Pacquiao vs Bradley Results: Filipino Reactions

Uploaded by poolboyinla on 10.06.2012

because of the fight.
Let's find out Filipinos' reactions to Pacquiao's defeat.
What can you say about the fight?
I'm uncomfortable with Pacquiao's fight.
Not good.
I can't believe Pacquiao lost.
He did not really lose in terms of points.
I'ts impossible for Pacquiao to lose.
Many people are saddened by Pacquiao's defeat in America.
You know, because a Filipino lost.
We thought the judges made a mistake
but if Pacquiao is OK with it, we are OK with it.
Even if he lost, we're still happy.
Go for a rematch against Bradley.
train good
so you will win
so it doesn't disappoint the country.
A rematch is needed.
Win or lose, I'm still a fan.
In the hearts of the Filipinos...
Manny Pacquiao is still a winner.
He should fight again
to show the people
worldwide that he is still a winner.
He will be back in a super way.