2012: A Rising New World Order

Uploaded by HamsaYogi on 26.02.2012

[Music intro by Shivraj] Yeah, so the significance of 2012 is, in 2012 again we come closer to
the new Aquarius age. And a great event will be happening then. There are certain things
which I am prohibited to say but a lot of spiritual energies will collect and that's
the time, when collectively the spirit of Kalki and the spirit of Babaji will be entering
our beings, from our nervous system, to our astral bodies, to our casual bodies. And then
the guidance will begin, en masse. You see there are two ways that I've said that Kalki
will appear on Earth blessed by Babaji. One is by an individual champion and a savior
of humanity that will come 150 plus years from now to 200 years. The other, will be
that the spirit of the Divine, the spirit of God, the spirit of these Divine Beings,
like Shiv Goraksha Babaji, will enter humanity at large and work through them towards the
new world order. If I may use those words, but it will be the new spiritual order. [Silent
Pause] Of course, there will be incidents in the world, which to us may appear that
they are very horrendous or very negative but positive and negative has to be balanced.
And the Earth Peace meditations are very important which are being given to schools and colleges
and teachers and parents and mothers and children. And every household should teach the Earth
Peace meditations, where from their heart, they radiate light and love, for peace on
Earth and goodwill to all humankind. And, and the order of humanity, the new order of
humanity, the rising order of the world situation, will come about through individual effort.
And when like minded individuals get together, it will be a collective effort, to bring peace
upon Earth, light upon Earth and good will to all humankind. People will turn to the
spiritual solace for everlasting peace, more and more. It's a very difficult thing, because
the grip of Maya, the grip of the razzmatazz materialism is so strong that it distracts
the feeble human mind. And that which gives instant gratification, that people want. And
that instant gratification can be gotten in material pleasures and desires. Right? So,
spirituality will be so powerful and dynamic that it will give you instant gratification.
There are techniques. Not that that is a good quality in a disciple. He... his qualities
should be perseverance, patience, courage and a constant practice. Right? The determination
to carry on, in spite of odds, that is what makes the successful yogi. That is what takes
him to the haven of light and love. That's what must be taught... courage. Sympathy in
another's troubles, courage in your own. This is important. Sympathies in another's troubles,
courage in your own. Ah, one person, if he is to bring about change, it would be like
one drop going into the bucket, drop by drop. And collective people, doing the Earth Peace
meditation, to bring about the change in the new order for the better, would be like a
tap, fully opened. Water's gushing in. The results will be faster. Right? But, there's
a very strange thing, because if one person meditates. You know the fact of fission and
fusion, that these atoms bump into one another and they generate more power. So, he by creating,
by sending out vibrations of peace and love, will automatically catch those like-minded
people who are sensitive, will inspire them to come and collectively form this organization
of peace. But peace and love and you know, charities. It should all be based on a foundation
of courage, without which nothing can happen.