Class of 2009 - Stephanie Pati

Uploaded by UniversityOfRI on 08.05.2009

When I first started I never thought I would do like,
I knew I wanted to do fashion but
I never thought I would make clothes.
Now I have like four or five things that I've made
and I'm really proud of it because
I did a pretty good job.
I actually did a part of Textiles that I
never knew about until I came here.
It was like working in a lab.
I found out like another step in like
the Textiles process, like companies like Macy's,
Target, Express, would send their clothes before
they were even out on the market for us to test
to make sure they were flame proof and you know,
how many times you could wash it until it fades.
And I knew I wanted to stay home,
but then when you come here it's like it's not that
you feel like you're, I don't know,
you feel like you're getting the experience because
it's different down here.
My major, it's kind of like,
it sounds silly but like a family almost.
You know everybody, it's not that big, and
all the teachers are really awesome and
it just made it fun to come here.
I met so many people just doing like the classes,
like the sewing classes.
Just because you all work together and
you all kind of need each other,
like if you don't know how to do one thing,
there's always somebody else you can go to.
You can really go anywhere.
Everyone thinks Rhode Island is so small you know,
how are you going to do fashion here,
but I mean there's so many opportunities.
You know about each thing,
it's like a well-rounded experience learning about
all the different aspects of Textiles.
Honestly I like every single professor is
the department is awesome.
Definitely Dr. Harps-Logan,
I don't know if you know her.
She, I would take from her,
she's just always in a good mood.
It's fun but it also is work too,
but she made me really appreciate it just because
she always made class fun. I think that's important.
Well my mom came from Portugal so she didn't really
get that much, she get like an opportunity to really
go to college, because you know coming over here
and being like from there,
not having money, stuff like that.
So I think she's really proud.
I don't really think about it too much but
I am like really proud, and I guess,
I have a little brother so
it's important to me to be an example.