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Episode 9
I've sat here so long my butt's gonna get flat. Is there a bathroom anywhere?
Hey, bathrooms are "everywhere".
Do you a hottie like me, to look out for you?
No thanks!
Be careful! There are snakes in the grass.
Why don't I accompany you?
Hey, she isn't your magic fish. Why is it your business when she's just going to relieve herself?
Hey, how far do we still have to drive?
Hmm.. We have two choices now.
The first choice is to keep going straight.
We go straight for about 6.5 kilometers.
Then, we turn right to a bridge and go forward.
The other option is...
Okay... get to the main point.
Is there a shortcut?
Of course there's a shortcut.
And we can reach our destination in 1 hour.
Then let's hurry.
Hey ladies, hurry up!
We still have to dip ourselves in hot springs and have our afternoon tea.
Impressive, Ah Nan.
You look like you really know a lot about brewing tea.
It really feels like a negotiation...
Since I was small, I've watched my father and others brew tea like this.
Mr. Hu, our boss will be here in a minute.
- Please wait a bit longer. - Oh, sure...
By the way, did you get any discount when you used the VIP card?
Last time at your company,
I seek your forgiveness in any way I've offended you.
Alright... Get your boss to come here quickly.
I don't have much time so I won't beat around the bush.
Elva is my daughter.
I want to take her back right now.
Please return her to me.
[*Li Wei = a member of the government] Shen *Li Wei, she is working in my company now.
Her performance is not bad and she leads a structured lifestyle now.
Mr. Hu,
I thank your company very much for the great help with what happened last time.
I'm well aware of your background.
I know what my daughter needs.
I don't need you to emphasize it to me!
Indeed, having a father like you is the same as not having one.
You said you know everything.
Then, do you know she was bullied and ostracized in school?
Do you know about that as well?
I've never heard from her about it.
When she was bullied, where were you?
All you know is how to put on a show for elections;
yell at people in court.
Her mother left out of anger because of you!
Listening to this, it seems like you know my daughter more than I do.
Are you planning to train her to be your company's general manager?
No, I don't mean that.
I will send Elva abroad.
If she returns,
I will pick someone for her to marry.
All these fathers are the same.
If something goes wrong, all they do is send their children away.
And then what? After arriving in another country
they will still be bullied, they will still be isolated.
They will drink alcohol, get high on drugs
In the end, you'll use the word "rebellious" to sum it all up and that's it.
Do you really think you have the right to call yourself a father?
Do you know? The body's suffering...
is always easier to bear than emotional torment.
When you've lost your mother...
Your father is always working outside all day...
Is this family still a family?
I only hope to have a father who can really care about me.
Not a father who only knows how to order his daughter around over the phone.
A father who uses pocket money and presents
to replace care and concern.
What I want is
a father who can eat dinner with me every day,
tells me to sleep earlier,
helps me sign my contact notebook.
It seems you really understand a child's inner desires.
Okay! I will give you one year.
I hope you can change Elva.
That she can be accepted into college.
Otherwise, I'll still send her abroad.
Hey! She's not my daughter.
You should care about her more.
Boss lady, your story was very touching to me.
Mr. Hu, as husband and wife, you two will definitely succeed.
Thank you. Walk slowly.
Hey, is this the right road?
Let me double-check it.
Yeah! This is a shortcut.
But the sun is shining on the other side.
It's north in front. I think it's south to the back?
Hey what's going on now?
I think we've gone in the opposite direction.
You got to be kidding me! Do we have to go all the way back?
Going round and round, I'm about to vomit.
In life, there are times when you have to vomit.
Didn't you say we'll get there in one hour just now?
Let me take a look at the PDA. *PDA (personal digital assistant) - a mobile device, also known as a palmtop computer.
I'm sorry, the PDA is out of battery.
Huh? Out of battery?
Lady Boss.
Are you still mad at that pigheaded politician?
The pighead is you. I'm not the Lady Boss.
I am the boss's mother.
You... Are you still thinking about that?
What happened in America in the past?
I remember you told me before.
You went through some really miserable times.
If Lee Ah Biao didn't go to America to find you,
I'm afraid you'd still be wandering the streets now.
