable age.
Marriageable age? You go out and send Mr.Sen in.
Marriageable age indeed.
Hey mister, go inside. - For your information, my name is...
Come. Got any information on them?
Sure sir. The people you wanted to know about, ...
I have made a report of their financial status & property in this.
Alright, I'll go through this. Any news on Deepa?
I'm sorry, sir. I think she has left this city.
But don't worry. I have associates in various cities.
I will write to them and trace her.
But that will cost you more money. - Don't worry about the cost.
I must know her whereabouts.
This Bhimsen is not a man to sit idle.
Bhimsen? - My name is actually Bhimsen.
But people used to fear my name, so I cut out the Bhim, and call myself Sen.
Harishchandra and Ramakant, partners in import-export business.
The profits are less, but seeing their expenses ...
it seems they have another hidden source of income.
But could not find out what.
Jagat Narayan, owner of Jagat Oil Mill.
He even lends money on interest.
And even does black marketing in seeds.
A very greedy man of ill intentions.
Amarnath, barrister. His practice doesn't do well.
He is more interested in the share bazaar.
Mom, I am beginning my battle from today.
Bless me, so that I can expose the activities of my enemies ...
and get back my lost honour.
Bless me, mom.
May sin be destroyed!
You fool, there is news of yesterday in this newspaper.
Ask me about tomorrow. - Meaning? What will you say ...
You think I am a fraud? You think Lal Baba is a fraud?
You think that the property of millions you have got in a jiffy ...
you got because of your cheating? No, you got it with your destiny.
Yes. - And listen.
Your destiny is going to shine again.
Your good times are coming.
Want me to tell you about it? - Yes Sage, please do.
You will get news of a company's share prices rising.
They are rising? - They will keep rising.
They'll keep rising? - Buy as many shares as you can.
I will. - And sell them after two days.
I will.
You'll make so much money, you won't be able to count it all your life.
Will that happen? - Why will it not?
It will happen. I am saying it will happen.
It will happen. It will surely happen.
Sage, this offering.
Offering? You are insulting me?
I'm not greedy for money. - I made a mistake, sir.
When yourjob is done, I'll come again. Make an ashram for me.
I surely will.
Anything else I can do? - What can you do for me?
If you want to do something, introduce me to your friends.
I'll do something for them too. - I surely will.
And finally write...thank you.
May sin be destroyed. - Who are you?
Lal Baba. The barrister has sent me.
Oh yes, he had called me. Please come.
I have blessed him. It is your turn now.
Thank you so much, Sage.
Tell me something. - Hold.
You have a bright future. Start counting days.
From an ordinary man, you became a millionaire.
Very true, sir.
Now you will become a billionaire. - How is that, Sage?
I'll tell you. - Tell me quickly.
Very soon, you will meet a stranger.
He will be a very rich man.
And whatever business you do with him, you will gain ten fold.
But how will I recognise this stranger?
I'll tell you even that. - Thank you so much.
He will be a Scorpion. And his name will begin from 'Ou' or 'B'.
'Ou' or 'B'. - Will you remember?
I will. Excuse me, I'll take the call.
Yes Jagat Narayan here. Where are you calling from?
Singh Investment Corporation?
Who wants to meet me? Bikram? Say it again. Bikram Singh?
'Ou', 'B'? Great!
No, I wasn't talking to you, I was thinking of something else.
Yes, I will surely come.
You will even touch my feet now.
I will myself come.
You are great! I acknowledge your greatness.
You do? You will acknowledge it even more when yourjob is done.
Who are you? - Jagat Narayan.
What name did you say? - Jagat Narayan.
I'm sorry, I made a mistake. Mr.Singh is waiting for you.
Come in.
Mr.Jagat Narayan has come. - Come sir. Welcome. Sit down.
Prem, get some cold drink for Mr.Jagat.
Please don't bother.
You have come to my office for the first time.
I won't let you go without showing some hospitality.
How are you? - I'm fine, Mr.Singh.
Tell me, how did you think of this poor man?
Come on, don't say that, you are a rich man.
I myself wanted to come to you.
Whether you come or I, it's the same thing.
We'll keep meeting now.
I have heard you have some mortgaged property on Almeida Road.
Yes, I do. - I like that property.
But that is a useless, rundown bungalow.
The plot is worth the money, I'll get a new bungalow made.
That's all there is. Actually, I would not mortgage it.
