Excel Report with Vizubi 2.0

Uploaded by Vizubi on 28.10.2011

Vizubi report builder allows you to create reports in excel format based
on data which import from a database text file or excel file
once you import data into your Vizubi report builder database
to create a new report click on new excel report give the reporte a name
and then click on new template to create a template into which you will put
fields which will be populated from the data you imported into your Vizubi database
This opens the Vizubi report builder template editor click here
to open the excel toolbar and click here to create a data set which you will use to
populate your report we want to create a report which shows us sales by product
color and year so we'll search for the color field like this
and drag-and-drop it over here and we do the same for the year field now we'll
look for the sales amount field down here and drag it and drop it over here as
well we can choose different summarizations sum average count etcetera we'll select
sum and click on ok we can give our data set a name now we'll click on ok to save
our data set now our data set appears down here and we can drag and drop it
into our report like this that will populate these three columns with the
data from these fields going down the column
if we want we can add totals at the bottom of numerical columns by putting the
sum function here and selecting the cell with a field in it and the cell immediately
below as the range for the some function we can add formatting to our report and
change the column headers like this
now we have to save our template click on save now we can close our
template by clicking here and preview our report by clicking here
so now we have a report by color
and year
of sales
and we have total sales down here at the bottom