It's really strange. How I felt back then...
Thinking about it now,
it feels like a nightmare.
But that nightmare is so vivid.
Seems like it just happened yesterday.
At that time, I was really immature.
Thinking I couldn't change anything,
So I fled to America.
I said I was going to study.
I thought my heart could get free after leaving Taiwan.
No matter what happened at home, it was none of my business.
But I didn't expect to become even more unhappy there.
Why do you hate your father and brother so much?
Didn't they treat you well?
Why did you have to flee to America?
They treated me very well, especially my father.
He doted on me the most since young.
I'm telling you, at home...
I'm a real princess.
My father was remorseful about my mother,
so he treated me really well to make up for it.
I definitely knew they treated me well.
But that didn't help.
What do you mean?
What I wanted was a truly warm and caring father.
But all I've seen was
blood and violence.
Can you imagine?
After you have fallen asleep,
the father, who comes to touch you, kiss you,
had just killed someone outside.
A father carrying a lingering stench of blood on his hands.
Go and die...
makes mistakes.
I know I'll never be able to change them.
So I thought I might as well become like them.
So they can realize
how it's like to have a daughter wandering on the streets,
getting high on drugs, drinking alcohol.
I hurt myself the same way they hurt other people's daughters.
I forbid you to hurt yourself.
That winter when Brother Biao came to find me,
I was about to die.
At that time, I was a drug addict.
He came to see me.
Even though I didn't say anything,
he could see right away that I was severely addicted to drugs.
He was very angry, so angry, his body was shaking, angry to the point of tears.
How long have you been taking drugs?
I don't know...
Why can't you cherish yourself?
Why can't you cherish yourself?!!!
Brother Biao, don't care about me.
I want to die. I want to DIEEEEE!!!
IDIOT!!!!! Shithead!!!
You want to die, right?
You want to die?
Help me, I want to die.
I'm gonna make you die NOW!!!!
Why did you have to take drugs?
Do you know there's a lot of people worrying about you?
Stupid cop, he was too harsh.
If he wasn't that harsh,
You care so much about him, and can't give him up.
You care so much about him, and can't give him up.
You care so much about him, and can't give him up.
You care so much about him, and can't give him up.
I know acting like this is really dumb too.
But to me it's the only way.
He pulled me out of a dark, cold and bottomless pit.
Without him,
I'd have died long ago.
I'd have continued to wallow in my own misery...
And made myself feel worse...
Don't cry. You can wipe your tears with this. (awhhh his sleeve)
What are you looking at?
What are you talking about?
Hey, are you a man at all?
Don't say that I, as your buddy, didn't help you.
I knew long ago that you like that A...
Class A black pork.
Hey, we're just really good friends.
Good friends?
Then I'm your good sister too!
Even an idiot can tell you like her, yet you still won't admit it...
Hey, what are you two talking about?
Little kid, don't be nosy.
Then what exactly is going on now?
Will that really work?
You bad boy!
Mai Mai.
Mai Mai!
-Mai! -What do you want?
Come out, I've got to tell you something.
No! Say everything you want right here!
No, just come out first.
What do you want?
-Hurry up! Come on! -What is it?
Hurry up!
What do you want?
-Look! Look! -At what?
That thing!
What is that?
-I don't want to... -Hurry!
-What do you want? -Come on!
Get in there! Go in!
Go inside...
Why did Ou Gu ask you to go out so late?
Mai Mai...
Mai Mai, why did Ou Gu ask you to go out so late?
Mai Mai!
Mai Mai?
You... When did you come in?
What do you want?
I... Actually, I...
Where's Mai Mai? What did you all do with her?
Mai Mai, she...
I thought you didn't have feelings towards girls.
I don't!
No, I...
But using this method... Can you guys be any DUMBER?!!!
So you really like me...
Say it.
Say it.
Say it.
What are you guys doing?!!!
Nothing. I didn't do anything!
I did nothing!
Do you think you're still a gangster?
If you are, then I set up altars.
By the way, were you crazy or something back then?
Why did you suddenly want to start an express delivery?