Mr.Rai was in dire straits. I took pity on him and his daughter.
But I didn't make anything. You can say, I made a loss.
You are a kind man.
Do me a favour. Transfer those loan papers to me.
You will recover your money, and my job will be done.
You can take it, Mr.Singh. Why will I refuse?
How much loan had you given? - Rs.30000.
The interest must be a big amount now. - I won't take interest from you.
You are taking it for yourself. Just give me the principal amount.
No, how is that possible? - It is possible.
I won't take interest from you. - You will suffer a loss?
What loss? I believe in strengthening relations.
It's okay if I don't make profit this time, I'll make it another time.
Oh great! Even I follow the same principle.
I won't let you suffer a loss. Let me tell you something.
I have some money lying idle, and since a very long time.
I want to invest it. Suggest a business ...
where you make some money, and even I make some money.
Sure, why not. - What about the loan papers?
Take them anytime. - Do it today itself.
No problem. - Mr.Prem, you go with him.
Take the money and go. I'll give you cash, or cheque, whatever you like.
Your cheque is also as good as cash for me.
No, you take cash.
I'll be going. - Another small favour, Mr.Jagat.
Tell me. - I am new to this city.
I wish to get introduced to the big businessmen here.
I wish to throw a party in that connection.
Good idea. - You have to arrange that party.
I'll do whatever you say. I'll make all the arrangements.
The party will be great.
What difference does it make to me, Mr.Bikram Singh?
Earlier, I was Mr.Jagat's debtor, now I am your debtor.
I don't understand why you did this. What will you gain?
I know what I will gain from it.
Mr.Rai, don't worry, I'll reclaim my money.
Who will give you? - You will.
If you won't take offence, shall I say something?
Your daughter is really very beautiful.
I'll take your leave.
Good day. We'll meet often now.
Mr.Prem, is everything going fine? - Yes sir.
I want to talk to you. - Yes, tell me.
I heard you had gone to meet Mr.Rai. - Who told you?
I met Ms.Rai. - Oh, Jayshree? She is very beautiful.
She was saying you want to recover the loan amount from them.
You think I should donate Rs.30000 to them?
It's not that. I thought you took the loan papers to save them from trouble.
Jagat Narayan had acted sympathizer then and given them money.
And he was saying... - Mr.Prem Prakash!
It seems you are very sympathetic towards them.
But is this the time to discuss that?
A party is on. Do something else.
Come sir.
Like the party? - It is great. You did a greatjob.
You didn't introduce me to your friends.
What for?
The party will go one, let us talk business.
Why talk business with them? Talk business with me.
You are like family. - Alright, come.
I am alive.
There is no glass in your hand. Don't you drink?
You drink and drown in your drink.
Mr.Singh, he is Mr.Harish.
You are Mr.Harish? Pleased to meet you.
I am always hearing about you. - What?
Mr.Jagat is always talking about you.
Now that we have been introduced, we must keep meeting often.
You keep meeting me, I'll keep meeting you.
I have to learn a lot from you. - Why are you embarrassing me?
You are running such a big business, what will we teach you?
I have to learn to make money from you.
I am totally naive where business is concerned.
My forefathers have left behind a lot of money. I have invested some of it.
I have so much left, I don't know where to invest.
I will tell you where you should invest.
For now, you drink, serve others, and watch the show.
He thinks we will trap Bikram Singh.
Why should we bother? - But Jagat has caught a good client.
In this world ...
there are such naive men
They take their boat where ...
there are storms
Coming near the flame ...
the moths assume ...
they will be there forever
But only for a night ...
they last
In this world, there are such naive men
Love like a flame ...
does not burn in everyone's life
The gaze of a beauty ...
does not pierce everyone's heart
Only those who are lucky ...
get sacrificed
They take their boat where ...
there are storms
After drowning, from the shore at a distance ...
those who watch the fun
After secretly lighting the fire ...
those who watch the fun
When themselves become a joke...
why do they get such a shock?
They take their boat where ...
there are storms
Hello Mr.Singh. - Hello!
What time did you get up in the morning?
I have a headache. I drank a little too much.
What brings you here early morning? You didn't inform me.
Mr.Singh, I need some money.
You said you wanted to make money. - Yes, I had.
Did you think of something? - It's the harvest season.
I thought of stocking some grains. - Why some? Stock as much as you can.
