How to Download and Transfer Premium Packs and Voices to the Tyros3

Uploaded by yamahamusicsoft on 09.04.2010

Loading Premium Voices is easy, and done in three steps.
1. Creating a user account
2. Exporting your Instrument ID to a Memory Stick - this happens on the instrument, and
3. Generating a license key and importing it into the Tyros3.
The License Key you will only need the first time, you can transfer any following purchases directly from this point on.
In order to load the voices, you will need only a USB Stick.
Your instrument should have the expansion memory, that is, additional sample memory installed - DIMM modules.
Sample Memory
To determine whether or not enough memory is already installed on the Tyros3, in the menu press Voice Creator, Library Edit, Property.
This instrument, for example, has no expansion memory.
But you can install the DIMM memory very easily on the back side of the instrument.
Turn off the instrument, and make sure that the tabs on the memory modules match up correctly with the sockets.
You should feel the latch take hold here.
Turn the instrument back on and again press Voice Creator/LibraryEdit/Property,
and you will see that 1 GB of Ram is now installed - a huge amount of memory, that you can use to bring the Premium Voices to life.
To check the firmware, press Direct-Access + Demo to reach the Owner page.
Here press the "Version" switch to see the current firmware version.
You should see version 1.11. If an earlier version appears, you will need to upgrade your firmware.
Instrument ID
Next, insert the USB drive for the voices into your Tyros3.
Press Direct Access, Expansion and here Export to write your instrument ID to the drive.
Press OK, and you're done.
Online Registration
With your internet browser, to go, choose Premium Voices and click on "buy now".
If this is your first time to the site, click "register".
From now on you can log in here easily with your password. Enter all of the information here, email, password, address, instrument, and so on.
On the bottom left click the box to agree to the terms and conditions, then click on "continue", then "proceed with checkout".
Purchase the Package
Here, choose your desired payment method. If you do not have a credit card, or would rather not use your credit card for an online purchase, you can use PayPal.
With a PayPal account you can pay directly from your bank account - it's fast and easy.
Enter your billing address below and click "place order". That's all - you can now download your Premium Voices.
Click "download" to continue, and the download directions will appear:
first insert the USB drive that you've loaded your instrument ID onto into your computer.
Click "Browse" and choose the USB drive, then find the "Instrument_ID" file.
At this point, click "upload instrument ID". Click "Next" to proceed to the download page.
Here you'll find the License Key, which you will need, as well as the Voices themselves, which will be in a zip file.
Click on "download", then "save to disk", and contine with "ok".
The check mark next to the License Key will appear immediately, and after the Voice download is complete, the check will also appear next to the Voices.
Depending on the settings in your web browser, you may find the downloaded files either on your desktop, or in the downloads directory under "My Documents".
To unpack the files, double click on the zip file and drag the folder with the voices onto the desktop. The unzipping should happen as you see here, automatically.
If that is not the case, you can use the WinZip program to unzip the files.
With the zip file unzipped, you can place it in the recycle bin as you now have the folder containing the voices, and the license key.
Now open "My Computer" and click on the connected USB drive.
Then drag and copy both items - the license key and the folder containing the voices - onto the drive. Finished.
On a Mac, open the downloads folder from the dock and copy both the license key and voice folder to your drive.
Import License Key
Now insert your usb drive back into the Tyros3.
Again, press Direct Access, Expansion and then "Import".
You will only have to go through this process once. At this point you will see "License Key Registered".
Loading the Sounds Directly From Stick
Press Voice Creator, Library Load
then choose your USB drive with the Tab button and select the folder with your voices, in this case "SA2 Pan Flutes", and the voices will start to load.
If you now press the voice category "Expansion" button, you will see the progress bar.
Also note that while loading the voices, the other functions of the Tyros3, such as as voices, styles, and Midi files are full operations, so that you do not need to spend any time waiting for the instrument.
Copy the Sounds from Stick to Hard Disk
Next press Voice Creator and Invididual Load, move with the tab button to the USB drive
and here press "Copy", "All" and then OK.
Then, use tab to go back to the hard drive and press "Paste". This will copy the Voice files to the hard drive.
Press Exit to go back one level, then to library load, where you can select the Voice on the USB drive
Press Copy, OK and back with the tab to the hard drive
and the Voice folder, in this case "SA2 Pan Flutes", and again, Paste. At this point all the files have been copied.
Press exit to go back. Press "library load", use Tab to go back to the SA2 Pan Flute folder on the hard drive and select the voice that you've just copied.
Answer the question with "Yes All", press the Voice Category Expansion button to show the loading process in the display. You will then find the new voices in the Expansion voice category.
Transfer Sounds Via USB
You can copy voices directly to the hard drive of the Tyros3 more easily and comfortably using a USB connection.
To do so, turn off the instrument, connect it to the Computer with a USB cable through the USB To Host port,
and then turn the Tyros3 on while holding down the "Music Finder" button.
Now, you can open and manage the Tyros3's hard drive directly from the computer.
You can easily create a new folder on the Tyros3, for example, "Premiumvoices".
After that, copy the folder containing the new voices directly onto the Tyros3's hard drive, and that's it.
Once the copying is finished, the voices will be on the Tyros3's hard drive, and you will be able to load them from there.
And on a mac, all of this works the same way.
Press "Exit" to end USB Storage Mode, then press Voice Creator and Library Load
and here choose the "Premiumvoices" folder from the hard drive, where the voices have been copied. With that, the sounds are loaded.
We hope the new Tyros3 voices bring you much enjoyment. Thanks for watching and we'll see you soon.