That was Uncle Piao's last request before he died.
I, Hu Tie Nan, will fulfill his request even if I die.
You could have delivered gasoline or worked in construction.
Actually, when I was released (from jail),
I was frightened and in panic.
Home... I definitely couldn't go back.
I didn't want to lead a life filled with fighting and killing anymore.
I went to search for a job.
Every employer was scared to death when they saw my resume. Who would dare to employ me?
After that, when I got work at a karaoke place
I bumped into Uncle Fei Long and Uncle Piao.
Uncle Fei Long, let's go.
Let's go...
Ah Nan.
Help me...
Give this necklace to my mother
tell my son after he has grown up...
Never to take this doomed path of no return.
Uncle Piao! Don't leave! Uncle Piao!
Till this day, I still vividly remember...
Uncle Piao grabbing my hand tightly...
Giving me the Golden Buddha...
Using his last breath to tell me...
"Being in the Underworld would be like this".
You can never turn your life around.
The Golden Buddha was his only possession.
He wanted me to give it to his mother.
And then...
He closed his eyes.
Uncle Fei Long and I searched all mountains, got through countless obstacles.
At the same time we had to avoid Big Foot's underlings.
For the sole purpose to hand the Golden Buddha to his mother.
I could never have guessed.
The formerly impatient you could be so persistent.
That was Uncle Piao's last request before he died.
I, Hu Tie Nan, had to fulfill his request even if I died.
You are this type of person.
You wouldn't really mind whatever happens to you.
But if people around you get into trouble,
you will defend them with your life.
Hey, pass the stuff to Grandma quickly.
Come on, little brother, I'll play with you.
Little brother, from now on, you have to study hard.
You mustn't do bad things, do you hear me?
Now, you and Grandma are the only ones left.
You have to take good care of her.
-Got it? -Yes, I will.
I will take good care of Grandma.
Good boy!
Grandma, Ah Piao said this is for the child to wear.
Buddha will protect him.
-Let's play black and white comparison. -Sure.
Black and white together. Boy and girl compare.
-You lost. Let's do it again. -Black and white together.
This is from the time Ah Biao was young.
I went to the temple especially to pray for this, so he could wear it.
He said...
Never ever let his son follow his footsteps.
Never ever let his son be like him,
having to hold a gun every night in order to fall asleep.
Lets play riding-horse war-fighting!
Come on!
Come up!
Brother! Hold on!
What is it?
Grandma said these are for you both to eat on the way back.
They're freshly picked, really sweet!
You're such a good boy!
-Remember to tell Grandma we said thanks. -Sure!
Give this to Grandma.
Thank you Brother.
Don't use it to buy candy, alright?
Yes, I won't.
I will give it to Grandma. Goodbye Brother!
Oh it's you, Miao Miao.
Why are you crying?
Why did you argue with your boyfriend?
Valentine's Day?
Valentine's Day is still a long way from now, Missy.
Do you guys have to talk about that right now?
Alright, I got to go.
Someone's at the door.
Okay... Bye bye.
Valentine's Day?
I thought today was your day off?
There was something urgent at the station.
Full of excuses...
Ah Nan called me. He said you weren't feeling too happy.
That's why I bought beer and roasted meat right after I got off work.
To apologize and to make it up to you.
Are you still angry?
I'm not a "grudge bun". Why would I be angry for long? [They like to use buns to describe accumulation of intangible things.]
Don't be angry. I'll make you some roasted meat.
Be good.
Hey, I'm not a kid, why are you coaxing me?
What's up?
What's wrong?
I got bitten by a snake!
Calm down! Where did it bite you?
-Stop yelling... -Ah! Gently!
It was a poisonous snake.
What should we do?
My... My leg feels really numb.
Do you have a bandage?
Hurry up and get it!
Did you see how the snake looked like?
It slithered away and disappeared.
How would I know how it looks like?
Will I die? What should I do?
Don't say such stuff.
I'll go and drive the car over then we'll take him to the hospital.
Bear with it a bit more.
Mai Mai, hurry up!!!
Bandage. Here's a bottle of mineral water for disinfection.
You gotta bear with it...
What are you doing?