But do you have a place to store the stocks?
There is no dearth of place, I have my oil mill godown.
I always stock oil seeds.
No one will suspect anything. - You are very smart.
Tell me, how much money do you want? - Only Rs.50000.
You are talking small again. What will you do with only Rs.50000?
If you want to make profits, talk of Rs.100000, or Rs.200000.
Bless you, sir. If you help me like that ...
I will sell the grains at very high rates.
Give me Rs.200000. - Let us do some paper work.
Paper work? - Got scared, sir?
It's a matter of principle. Even I must have something for security.
Mortgage your mill with me, and take Rs.200000 right away.
Alright, prepare the documents. - That's better.
Your heart is beating fast. You must have courage
I do have courage. - The papers will get ready soon.
Have you finished unloading? - Yes.
Everything? Come with me, let's settle your account.
Sir, come over there with me, the account will be settled there.
I don't understand.
You'll have to come to the police station with me.
Police station? - Yes.
Why? - Because we need you.
What nonsense are you talking?
We have come to know that the sacks of oil seeds were only on the skirting.
There were rice sacks in between. - What?
Don't worry, your stocks will be safe here, and you will be safe with us.
Who are you? - I am Inspector Sadat Hussein.
I arrest you for black marketing.
Handcuff him. - Inspector!
Inspector, take whatever you want. I'll meet your every demand. Inspector!
I'll pay you all my life. Inspector...inspector!
Damn! No one listens to me.
Who is it?
So Mr.Jagat, how does it feel behind bars?
Ashok, save me. Get me out of here.
Got scared so soon?
I spent the best seven years of my life in jail.
And that too, when I was innocent.
My mother turned mad and died because of you guys ...
while you all continued to enjoy.
I didn't do anything. It was all Harish and Ramakant's doing.
You didn't do anything? - No...yes, I did.
I won't lie now. But whatever I did, was at the behest of Harish & Ramakant.
Ashok, please forgive me, I plead with you, I beg of you.
Beat me as much as you like, but ...
I can even kill you if I like.
But I don't want that. - I know you can do everything now.
I plead with you, save me.
Make my papers go missing from the inspector's file.
I will offer prayers for you at all holy places.
I will do everything to let your soul rest in peace.
But please save my honour. - Your honour?
This is the revenge of my fall, Jagat.
No Ashok, please don't say that, or I will kill myself at your feet.
Who Sen?...What! You have traced Deepa?
Where is she?
Who do you want to meet, sir? - Ms.Deepa.
Please sit in the office, I'll inform her. Come.
Please sit.
You have come to meet me?
Yes....hello. - Hello.
Sit down.
Tell me.
Such simplicity at such a young age? It's surprising.
I am a widow.
When did your husband die? What did he do?
It is better not to talk about the one who is no more.
If my asking has hurt you, I apologise.
You had some work with me?
No, I was passing by, I liked your school, so I stopped to have a look.
Since when are you running the school? - Since four years.
By spreading education in a village away from the city, ...
you are indeed doing a good deed.
Even I wanted to run such a school, but I could not fulfill my wish.
I could not do anything, so I wish to help you.
Help? In what way?
I'll donate some 10-15 thousand rupees, and then with you...
I'm sorry, we cannot take donation.
I am hearing a school refusing donation for the first time.
It's a matter of principle.
I think that taking donation from everyone, you lose your respect.
Isn't it?
Looks like your husband has left you lots of money.
That's why you don't need to take small donations.
Look, I don't want to argue with you, but I'd like to ask ...
why do you talk about things that are connected to my personal life?
If you don't mind, do you have any reason to hide your personal life?
Whatever the reason, ...
I don't know you so well to discuss my personal life with you.
You can get to know me. - Whatever for?
Actually, seeing you, I was reminded of a girl ...
who I haven't seen since a long time. I was wondering if you were her.
You must have realized now that I am not her.
Yes, you are not her.
I am busy, and I don't even want to be rude, so if you ...
I am leaving.
Okay Deepa, I realise why you didn't take care of my mother.
You could not wait for me.
I will never forgive you, never.
I understand where this place is. - Then go to Shreepur today itself.
Buy the school and all the land surrounding it.
Remember, you have to buy this land at any cost.
Mr.Prem, I have seen land for the sugar mill.
I even sent Mr.Puri to buy the plot.
That's great, sir. Buy as much land wherever you like.
