(CD 1, 1/11) Das neue Weltbild des Physikers Burkhard Heim - Einführung

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Until 2001, a mysterious physicist lived in Germany who,
in the 1950s, briefly gained international fame but has continued to work silently.
He rarely spoke at conferences and published his first work in the 1980s in two voluminous books
What he wanted to tell us is so difficult to understand that his works are barely read.
And still it seems that his conception of the world may evoke a larger upheaval than Einstein's world view could.
Because the image of the world developed by Burkhard Heim concerns the people and their faith very directly.
If you ask physicists for their views on Burkhard Heim, you can hear judgments like "Outsider, grumpy loner, rogue dreamer, crank"
But also "the new Einstein," "Germany's Stephen Hawking," "brilliant thinker," "One whom would should have offered the Nobel Prize nomination.
So what of this is right now?
It starts by identifying, that the positive opinions are expressed by those physicists who knew Heim personally
or have studied his works. On the other hand, all critical judgments have been by physicists who knew neither Heim nor have studied his works.
Burkhard Heim claimed something in the 80s of last century, what Einstein and his followers seek in vain to this day.
A mass formula for all elementary particles and the explanation of their properties by dynamic geometric structures.
This seems to be too incredible for a physicist not involved in scientific community.
But Heim's mass formula was programmed and analyzed in 1981 by physicists at the German Electron Synchrotron in Hamburg, DESY briefly
and it gave convincing results.
However, since no one understood the theoretical derivations, especially without familiarisation in this, the DESY physicists were puzzled indeed
but remained silent on this sensation and waited how theorists of structure and relativity theory would say.
As late as 2004, the spokeswoman of DESY told a journalist at his request:
The few who knew Heim and some leading scientists are unanimously of the opinion that the mass formula is certainly a tremendous personal achievement, especially in light of his handicap.
On the other hand, all agree that it is far too complicated, so even very good theorists would have to employ at least a year only with this theory to evaluate it.
It's not about to analyze Heim's mass formula or to defend it.
Instead, with this documentation, the listener will be able to form an opinion about Burkhard Heim himself, by the fact that we let Heim speak in person as often as possible.
Where certain technical terms are used which only the physician is familiar with, those are commented, so that the listener can certainly follow along the explanations of Burkhard Heim.
We believe that wording and content of his remarks themselves prove,
that he must be counted among the greats of physics if his legacy will be thoroughly studied by experts.
A theory that leads to the geometric description of matter has acquired a strong credibility.
Other theories like string theory, loop quantum gravity or the standard model of particle physicists
can not say anything about the experimental safed knowledge about the geometric structure of elementary particles.
Therefore, Heim's view of the world, measured by the results, has proved of value. The philosophical implications for us people are enormous.
For with the elementary theory and a newly-developed aspect of aspect-related logic
can also describe qualitative processes of matter like life processes and consciousness.
About this it should act now.
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