You really have guts! Aren't you afraid of dying?
Long Yan... It's poisonous!
Aren't you afraid of dying?
If I don't suck the blood out for you,
you'll really be waiting for your death.
Hurry... Let's help him into the van quickly!
We'll take him to the hospital immediately.
Where's Elva?
Of course she's still lazing in bed!
We're in this situation now and she's still lazing in bed?
I feel so miserable...
I think I'm sick.
Hey do you know our situation now? Stop playing!
Hey, Elva has a fever.
Why are we so unlucky?
The tire is really flat!
No way?
It hurts so bad!!!
Oh Heavens, what do you want me to do?!!!
I want to throw up.
Elva, are you okay?
We don't have a spare tire?
I think Elva and Ou Gu can't wait any longer.
I knew I brought one.
Who took the spare tire away?
Sorry, it was me. Me...
What are you doing?
We don't know what kind of snake bit Ou Gu.
I can only pray that it wasn't a hundred-pace viper
or a Taiwan mountain pit viper. *(types of poisonous snakes found in southern parts of Asia)
Almost half an hour has passed.
We don't have any more time.
Mai Mai, please hurry up!
-Good morning, Uncle Fei Long. -Morning...
You rarely sleep this late.
Last night, I couldn't sleep because of the noisy mosquitoes.
I already told you...
It's because your feet stink!
What does that have to do with stinky feet?
Mosquitoes love stinky things!
How would I know something so profound?
The kids should be returning soon.
For tonight's meal, I'm gonna make something good for them.
It's almost time.
Did they call you last night?
Didn't they call you?
It couldn't be...
Ah Nan, you better slow down!
We're in a rush. I couldn't care more...
I can't get through to those kids...
Please eat more. You're so skinny.
Come on...
This is really good, eat more...
I'm full.
Why are you eating so little?
I can't eat any more.
Alright... If you can't eat any more, stop eating.
Eat some fruits then, they're really sweet.
You guys take your time. I'm going back first.
It's so rare that you come back and eat dinner with me.
Yet you're leaving so soon?
How great is your business? Are you that busy?
I have a date with a colleague to watch a movie.
Which one? I want to go too.
It's *Gong Qi Jun's animation. You wanna watch it too? *(famous Japanese Hayao Miyazaki)
Gong Qi Jun? What is that?
Is he American?
Even if I told you, you wouldn't know. I'm leaving.
Hey! Don't leave yet. Eat some fruits before you go.
Look! Here come the fruit...
It's really sweet. Hurry up and eat it!
Since you rarely come back, you should spend more time with your older brother.
-Yes... Yes... -Exactly. I have something else to discuss with you.
How would I understand your stuff?
Just discuss it with CK and the rest...
What I need to talk about has to do with you!
Have you been dating lately?
When are you going to get married?
Recently, I have seen you and that Hu Tie Nan
getting along really well.
I'm telling you! You can choose anyone, but him!
Are you sick?
Tie Nan and I are just good friends.
Fine... Don't be mad!
I'm saying this for your own good.
If you don't have a boyfriend, that's great.
I'll introduce you to a...
Handsome and rich one!
Who have I provoked these days?
Why does everyone want to introduce guys to me?
Am I really that old?
So old that I'm desperate to get married?
No... I don't mean that. All I want to say is...
Good things shouldn't be shared with outsiders. *(It means keeping good things for one's own family or close contacts.)
Since you don't have a boyfriend,
I will help you find one that...
I ensure you that once you see him, you'll be satisfied!
I don't need you to, alright?!
If you keep on talking like that, I'm leaving. Alright! I'll stop...
Eat the fruits. After you're done...
I'll bring you to watch that... What Jun is he again?
Liao Jun?
Liao Jun and Peng Peng?!!! *(Pair of stand-up comedians in the past in Taiwan)
What Liao Jun?
It's Gong Qi Jun.
Right... Gong Qi Jun!
Boss, Mr. Wong asks about the goods from Thailand...
I know! Go and tell him...
His goods will arrive in a while.
Go get busy then... I'll make a move first.
We can watch the movie next time.
Why don't we get CK to take you home?
