Halloween Music- Rather than Christmas Carols- Halloween Scarols!

Uploaded by bigscreamtv on 30.09.2010

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And now for a message from our sponsor! We simply must disclose that our parent company
makes this music---but it's news in the form of a shameless plug that people simply must
hear about! You know...Christmas has its own soundtrack
and music....all of those Christmas Carols....but what about Halloween? Don't say it! Okay...the
Monster Mash...one song from 50 years ago. I love it too...but after
exactly 13 repitions, I'm dying for something different.
Well...get a load of this: HALLOWEEN SCAROLS! Now that's clever!!!
You can get 10 bone tapping tunes... a few are so "hip"
that even your teen might enjoy them....I know that's a stretch but hey!
Check 'em out. There's ten tunes including "Oh Pumpkin Patch," "Haunt the Halls," and
"We Wish You A Happy Halloween." There's even two raps including "Count Rapula!"
It's time to "Kick it..Old Ghoul!..and get "in the know" about Halloween music!
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