Seattle Genetics

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This company prides itself on good science the whole heart of this company comes from innovation.
The great thing about working at Seattle Genetics is everybody has a singular focus of curing cancer.
We have a unique opportunity to make a real impact in patients lives
through the launch of our first and most innovative therapy.
Seattle Genetics makes targeted therapies by using mono-clone antibodies
to treat patients with life threatening diseases, mainly cancer.
Traditionally chemotherapy is using a small molecule that is equally toxic to the cancer
as well as the patient and what we’re trying to do is take a chemo-therapeutic agent,
add it to an antibody that is specific for the cancer that'll go seek out the tumor.
So we use a linker that's cleaved by an enzyme that’s found inside the tumor cells
only then is it exposed to a cellular enzyme that cleaves the drug off.
It’s a neat idea on paper that we’ve actually gotten to work.
Seattle Genetics has spent a vast portion of its effort developing
and discovering incredible molecular entities.
We're now going to get ready to take those entities into the market place.
This represents a pivotal moment in the history of Seattle Genetics.
When I first got hired I was about the 30th employee here at Sea Gen and now we’re in excess of 300.
So as the company grows we’re having to think about manufacturing,
we're having to think about commercializing.
There’s so much growth that's available in this company.
The culture is very exciting here there's an air of collaboration and self-responsibility.
People really, really want to see these drugs get to patients who need them.
The leadership at Seattle Genetics is fantastic.
The Friday morning meeting is a great example of that.
Our CEO makes a point to talk to the entire company every week.
It's a very accessible, open environment.
Seattle Genetics was founded as a research organization.
At the heart of Seattle Genetics is a scientific driven organization and
it’s really about the wonder of discovery here.
To build a company with a portfolio of commercial products as well
as a portfolio of clinical candidates you need that science.
Companies that have anti-bodies that on their own may not have enough clinical activity,
we’ll license the drug and the linker to them and there we can benefit
both our own pipeline as well as provide value to external companies.
I’m actually a Hodgkin's survivor.
I think my dream for Brentuximab Vedotin is that someday it could be used as a front-line treatment.
So maybe people won’t have to go through traditional chemotherapy.
My motivation to start Seattle Genetics started with losing my father to cancer.
It's our mission and our passion to treat patients that have run out of hope,
that need additional therapies.
Seattle's got great culture, great music scene and a really, really great restaurant scene.
We've got the mountains, we've got the water, if you're interested in outdoor activities,
Seattle's a fantastic place to live.
This is an exciting time to be at Seattle Genetics.
We’re on the verge of commercialization of our first product.
That product is going to provide us with an opportunity to continue
to propel a very important mission forward and that is about discovery and
about the opportunity to make a difference in patient’s lives