Butjust do me one favour. - Tell me.
Please don't evict Mr.Rai from his bungalow.
He is a sick man, where will he go? - Why should I worry about that?
If you care so much for them, pay off his loan.
If you cannot, tell him some other way to pay off the loan.
You meet him often. He has a young daughter of marriageable age.
I cannot wait any longer. I think we should go today itself and decide.
Let's go. - Me?
Yes, come.
Hello. - Hello.
How are you? - I'm fine.
What is the matter? You look sad. A smile looks better on your face.
Right Mr.Prem?
Be seated, I'll call father.
Hello. - Hello. Please sit down.
You sit down, Mr.Rai, you are not well. You also sit down.
Yes? - I have come to discuss the mortgage.
I understand, Mr.Singh. But the situation I am in today ...
it is impossible for me to pay off such a huge amount.
But Mr.Rai, you will have to do something to pay off the loan.
Why don't you get your daughter married?
You'll atleast be free of that worry. - I have to get her married.
So get her married to a man who can free you of your worries ...
and also keep your daughter happy.
Which boy will... - Why do you worry about the boy?
The boy is standing right before you. - You mean, you want to marry her?
Though even I am a nice guy, but I am talking about Prem.
I think, you won't have any objection. - You are talking of Prem?
Yes. Perhaps you don't know how much your daughter has changed him.
I want you to get the two married soon.
Or Prem may change his mind again.
What do you have to say?
Mr.Prem, do you have any objection?
Prem! - Yes?
What thoughts are you lost in? - I was thinking of my friend.
Strange. I'm discussing your marriage, and you're thinking of your friend.
Actually sir, even he wasjust like you.
He used to do things that would shock people.
You remind me of him. And your voice is so much like his ...
that I am mistaken several times.
Only my voice is like him, nothing else?
No. - Then forget what is similar...
and remember what is not.
What are you thinking Mr.Rai? Do you give consent to this marriage?
Yes Mr.Singh. I was thinking how much we misunderstand people sometimes.
You are right. Sometimes, under a misconception ...
an innocent man is given such a punishment, it ruins his life.
Anyway, forget that. Here are the loan papers. I had taken them from Mr.Jagat.
Are they the same?
Mr.Rai, from today, you owe no money to anyone.
Why did you do this?
Treat it as a responsibility a son fulfilled.
I'll take your leave.
Forgive me, Mr.Singh. - You can call me brother.
Bless you, sister.
You may go in.
Hey! Deepa! Do you recognise me? - I do. Hello.
Hello. But your dress...When did you get married, and widowed...
Forget that. How come you are here?
I work as a manager here. But why have you come to meet Mr.Singh?
I run a school in Shreepur. He has bought the land there.
I came here to request that my school be allowed to remain there.
Yes sure, meet Mr.Singh, he is a very nice man.
He will give you the land. Go, that's his cabin.
Come Ms.Deepa. Hello. - Hello.
You...? - Yes, my name is Bikram Singh.
Sit down. Tell me, what brings you here?
What will you have? Coffee? - No, thanks.
Send one coffee.
Tell me.
I heard you have bought the land on which my school stands.
Not only that land, I have bought all the land surrounding it.
A sugar mill will be put up there.
You have any objection? - No objection, just a request.
If you can spare the school land, I can continue to run the school there.
Even if their is no school there, what difference will it make?
Doesn't it make a difference?
It is the question of the future of so many children.
And then, I put in so much hard work to put up this school.
The other day, you yourself said that spreading education was a good deed.
And today... - It's all a matter of time.
It is good that you refused to take my help that day.
My money was saved, and if you talk of the future ...
then I think, that the villagers need the sugar mill more than the school.
They will make some money, and be happy.
And will remain illiterate all their lives, isn't it?
Money covers up all flaws, Ms.Deepa.
But money cannot give a man what education can - respect.
Education teaches a man to live with self respect.
Those are all sentimental idealistic talks.
Whereas I am a practical businessman.
I feel, everyone has to bow before money.
Just respect cannot fill one's stomach.
Just think, if your husband had left you some money along with his ideals...
would you have had to come to me asking for help?
I have not come to beg even today.
I had collected some money to construct a school building.
If you are ready to sell the land, I can pay a price.
As per the sugar mill plan, I cannot spare even an inch of land.
You will have to leave that land. - I'll leave it. Good day.
