WarGaming at G-Star Games Show (EU)

Uploaded by WorldOfTanksCom on 28.11.2012

Korea is still quite a mysterious country for the western community. Though globalization continues to change our world, turning the streets of Seoul and
Busan into a typical cityscape seen worldwide, we still can’t fathom all of their secrets.
It’s no secret to many that even the game industry is really different in the East.
G-STAR is the largest gaming exhibition in Asia and is one of the largest in the world. It is often put together with E3 and Gamescom but Korea has
something really different to offer.
On the eve of the start of World of Tanks Korea CBT (Closed Beta Testing), Wargaming decided to present itself to the gamers once more and have a look
at how other companies prepared for the Expo.
We have two plans in our booth plan. First we introduce the game to new players. At our game zones visitors can play World of Tanks and World of Warplanes.
People can try the games here and the best World of Tanks player of the day wins a MacBook.
The second part is to entertain our experienced World of Tanks players. That's why we built a VIP area where the most devoted players can meet each
other, play, win surprises or get a caricature of themselves in a tank. And we made a game zone for them too.
The differences between the Korean expo and the Western ones are barely noticeable at first, but when you look closely it becomes clear that Koreans
have a different approach to entertainment in general. They are attending the expo to visit the stands of their favorite online games, rather than to see new products.
All of the companies try to interest visitors in their own way. Some, like Blizzard, attract players with eSports tournaments and demonstrations by top
players. Others hold spectacular performances, while the rest give up computer games at all and entertain visitors with arcades.
Certainly, no one can get far without gorl on their stand. But they rarely get up on stage to dance at G-Star, because it’s not a tradition here, as it is in
the West. Usually, the girls line up and… pose for 20 or even 30 minutes. Nobody leaves. All of the photographers continue shooting.
By the way, just like Westerners go crazy over Asian beauties, so the Korean guys are fond of European girls. World of Tanks players from Korea even
asked Olga Sergeyevna to come visit so she could talk to them in person and host a few competitions at the Wargaming booth.
But the most popular events for us were the performances by the Korean girl-bands. Every evening just before closing our stage attracted thousands of
visitors who wanted to listen to these local superstars.
Our participation in G-Star was so monumental that World of Tanks became the most popular Google search term in Korea during the third day of the
expo. We were able to get the audience interested and entertain them, so visitors left our booth as happy as a clam at high tide. And we think that's the best thing.
Each day at G-star is always something different. These shows are created in a very original way in Asia and we will take this experience so that you can
enjoy our visits to your place too.
And that's all for today. Paka paka. �