Take Rong Rong home, alright?
There's no need! I can go back by myself.
How can that do? Let CK take you home...
That's it.
I'll get back to work then.
Shui Jiao, hurry up...
Hang on... Let me get the keys.
There's no need!
I can take a taxi home by myself.
Why aren't you waiting for me?
I can go home by myself!
If you're like this, how can I not worry?
I'm not a kid.
Your body smells really nice.
It does not!
I really like this scent on your body.
It has a little girl's purity...
And a mature woman's sexiness.
You don't have to worry.
I will not let your brother marry you off to anyone like that.
Because... I have been waiting for you to grow up.
If you say another word, you'll get it from me!
Hello, Brother Biao?
What's wrong with you? Why does your voice sound weird?
You've got a cold? Did you see the doctor?
How can that do? I'll go to your place right now!
Long Yan!
Mai Mai!
Wei Jue Ye!
Long Yan!
Mai Mai!!!
You don't have to call!
You definitely can't get a signal here!
This stupid cell phone.
When there is an emergency, it can never receive signals.
So lousy!
Long Yan!!!
Uncle Fei Long, look!
Look, I didn't think that our Evil Boys' Delivery Express is so famous!
Even the mountaineering team's yellow ribbon has our logo on it.
Really impressive...
This must've been left by the kids.
Hey, wait for me!!!!
Hold on!!!!
Hey!!!! Wait for me!
Hurry up!!!
I told you I was fine and yet you still came?
You have a fever again.
Do you have an ice pack at home?
It's in the kitchen.
It's alright... You should rest.
I can get it myself.
Here, drink some ginger soup before sleeping.
-Careful, it's hot. -Thanks.
Where's the thermometer?
You should rest.
Take a break, I'm fine.
Besides solving cases and nabbing bad eggs,
what else do you know?
You can't even take care of yourself.
You're really virtuous.
In the future you'll definitely be a great mother.
You're crazy.
Alright, you should rest.
I'll buy some medicine for you.
No need.
I just drank this special concoction of "Freaky Doctor Black Jack", so I'm really feeling much better.
I'll be fine after some sleep.
Alright then,
I'll help you into the room to sleep.
Slow down, would you?
Hurry up!
Alright! How can I walk through something so narrow?!!!
You guys at the back, watch out!
Just take care of the front.
Guys, be careful!
Mai Mai!!!!
Ou Gu!!!!!!!
Long Yan!!!
Wei Jue Ye!!!
Mai Mai!!!
-Be careful!!! -Be careful!
Mai Mai!
I feel so terrible!!!
Hey! Give me a hand!
Why don't we take a rest?
For your sakes, I'm thinking of leaving the clothes behind.
It's too tiring to bring them along!
How could you do that?!!!
We can't let the indigenous people down.
They're about to die! Who still cares about compassion?
You can't!!!!
We have to save them. But we have to do our bit for charity too.
Elva, Ou Gu, or a bunch of aborigines -
who is more important?
Both, this mission and their lives are equally important!!!
Long Yan, I understand that you're responsible,
but this is not the time to act all cool and heroic!!!!!!
You can't throw them away!!!!!
Stop fighting!!!!!
Elva and Ou Gu are about to die and you guys are still fighting?!!!
Everything, go and die! (referring to the bags)
You can't throw these! I said you can't throw these!
Don't throw them!!!!
You mustn't throw them!
Everything, go and die! (referring to the bags)
Don't throw them!!!!
Ou Gu, are you afraid of death?
I'm super afraid.
I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid of death at all.
In the past, I've always felt that
it's best to die when one is young.
That way,
I will not grow old.
No way! I'd rather grow old and die, than to die right now.
But... But right now, I really don't want to die.
I really want to continue living!
I want to go back and see Lao Da.
Talk to him...
You're right. Having him yell at us is good.
Right. Having him yell at us is good.
Ou Gu...
Ou Gu...
You mustn't sleep!
Ou Gu... Don't fall asleep!!!
Long Yan!!!!!!! Wei Jue Ye!!!!!
Ou Gu fell asleep.
Ou Gu, don't fall asleep.