Atleast have coffee.
Thank you.
Hello Barrister. - Hello.
I'm sorry, I don't recognise you.
I'm Ratilal Kapadia. I am a broker in the share market.
Tell me.
I want to discuss something with you.
Tell me. - Sit down, I'll tell you.
Come here...tell me.
I have heard you have shares of Lamington Jute.
If you want to sell, I have a very good party.
I will sell them at a good price. - What price?
You can say... a 100 % profit.
100 %!
Is the price rising? - It has risen so much in two days.
100 % in two days!
Buy as many shares as you can.
He had spoken the truth.
The time has come.
So what do you say, sir? Will you sell?
No, I'm sorry, I won't sell.
If you have shares, sell them to me.
That means you have understood. Why not? You are a barrister after all.
I'll take your leave. Good day.
Good day.
Manubhai. - Barrister? Hello!
Is the price of Lamington Jute rising?
It has risen?...It is rising? ...It will rise more?
Yes, buy more.
A man just walked in. Did you see where he is hiding?
But no one came here. - I myself saw him come in.
He is six feet tall. I think he is hiding here.
You keep the door open and sit. That's very wrong.
But sir, the door was closed. - It wasn't.
I was following him.The door was open. - But sir ...
Don't argue, go look for him. Idiots all of them!
That means he is hiding here.
Open the door! I said open the door!
If you care for your life, open the door. I will count three.
One, two, and ...
And ...
And...caught you! - Who did you catch, Prem?
Guru... - Guru? Who are you calling Guru?
No, not you. A man came here just now. Wonder where he disappeared.
A man? Here? - Yes, an old Gujarati man.
He was wearing a cap, and carrying an umbrella. Wonder where he disappeared.
Did you come here reading a spy novel?
You think it's a joke, but I am speaking the truth.
But why did you come here at such a late hour?
I had come to tell you that I bought all shares of Lamington Jute.
Good. I think you should go and sleep, or you will see more dreams.
Sir, I don't dream. But believe me... Sir, he must be hiding there.
Prem! - Sorry. You think I am joking...
yet I'm telling you...
You may go in.
Welcome Barrister, welcome! - Hello.
I am meeting you after a long time.
I had some work with you. - Tell me, I am here for you.
Sit down.
Sit down. - Tell me.
Actually...what do I say? I wanted a small loan.
For two days. - Just two days?
Talk of some 3-4 months, only then can I make some money as interest.
No, just two days. - Two days? Take it like that only.
It's a big amount. - How big? More than Rs.10-12 lakhs?
Then it will be difficult. I have 10-12 lakhs in the office.
No, I don't want that much, I only want Rs.2 lakhs.
That's all? Take it whenever you like. - Thank you, Mr.Singh.
That's okay, but what about security? - Security?
Yes, anyone will ask for security.
It's not that I don't trust your honesty.
You are a lawyer yourself, you won't do anything wrong.
Did I say anything wrong? - No, you are right.
Then? - Security ...
What would be the worth of your bungalow?
It must be around ... - You got it very cheap.
Yes, I bought it cheap....what?
Land prices were not so high then.
Yes. Which means you want my bungalow as security. I don't mind.
Even I don't mind. Get the mortgage papers made, I'll have them typed.
I'll give you the money.
We've done it! Very good news. No one has shares of Lamington Jute now.
We will start selling from tomorrow morning.
And as the demand rises, even the price will rise.
Barrister, your life is made!
Even we two will make a good profit.
We have bought the shares for Rs.200. We will sell for atleast Rs.300...
What nonsense! We won't sell for a penny less than Rs.350.
I am scared. What if there is no demand, and the price falls?
Banister, just think, the way the price has risen ...
there will be a demand for 2-3 days.
And when there is a demand, the price will also rise.
The price must rise, or I will become a pauper.
Stop talking nonsense. Go home and sleep comfortably.
You will be a millionaire tomorrow.
Harish, looks like happiness didn't let you sleep all night.
I have just come to office. - Call up Manubhai.
I just called him. - What did he say?
He said the market has opened...
but there are no takers. - No takers? Why?
Do you want buyers early morning?
Why not? That's what was happening since two days.
Oh yes! - Then?
Lamington Jute, Rs.350.
There is not a single buyer at 350. No one is even asking for it.
Manubhai is asking if he should reduce the price.
