How to Make Earring Hooks with the Easy Ear Wire Maker

Uploaded by Beadaholique on 10.01.2011

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Today I'm going to demonstrate how to use a little gadget called the Easy Ear Wire Maker.
And it's very fun and easy to use and I think once you get the hang of it you're going to really
like it 'cause I know I do.
To begin with I'm using twenty gauge wire and just for practice and using artistic wire
before I move on to your precious metals such as sterling silver, fine silver or gold filled.
So I picked this lovely peacock blue color
and I'm going to
quickly straighten it using a pair of nylon jaw pliers.
I'm going to insert this wire into the measuring groove on
the easy ear wire tool.
Use your flush cutters
to cut off a measured piece of wire.
Take that premeasured piece of wire
and make sure your machine is in the
start position.
Which means that this little gadget right here is the kicker it's called,
that is parallel to the measuring groove
and that the other part of it, this handle,
is at a ninety degree angle.
Insert your wire
so that it
is laying on the kicker
and ending right where the serrations end.
Now you're gonna take this clear disk and as you can see it's got a little metal pin on it. And the little
metal pin
fits right in the this little crescent shape right here.
And snaps on like that.
Holding firm
on my wire
and I'm going to
twist counterclockwise on the clear disk until you feel some resistance.
So right about there.
And I'm going to remove my finger from the wire
and gently hold on the clear disk and then use the handle
to rotate the entire thing
to the right.
You're gonna notice that the kicker is gonna go to the left slightly at the very end of it.
And that's all there is to it. And you remove this clear disk.
Remove your newly-formed ear wire.
Once you've removed your ear wire from the device,
you need to do just a couple more things to it.
If the wire that you're using is soft such as copper, sterling silver, you're gonna want to
work harden it. Which means you're gonna want to tap it with a chasing hammer on a bench black.
Or you can use a device called a Wire Whacker.
The second thing you need to do is get rid of any rough edges
on the edge of
the wire, the part that's going through your ear.
And you can do that by simply using a diamond file
and just gently removing
the rough edges.
you can use
this handy little thing and this is called a Cup Bur.
It has just a little
filing cup right on the end.
The wire goes right in there.
You just give it a few twists and it is all set to wear.
That will help strengthen and firm up your wire form. And that's it. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!