[sub]BBS: AQU5 Dwarf Woodlands

Uploaded by strwbrymilk on 03.02.2010

Has something happened?
Snow White is...
She was such a kind girl.
She sang and she danced.
She won't smile anymore.
And she told such wonderful stories, too...
Stories of love...and meeting a prince...
And she'd give each of us a kiss before we'd go to work.
Snow White's purity changed us all.
Snow White must've been very loved.
How did she end up like this?
It was the Queen's doing. She was jealous of Snow White's beauty.
By transforming herself into an old woman, she tricked Snow White into eating a poison apple.
When we got back, it was already too late.
The Queen was destroyed as she tried to escape...
but the Princess won't ever open her eyes again.
Is there no way to save her?
You might find something out if you go the Queen's castle, but...
You fellas can stay here scared all ya want!
I'm not scared of that old witch's castle!
Don't be foolish! You know the castle is swarming with evil things.
Then, I'll go.
I'll be fine. Please, leave it to me.
Thank you so much. We're counting on you.
Is something wrong?
What in the world has happened to this castle?
Was the Princess's lovely song I heard just a dream?
Princess? Do you know Snow White?
Yes. We've only met once, but I was captivated by her singing voice.
Is she not in this castle?
No... She's...
Snow White was tricked by the Queen into eating a poison apple and...
What?! Where is she now?
Deep within the woods. Please go to her.
I will. Perhaps there is something I can do.
What's this feeling?
Now that the Queen is gone, my purpose has been fulfilled.
Snow White!
Thank goodness.
Snow White woke up.
Why are you still asleep?
Thank goodness! You're awake, Ventus!
Terra! Master Eraqus!
Ventus has woken up!
Snow White awoke and left on a journey.
Maybe it was time for Ventus to go on a journey, as well.
You can now perform a dimension link with Snow White!
Lock's Splendor A keyblade with a good balance of attack power and magic. It has a far reach.