Yes, ask him to go ahead. - Tell him.
Reduce the price.
Lamington Jute, Rs.300. Price down by Rs.50.
Can't sell them? Then drop the price further, Manubhai.
Lamington Jute, Rs.250.
Harish, listen to me, sell at whatever price we get.
Right now. - Don't be foolish.
We'll wait for some more time, we'll surely have buyers.
Wait? No, I am a poor man, let me sell my shares, or I'll be ruined.
Don't be foolish. We'll be ruined together.
I am a poor man, Harish.
No sir, there are no buyers even at 250.
I'll reduce the price if you say so. - Yes, reduce the price.
Lamington Jute Rs.200.
Yes, sell them, sell them at any rate.
Lamington Jute Rs.150.
Reduce the price further.
Lamington Jute Rs.100.
The price is reduced. Lamington Jute Rs.100!
What are you saying, Manubhai? A Rs.100 share is not selling for Rs.100?
What? The market has closed? What about tomorrow morning?
Will the demand rise? ...There are no hopes?
No hopes?
No hopes?
100 % up!
400 % up!
I will become rich!
I am destined to become rich!
Amar is dead!
All will die! No one will survive.
Amarnath has turned mad. - So what do I do?
Motabhai, I want to sell shares of Lamington Jute.
No...this cannot be!
He's dead!
Ramakant,I don't understand one thing. - What?
I suspect this is some big conspiracy.
Conspiracy? - Yes.
First Jagat was ruined. Today, Amarnath turned mad.
It could be our turn tomorrow.
Those who shared the Citizen Bank's loot ...
someone wants to ruin them.
But who? - That's what we have to find out.
Yes sir?
What is the matter, Mr.Prem? Fought at home?
No sir. - The why do you look depressed?
I heard that Ms.Deepa is leaving her school in Shreepur today.
Where is she going? - I don't know, sir.
Where will she go? Alone, without anyone for support.
Will that be proper?
Give that...hurry.
He is the man because of whom we lost our school today.
We'll have a courtyard shinning with stars
And rains pouring down
Our life will be one such beautiful dream
I will see the world with your eyes
I will see this world, or that
My eyes will see only you
With rains pouring down ...
Even if my eyes cry, I will smile
I won't fear even storms of sorrow
When my beau will be with me
With rains pouring down ...
Who is it?
Oh, it's you. You must have come to see if I am leaving your land or not.
Look, I am leaving.
I had come to ask you to stay. - What do you mean?
I mean, stay here and run your school.
You think I am a puppet in your hand?
I will stay when you say, leave when you say?
That I will follow your orders?
Look, don't misunderstand me. I want to correct my mistake.
Please forgive me. - You are drenched.
Come inside.
I have packed everything...
Ms.Deepa, you are right. The villagers need the school...
Is he your ... - Yes, he was my husband.
God, thank you very much. I was saved from a grave sin.
Why, you knew him? - I knew him very well.
He was a good friend of mine. But as far as I know, he wasn't married.
What society calls marriage is not necessary.
Our hearts belonged to each other. I considered him my husband.
Such a big sacrifice? No one could have thought of it.
Ms.Deepa, I unknowingly hurt you.
I apologise for it.
You have suffered a lot.
It is sad to know that an innocent and good man could not be saved.
I tried my best. I spent a lot of money at my lawyer's behest.
I even mortgaged my ancestral home for money.
Yet ...
I don't rue losing my home.
What I regret is that I could not keep the promise given to Ashok.
I could not save his mother.
She had lost her mental semblance with the shock.
One day, she just left home and was crushed under a truck.
Wonder how Ashok must have taken it. - He didn't know.
I could not go to meet him after that. How could I?
Seeing me, he would ask me about his mother.
And I would neither be able to lie to him, nor see his sorrow.
It is all my misfortune. Or why would only I survive?
Pardon me, I got a little ...
You are crying? - No...I was reminded of my mother.
Sister, it has stopped raining. Everyone is waiting for you.
I can take the things here after you leave the room.
No, there is no need to take the things.
The school will stay.
Hello uncle. - How are you, kid?
How are you feeling? - I'm fine now.
I came the moment I received your wire.
Doctor, is his condition serious? - No, but he should not talk too much.
Sit down. I am pleased that you have managed my business so well.
In a few months, we have made more profits than before.
It was my duty.
I have to speak less, I have high blood pressure.
