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Uploaded by rocofit on 11.10.2012

Hello and welcome to the Rocofit weekly workouts.
This week, I asked everyone "What is the body part you would most like to work on?"
The response was actually something I didn't expect: I thought maybe there would be "abs",
or "glutes", but actually, the most popular answer was "arms".
So, you wanted an arm workout, I've got one for you.
All you're going to need today is your kettlebell and your gym boss tyrannica, mine's hiding here,
I've got five exercises, you're going to set your gym boss timer to 30 second intervals.
You're going to do all five exercises, then you're going to give yourself a 30-second rest,
I'm going to repeat this for four to six sets.
We're gonna start off with Dive Bombers, then we're going to go into Swings,
Kettlebell Rows, High Knees, and then finishing off with a press on our knees.
Ok, let me show you one round: Dive Bombers.
So you're in the present position, you're gonna push back,
elbows nice and close to your body, and you're gonna literally dive down,
come up, look up, and back.
Now, if you're struggling with these, you can also do them on your knees.
Come up to the knees. Same thing, dive down, the key is keep those hands
really close to your body, so, you're working the backs of your arms.
Let them come away from you, and you'll be working with the biceps.
Into a bit of cardio with the Swings, 30 seconds, let's get into it,
we're going to push those hips forward, engage your shoulders,
although your arms are relaxed. Make sure you're breathing from the exercises,
thirty seconds goes quickly, you want to really keep the intensity up.
So, we're gonna go from the Swings, into Rows next. Here you go, pushing through,
Ok, Kettlebell Rows, you're going to leap right over, engage your back,
you're going to want a nice, flat back, hold onto the Kettlebell,
your fingers on the outside, and you're going to bring it back.
Squeeze, and down. Even though this is for time, you are doing it controlled.
So, fast up, controlled, down. You shouldn't feel anything in your neck,
and to make sure that you don't feel anything in your neck,
think and bring the elbows towards the hips. Squeeze.
Let me show you one more. Straighten to high knees.
Now, the reason we're doing a lot of cardio as well is because
we really want to get our heart pounding, really work on the fat-burning,
as well as the toning. It all works really well together.
And also, gives our arms a little bit of a rest, so we can really go for a few
kettlebell arm exercises. Push, push. Ok, last one, on your knees,
squeeze your glutes, abs really tight, and you're going to lift,
straight up, so there's no arch, come down controlled.
Up fast, down controlled. Abs really tight. Straight up, down controlled.
Up fast, (down) nice and slow. This really makes your abs work really hard.
OK. So that's awesome. We're working the backs of our arms, our shoulders,
our biceps, everything. It's brilliant workout, this is a bit where you give
yourself 30 seconds' rest, then you go for it again, so work hard on this one.
You'll really enjoy it. It's a wicked workout, your arms are gonna love it,
and I will see you next week for another weekly workout.
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and let me know how much your arms love this workout. Talk to you soon, bye.