Enemy Territory

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When I was seventeen about ready to graduate, we were called to the high school auditorium.
On the stage was a chair
with a small radio.
The principle switched on the radio
We then heard the voice of
President Franklin D. Roosevelt
As he announced that pearl harbor had been bombed
the United States was at war with Japan
All at once our future was uncertain
We did not know what was ahead
would we live to get married and have a family
by the time we graduated from high school many of our classmates had
marched away to war
some of them never to return
against the certainty that I would be drafted
I joined the air force
soon I was in Santa Anna California
for pre flight training
I had heard about patriarchal blessings but had not received one
J. Rowland Sandstrum
was the ordained patriarch living in the Santa Anna stake
he knew nothing about me
And had never seen me before
But he gave me a blessing
you shall be guided
through the whisperings of the holy spirit
and you shall be warned of dangers
on a flight to guam
we became lost due to a typhoon in the central pacific
“something's wrong, were off course. Lets turn”
I remembered the words of my patriarchal blessing
That told me if I would heed the warnings from the holy spirit Heavenly Father will
bless me so that I might again be united with my loved ones
I would be blessed to return from the war
if I kept the commandments
and if I heeded the promptings of the Holy Ghost
at that moment
I received a prompting
To hold our present course
“hold it just a minute”
by following that prompting
our crew landed safely
at a U.S. occupied airbase
With all that is going on in the world with the lowering of the
moral standards you young people are being raised
in enemy territory
But I promise you
That you'll be protected and sealed from the attacks of the advisary
if you will heed the promptings that come from the Holy Ghost
The gift of the Holy Ghost
if you consent
Will guide and protect you
And even
correct your actions
He is a spiritual voice that comes in your mind as a thought or a feeling
Take hold of your life and
order yourself to be better
You will be watched over and protected
that you yourself will know
by the promptings of the Holy Ghost
which way to go
I promise you that it will be so.