So listen carefully to what I am saying.
Take, keep these papers.
What is this?
You will be the lone trustee of everything I have.
If I don't survive... - Don't say that, sir.
Come here.
He's my grandson, my blood, my lone heir.
I am very much worried about his safety.
I hand over his responsibility to you from today.
Take him with you today itself. - But why are you doing this?
There is a reason. You know my nephews, Keshav and Madhav.
Yes. What about them? - They are out of jail.
After Shanker, they are the only ones who can stake a claim to my wealth.
The greed of money can make them do anything, even murder.
So if you take Shanker with you, I will feel assured.
Alright sir, whatever you deem fit.
Come sir. What do you want?
I want a diamond. - What size?
A big one. - Big one? I'll show you.
Look, these are the ones we have. - No, they are very small.
I want big ones. Look, atleast this size.
No one buys this size now. - I want this size.
Take a look. Won't these do?
No, it's very small.
I have promised my daughter I will give her this size.
It is very difficult to get this size. We don't have it.
Alright then.
Sir... - Who are you?
I am a jeweler. What kind of a diamond do you want?
Like this one. This is the 15th shop I have come to, ...
but I still can't get one. Though I am ready to pay any price.
Come with me, I may be able to help you.
Yeah? - Yes.
I found them.
Come, Mr.Sen. - You wanted to see me?
Sit down, I'll tell you everything.
You are a detective, but even I found out something yesterday.
Is it?
Two people were talking, and I came to know a secret.
And I am sure you can benefit from that secret.
Tell me about it.
Do you know Ramakant and Harish who have their office at Ferozshah road?
The men about who you want information?
Their real business is smuggling diamonds.
What! - Yes.
They are supplying diamonds to Ratilal Kapadia tomorrow evening.
At Windsor Hotel, exactly at 7 pm.
You want me to have them arrested?
Not only that, if they are followed from now itself ...
we can even come to know where their den is.
Because they will bring the diamonds from their den.
And you know, that the one who helps smuggled good being caught...
Gets a reward of 10 %.
Correct. So what do you have to say? - Thank you, Mr.Singh.
I will get the goods confiscated. Read it in the newspapers ...
day after tomorrow. I read it. - Thanks. I'm leaving. I'll tail them
You left without taking coffee that day. You'll have to take it today.
I'll make it.
Why have you called me here?
First have coffee, I'll tell you then.
Greet her.
Hello. - Hello.
What is your name? - Shanker.
Come here.
Why? Isn't she good? - She's good.
Then go to her...go.
You'll have coffee?...No?
Can I come in? - Come in, Mr.Puri.
He's my architect, Mr.Puri. - I know.
Shanker, come here.
Good boy. Let's go home. - I want to stay here.
What? - Let him stay if he wants to.
Alright. I won't worry if he is in your care.
I'll come and take him after two days. And listen, don't trouble her.
Not at all. - Good boy.
Good day. - Good day.
Whose picture is this?
I remember! This is Ashok's mother's picture.
Ashok's mother? Are you sure?
Yes. When I had gone to plant money in his house, I had seen her there.
That means Ashok is alive, not dead. - But that news?
That could have been published by paying money.
This handwriting is also of Ashok.
Two names have been canceled. Jagat & Amarnath. Harish and Ramakant remain.
And they will remain.
Bihari, what else did you see? - Nothing much.
Since I saw your name with this picture, I brought the picture.
They were talking about some school.
Who were they? - A girl, a man, and he himself.
Girl? - Yes, her name is Deepa.
She runs a school in Shreepur.
So even Deepa is alive. We'll have to get her out of the way too.
Look, we have bought a lollipop for you.
Whose kid is this, where are you taking the kid?
He is our relative, we are taking him home.
To treat him to lollipops. - Put the kid down!
Get in!...get in!
Is he a kid from your school? - Yes.
These two goons were kidnapping him.
Do you recognise them? Take a look.
Get in! Don't shout, just get in. Driver, hurry!
What is the matter, Mr.Prem? You are losing hair.
Is what people say true?
No sir, it's not. Jayshree doesn't pull my hair.
You must be pulling it yourself. - You are pulling my leg, sir.
Yes Bikram Singh here...Who?
I am Madhav. - Who Madhav?
Forgot Madhav so soon?
We are the same Keshav and Madhav who you got arrested in Raigarh.
