Man on the Moon (5/9) Movie CLIP - Wrestling Women (1999) HD

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That's right, when it comes to cooking and cleaning...
...and washing the potatoes, scrubbing the carrots...
...making the babies, mopping the floors. They have it all over men.
I believe that. But when it comes to wrestling...
Shut up!
Be quiet when the man is talking!
If there is a woman here tonight who can come up here...
...and prove me wrong. I will shut my mouth and pay her $500!
I can do it!
Over here! Pick me!
Who's gonna go? Who'll be the victor?
Come on! You want to take me? Come on!
We'll take one woman! You, ma'am.
What's your name, sweetheart?
- My name is Lynne. - Lynne.
Lynne is the volunteer, all right.
You're pathetic.
What are you gonna do about it, Suzy Q?
I want a clean fight.
No kicking, biting, scratching, head-butts.
- You understand? - He's gonna play fair?
I'm not concerned with him...
It's up to you. You pin me. I don't have to pin you.
Yes, I understand.
Very good. Can we please shake hands?
All right, into your respective corners. Come out wrestling...
...when you hear the bell.
You see? You see this?
Lynne, no choke holds! I told you!
Yeah! Come on!
Hey, stop right there, Kaufman!
- First warning! - For what?
You pulled her hair! You won't be getting a second warning, Kaufman!
That is enough! What'd I do?
Shut up! I am the champion.
No woman can...
I'm mopping up the sweat.
One, two, three.
That is it! Lt is over! Lt is over!
You are out! You are down!
The winner and still undisputed...
...lntergender Wrestling Champion of the world...
...Andy Kaufman!
I am the winner!
I've got the brains!