How to Become a Mixed Martial Artist : Judo History & General information

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.10.2008

Greetings! My name is Grand Master John Le Grand otherwise known as the Phoenix Sensei.
The name of our system is Lost Legacy Systems, University of Mixed Martial Arts. We are located
in Coconut Creek, Florida. On behalf of Expert Village, we are going to show you how to become
a Mixed Martial Artist. Going to speak briefly about Judo. Judo is a sport form of Jiu Jitsu.
Jigoro Kano is the one who founded it. He developed it to lighten up the Jiu Jitsu competitions,
which were very brutal and often ended up in people being maimed or killed. So the sport
form is a lot of pins, locking and generally throwing. It is dealt off of a point system.
Demonstrate a basic Judo form. We’ll just do a basic hip toss; stepping in, bending
the knees to do the throw. Just stand strong. Basic hip toss.