It's our turn now. - Don't talk nonsense.
I am not talking nonsense, I'm telling you, that too, the truth.
Raja Saheb's grandson, Shanker is in our custody.
I'll make you believe it. Shanker, speak to your uncle.
Uncle. - Shanker! Where are you?
They caught me and brought me here.
Come and take me. - Look, you ...
Do you believe me now?
If you want to save Shanker's life, come with Rs.10000000 ...
to Mud beach at sharp 8 pm.
Come alone, don't try any smart tricks.
What happened, sir? Whose call was it? - Madhav's.
Madhav? Raja Saheb's nephew? - Yes, the same rascal.
Keshav and Madhav have kidnapped Shanker.
They want Rs.10000000, or they will kill Shanker.
Oh, I see. They have stooped so low? We should have them arrested.
I'll call the police. - Don't be stupid.
Shanker's life is at stake. To save his life. Rs.10000000 is nothing.
It is 6:15. I have to reach mud beach with the money by 8 pm.
I must go immediately.
Sir, even I will come with you. - That's not necessary.
They have called me.
You'll go alone with such a big amount?
It's risky. - Mr.Prem, you stay here.
Until I don't return, you won't go anywhere, you won't do anything.
I won't go anywhere, I won't do anything? How is that possible?
Even I am Raja Saheb's loyal employee. I will do something.
Come Mr.Singh.
Come Mr.Singh. Have you brought the money?
Where is Shanker? - He's here. First give the money.
First bring Shanker here.
Bring Shanker.
Uncle! - Shanker!
Keshav, Madhav! Don't touch anything! Don't forget you are in our custody.
Mr.Harish, you? Over here? - Yes Mr.Singh.
Coincidentally, even you are my guest today.
You have settled their account. Settle my account too.
What do you mean?
I mean that someone who is more dear to you that this child ...
is also in my custody. What will you give me against her?
What are you talking about? Who is in your custody?
Go take a look in that room. Go.
Vachan Singh, open the door.
Mr.Singh, you?
What's going on? Why have they kidnaped me?
It has happened because of me. I understand now. They've come to know.
Okay, if God has brought me back to the cross roads of life & death ...
I will stake my life and end this game.
I don't understand what you are saying. What's going on?
Deepa, have you ever thought that Ashok can be alive?, that is not possible.
If he was alive, how would he not come to me?
He came to you several times, but you failed to recognise him.
I didn't recognise him?
After so many days!
Why did you trouble me so much?
You'll have to cut short the union.
It's good you exposed your true self.
Even I'll come clear.
What do you want?
The losses you have made Jagat, Amarnath, and us suffer ...
we want compensation. Bikram Singh is a billionaire.
He will surely give us something.
Thereafter, the bodies of you two will be found floating in the sea behind.
Where Raja Saheb's grandson is concerned, he'll pay us millions.
No Harish, spare the kid. Your enmity is with me, not him.
Who let's go a golden goose?
Raja Saheb will give us millions of rupees for him.
Take the kid upstairs.
Go! He should not escape. Kill him!
Deepa, take Shanker and leave. - No!
Deepa, go!
We are Rajputs! Let's go!
Open the door!
Where is Bikram Singh?
They have surrounded us. I don't know how to get out of here.
Take the kid and go from here to the terrace.
There are stairs to get off from there. I came from there just now.
Go, hurry.
Don't you dare!
Sir, please forgive us. I called you up because Harish forced me.
I am not at fault. Please don't tell uncle.
Leave him! - I won't!
If you move even one step forward, I'll fire.
Shoot! But I won't spare you either.
I will jump down from here along with you!
Stop crying, son.
Stop crying, son.
Thank God Mr.Sen brought the police here in time.
But how did you come here?
With him. That Mr.Ratilal didn't come there.
He had diamonds in his pocket.
I got him arrested and he... - Confessed.
After sentencing real culprits of the Citizen Bank heist ...
the court pronounces Mr.Ashok Tandon innocent ...
and withdraws all allegations on him.
Not only that. The court considers its duty to thank Ashok ...
because it was thanks to him that the real enemies of society were exposed.
And truth and justice triumphed.
Ashok, you have fulfilled your promise.
It is all thanks to your grace. - No, it all happened by God's grace.
I am glad that I was right in reposing my faith in you.
Guru, you made me everything, your servant, a fool, a husband.
Now make me a brother-in-law.